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SellKit – Funnel builder and checkout optimizer for WooCommerce to sell more, faster

SellKit – Funnel builder and checkout optimizer for WooCommerce to sell more, faster


Sellkit is a checkout optimizer for WooCommerce that drives more sales with sales funnels, increases order value with optimized checkout and boost engagement with dynamic discounts, smart coupons and checkout alerts.

  • It’s unified
  • It’s simple to use.
  • It comes with an unbelievably competitive pricing structure
  • And you don’t need to be a marketing genius to get it to work!

Are your sales stats disappointing? Do your carts suffer from low engagement and high abandonment? Are your offers and deals easily ignored?
SellKit is all your online store needs to sell in full swing!

  • Build and customize engaging checkout pages or get started fast with professional premade templates
  • Streamline the conversion process with advanced filters and variation swatches
  • Remove checkout friction with skip cart, autocomplete, inline form validation and more
  • Skyrocket sales with irresistible sales funnels
    Boost average order value with highly-targeted 1-click order bumps, upsells and downsells
  • Increase conversion possibility with dynamic discounts
  • Show smart notices during checkout and effectively increase the chance of bigger orders
  • Drive retention and loyalty with smart coupons based on customer behavior and shopping history
  • Personalize the shopping experience and customer journey using advanced conditional and RFM segmentation
  • Measure the performance of your WooCommerce store, funnels and promotions with actionable insights and analytics

Who is it for?

All types of WooCommerce websites:

  • eCommerce stores
  • Service businesses
  • Digital products and subscriptions
  • Marketers
  • Dropshipping businesses

Drive sales through irresistible sales funnels

Maximize engagement and multiply profits by driving your visitors through mobile-optimized sale funnels.
Serve alluring upsell/downsell offers and automatically turn visitors into customers and repeat customers.

Create unlimited sales funnels on an intuitive canvas

Visually create sales funnels on an intuitive canvas. Add, remove and manage the steps with zero coding involved.
Alternatively, choose from readymade funnel templates for a variety of businesses and use cases.

  • Link pages dynamically (not just linearly!)
  • Mobile-optimized templates
  • Actionable insights

Increase sales with personalized order bumps during checkout

Easily increase the average order value with one-click order bump offers anywhere in the checkout form.
Trigger order bumps and apply personalized discounts based on your own conditions.

  • Make rule-based offers using hundreds of pre-set conditions
  • Place anywhere in the checkout form

Boost order value with personalized one-click upsells and downsell

Boost AOV even further with personalized one-click upsell and downsell offers during checkout, either as separate offers or right within the same order before it’s placed.

  • Advanced segmentation
  • All major payment gateways
  • Use readymade Elementor templates

Use opt-in forms to grow leads and prevent cart abandonment

Collect emails and other key information with opt-in funnels. Easily build your own lead magnets or use readymade templates.

  • View and manage contact details, orders and site activity
  • Use a template or build your own form
  • Advanced contact management
  • Sync contacts to your automations tools

Save time with a collection of ready-made templates

Quickly choose from beautiful readymade designs for cart, checkout, upset, downhill and thank you pages, all optimized for mobile, without writing a single line of code.

Measure your success with actionable insights and Analytics

Assess the performance of your funnels using relevant metrics and insightful charts.
From engagement to sales, discover how your funnels are performing within the chosen timeframe.

  • Funnel engagement: Visits, bounce rate and more
  • Funnel sales: Revenue, orders, conversion rate, average order value, order bump and upsell revenue
  • Comparative visual chart to spot growth

More funnel builder features

  • Facebook Pixel integration
  • Works with Elementor
  • Built for Mobile

Optimize the checkout page and streamline the conversion

Upgrade WooCommerce’s rigid, distracting and confusing checkout experience. Build smart, engaging and converting checkout pages.

Simplify the checkout process

Remove checkout friction with a simple checkout form, express checkout and a majority of payment options.

  • Advanced product filters
  • Variation swatches
  • Express checkout
  • Skip cart
  • Sticky cart
  • Auto-populated form fields such as address, state and more
  • Inline form validation instead of whole-form validation
  • Option to sign up with a checkbox instead of separate sign up and login pages

Make your checkