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WT Security

WT Security – is a plugin for WordPress that prevents hacking and attacks on a website.
To use the extension, you will need to register (then confirm the email) or log in with an account account in WT Securiy.

Website monitoring is carried out by special internal and external utilities such as:

Internal utilities:

1) Antivirus – check for (shell, virus, obfuscation) or file changes.
2) Firewall – checking all requests coming from the client to the server. To prevent SQL injection or XSS attacks.

Antivirus and Firewall use the WT Security API to generate the file of the services and transfer the contents of the generated file to the root directory with the generated name.**

External utilities:

1) Malicious scripts – a utility in which customers will be assured of the absence of Trojans, viruses, malware and other malicious programs that harm visitors to the site. The WT Security virus scanner will warn you when threats are detected.
2) Deface scanner – a utility in which customers will be immediately notified in case their site is threatened with a deface.
3) SSL is a utility in which customers will always be updated on SSL certificate updates thanks to our monitoring system.
4) Port scanner is a utility in which clients will know everything about the state of open TCP / UDP ports on the server hosting your site. We will inform you about the opening of new ports.
5) Reputation is a utility in which customers will know if their domain / IP is blacklisted (for example, Google, Safebrowsing).
6) Accessibility – a utility in which customers will be assured of the availability of the site around the world, every minute.
7) Domain Monitoring is a utility in which, customers will know about the expiration of their domain and cases of its hacking. They will be warned about updates and domain name changes.
8) Security Update – In the case of using the CMS platform on your website, we will report on current security issues, monitor the vulnerability databases and notify customers about the platform update with the new version.

All external utilities work through the WT Security API and do not have any collective functions on the part of WordPress.

Detailed Reports are sent in the form of statistics and a report in PDF, CSV or XML format.


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  • Firewall


Who are we?

WT is one of the best cybersecurity companies in the Central Asian region, founded in 2017. WT is a part of the “TSARKA” (association of legal entities). The main activity of the “TSARKA” is to conduct penetration tests. A penetration test or pentest is an authorized simulated cyber attack on computer systems or networks, performed to evaluate the security of the system.

We had the experience of the website penetration testing, that is why we always knew how to protect them. At some point, we realized that nowadays the services of a qualified information security specialist are exorbitant and not every small or even medium-sized business can afford it. We decided to create a product that could solve this problem and be useful for website owners, developers, web studios, digital agencies, startups, everyone who cares about the security and safety of their user’s and own data.

In 2018, at the development stage, WT participated in the Echelon Asia Summit in Singapore, where WT was awarded the 1st place in the nomination “B2B, SaaS and Enterprise Solutions”. WT was recognized as the best product solution for small and medium-sized businesses which provides comprehensive cybersecurity services for web resources.

Currently, WT continuously monitors more than 140,000 + sites. Our customers are both public and private sectors.

Winner (1st place) in the «Confrontation» competition at the international hacker conference PHDays2017
Winner (2nd place) in the «Confrontation» competition at the international hacker conference PHDays2018
Winner (1st place) Echelon Asia Summit Singapore in the nomination “B2B, SaaS and Enterprise Solutions”.

What is Web Totem?

Web Totem is an online platform designed to monitor and secure websites.


24 november 2019
To be honest I doubted that a free plugin would do the job. But in the end it was actually worth it. I installed it, activated the antivirus and it has detected numerous infected files. I was worried that I might delete something that will break my site. So I contacted the Support and they were really nice and helpful. The service is trustworthy, so I recommend everyone to use this service if you want to secure your websites.
24 november 2019
Very good and functional security for website. But a little complicated to find out all information.
24 november 2019
Удобный плагин для мониторинга сайта. Пользовался до этого пингдомом, но здесь функционала по-больше. Добавьте пожалуйста еще возможность делать бекапы, готов даже это использовать в вашей платной версии. И поддержку бы на русском языке бы еще добавить.
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  • Added Firewall advanced options whitelist/blacklist


  • Fixed conflict with tutor-lms
  • Fixed session errors in the “site health” section


  • Added antivirus permission changed filter
  • Added download antivirus log
  • Added antivirus rescan
  • Fixed plugin deactivation bug
  • Fixed the issue of adding sites with www


  • Added report page
  • Limit login attempt option
  • Added file quarantine
  • Added Server resurses module


  • Added settings page
  • Fixed data display error
  • Added dark mode
  • Added attacks map view


  • Disable waf in admin page


  • Publishing the plugin