wePOS – Point Of Sale (POS) voor WooCommerce


WooCommerce Point of Sales (POS)

wePOS is a fast and responsive( Tablets & Desktop ) WooCommerce Point of Sales plugin. It lets you take orders and track your inventory using your WooCommerce store. You can physically count your WooCommerce products by scanning Bar codes and add them directly to customer’s cart for processing the order.

Gebaseerd op REST API

wePOS is a single page application that works super fast. We have used WooCommerce REST API and some custom API to develop the plugin. This has made the plugin to response fast and gets your work done in time. In a physical store, you get a lot of customers who wait to checkout their products. So, a fast system like wePoS can be your one-way ticket to manage your inventory easily.

Aantrekkelijke gebruikersinterface

A good UI can sometimes makes a system even more attractive. wePOS has an intuitive design that allows navigating easily. With it, you can manage your inventory and orders in an organized way.

Ondersteuning voor Snelkoppeling / Hotkey

wePOS has shortcut key support that lets you use its features faster. This is very important for any physical store so that the sales executive can read the Barcodes and process the orders with pace.


wePOS gebruikt Appsero SDK om bepaalde telemetriegegevens te verzamelen na bevestiging van de gebruiker. Dit helpt ons om problemen sneller op te lossen en productverbeteringen aan te brengen.

Appsero SDK verzamelt standaard geen gegevens. De SDK begint alleen met het verzamelen van basistelemetriegegevens wanneer een gebruiker dit toestaat via de admin-kennisgeving. We verzamelen de gegevens om een geweldige gebruikerservaring voor al onze gebruikers te garanderen.

De integratie van Appsero SDK BEGINT NIET ONMIDDELLIJK met het verzamelen van gegevens, zonder bevestiging van gebruikers in ieder geval.

Help mee

This may have bugs and lack of many features. If you want to contribute on this project, you are more than welcome. Please fork the repository from Github.


Voor je gebracht door weDevs


  • Overzicht
  • Product zoeken en barcode scan
  • Weergave productlijst
  • Klant opzoeken
  • Voeg een nieuwe klant toe
  • Korting en kosten toevoegen
  • Betaalpagina
  • Pagina betalingsontvangst
  • Instellingen voor beheer dashboard


Haal het zip-bestand eruit en laat de inhoud in de wp-content/plugins/ map van je WordPress-installatie vallen en activeer vervolgens de pagina Plugins.


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17 mei 2024
This plugin is incompatible with the enabled WooCommerce feature ‘High-Performance order storage’, it shouldn’t be activated.
13 februari 2024
Support rapide, efficace et intervenant très agréable. Merci Tanveer Hasan !
14 februari 2022
Using this with WCFM but haven’t paid so cannot comment on card processing but otherwise is a great plugin. If credit card feature was free then would have been 5 stars
4 november 2021
I’ve been using WePOS (Starter) for about 4 weeks. While it lets me process sales in the shop, the Plugin is not “Next Gen” or even advanced. It’s super basic and is missing a lot of core features. I have a lot of variable products with additional attributes not used in variations. All attributes show in the POS interface and all have to be clicked on to add a product to the cart. Time consuming and useless. Only variation attributes should have to be selected. No possibility to set-up a default customer. So if you want your transactions to be processed by Xero (for example) you’ll have to manually select a customer for every transaction, which can be lengthy as it queries the DB in the background. Last be not least, I’m not able to print receipt on my star micronics printer. Even if the printer is installed correctly in windows or iOS, WePOS doesn’t see it, which I believe is due to the lack of support for WebPrnt integration. That’s some big knacks for a so called next gen solution.
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v1.2.7 -> 5th June, 2024

  • Feature: WooCommerce Coupon API integration for cart discount
  • Enhancement: Added support for WooCommerce customised order numbers by third-party plugins
  • Fix: Blurry numbers on print receipt

v1.2.7 -> 27th December, 2023

  • Enhancement: Tax calculation implementation based on discounts and fees instead of base price of products

v1.2.6 -> 30th December, 2022

  • New: Integrated Vue date range picker, select2 and Vue chart JS packages
  • New: Added helper methods for getting day JS and date range picker date formats
  • New: Added helper method for getting custom date ranges
  • Refactor: Order created via wePOS setter

v1.2.5 -> 1st November, 2022

  • Feature: “View POS” menu on “My Account” page
  • Enhancement: Added all decimal separator support as per wooCommerce settings to put a discount or adding a fee from POS frontend
  • Enhancement: Updated webpack to v5
  • Fix: Broken layout on smaller width print receipt
  • Fix: Variable product visible on POS frontend even no attributes used
  • Chore: Variable replace automation

v1.2.4 -> 28th June, 2022

  • Fix: Localization issue on changing site language

v1.2.3 -> 3rd June, 2022

  • Compatibility: Compatibility for WordPress 6.0

v1.2.2 -> 19th May, 2022

  • Enhancement: Added keyboard accessibility support to the payment and print receipt options
  • Fix: Scrollbar broken style issue on frontend view
  • Fix: Customer selection dropdown selecting wrong customer by pressing enter/return key on frontend
  • Fix: Pressing enter/return key results product addition to the cart, even the product search dropdown closed on frontend

v1.2.1 -> 15th March, 2022

  • Feat: Remote promotion notice

v1.2.0 -> 27th January, 2022

  • Compatibility: Compatibility for WordPress 5.9
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where wePOS frontend is not loading

v1.1.12 -> 31st December, 2021

  • Feature: Stock support for the pos product, out-of-stock products will be shown but can not be added into the cart

  • Enhancement: Codebase optimization & various page i18n support

  • Fix: Z index mismatch for components, some components were not displaying properly with modal

  • Fix: Variation product’s all variations can not be seen
  • Fix: Variation products attributes UX issue
  • Fix: Double payment can be done by double-clicking the process payment button
  • Fix: You already logged in to any other counter or outlet
  • Fix: Product images not shown on POS

v1.1.11 -> 19 November, 2021

  • Fix: PSR-4 class autoloading for Admin namespace

v1.1.10 -> 19 November, 2021

  • Feature: Admin dependency notice for WooCommerce
  • Feature: Support for other decimal separator character

  • Enhancement: Black friday 2021 promotion

  • Enhancement: Tab view responsiveness support for POS cart content
  • Enhancement: Support for Composer 2
  • Enhancement: Codebase optimization and restructure

  • Fix: The price rounding does not work for discounts

  • Fix: Fixed an issue where POS admin panel does not have the correct font family
  • Fix: Thermal printer text is unclear for receipt
  • Fix: Product Tax is not showing properly on the receipt
  • Fix: NPM vulnerabilities

v1.1.8 -> 19 October, 2021

  • Verbetering: Halloween sale 2021 limited promotion banner toegevoegd

v1.1.7 -> 13 July, 2021

  • Enhancement: Added summer sale 2021 limited promotion banner

v1.1.6 -> 08 May, 2021

  • Verbetering: beperkte promotie banner toegevoegd

v1.1.5 -> 15 March, 2021

  • Verbetering: beperkte promotie banner toegevoegd

v1.1.4 -> 21 December, 2020

  • Verbetering: beperkte promotie banner toegevoegd

v1.1.3 -> 23 November, 2020

  • Verbetering: beperkte promotie banner toegevoegd

v1.1.2 -> 28 October, 2020

  • Oplossing: waarschuwingen bij het callback van toestemming
  • Oplossing: dubbele bestelling wordt gegenereerd als tweemaal op de betaalknop wordt gedrukt terwijl de betaling wordt gedaan.
  • Oplossing: toen Dokan geïnstalleerd was, werd de login teruggestuurd naar de accountpagina.
  • Functie: contante invoercontrole en validatie voor contante betaling
  • Functie: validatie van winkelwagengegevens voor betaling voor de momenteel actieve winkelwagen tab
  • Functie: dynamische betaal nu knop op basis van de huidige winkelwagen tab

v1.1.1 -> 23 December, 2019

  • Tweak Appser client bijgewerkt

v1.1.0 -> 09 December, 2019

  • Tweak Update some styling issues
  • Tweak Added appsero client
  • Fix Undefined customer_id error fixed

v1.0.9 -> 25 September, 2019

  • Fix Tax calculation issue in pos cart
  • Fix Fee tax not calculated when manually added in pos cart

v1.0.8 -> 22 August, 2019

  • Fix Variation REST api rendering issue
  • Fix Gateway class not loaded if WooCommerce deactivate

v1.0.7 -> 26 July, 2019

  • Fix Category rendering issue fixed
  • Fix Thausand and decimal separetor issue fixed
  • Tweak Add vuex support for better performance

v1.0.6 -> 17 June, 2019

  • Fix Remove deleted product from saved cart items when product is already deleted
  • Fix Admin bar conflicted with dokan plugin fixed
  • Fix Translation issue fixed
  • Tweak Added some filter and hooks for extends future functionalites

v1.0.5 -> 17 May, 2019

  • Fix Customer not created if WooCommerce default Automatic username and passowrd create options is changed
  • Fix Customer creating and serching issue for Dokan vendors
  • Fix Stock level manage during cart and checkout process
  • Fix Tax not displaying when exclusive tax applied from WooCommerce settings
  • Tweak Move product api endpoints to wepos custom endpoint
  • Tweak Remove some unwanted code

v1.0.4 -> 3 May, 2019

  • New Added extra column in order listing page for determining whether the order is POS order or not
  • Fix Cash gateway payment processing issues
  • Fix Customer not created if woocommerce default account creatation option is disabled
  • Tweak Added updater class for changing some meta’s
  • Tweak Update some flaticons
  • Tweak Added some core filters in js end for extending components

v1.0.3 -> 8 April, 2019

  • Fix Undefined issue in admin settings page
  • Tweak Remove some unwnated code
  • Tweak Modal component load globally and add more customizable options
  • Tweak Update some flaticons

v1.0.2 -> 25 Mar, 2019

  • New Added billing address missing fields in customer create
  • New Added all category selection in category filter
  • New Add extra product info in product list view
  • New Add Dokan plugin support
  • Tweak Change quick menu layout to popover
  • Tweak Change routing and menu rendring system for future extends
  • Fix Case sensitive issue in product search
  • Fix Remove attributes for simple product in cart and payment page
  • Fix Cursor poiting issue in keypads and other buttons
  • Fix Fee and discount calculation issue large amount(Price) of products
  • Fix Tax and fee tax calculation problem for percentage fees
  • Fix Product thumbnail resolution issue
  • Fix Rounding problem in cash and change amount after payment

v1.0.1 -> 4 Mar, 2019

  • Fix Product fetching issue when no products found
  • Fix Customer data not reset during empty cart or new sales
  • Fix Event bus not triggering properly
  • Fix Render only publishable product in pos system
  • Tweak wp hooks toegevoegd voor laadactie en filters

v1.0.0 -> 22 Feb, 2019

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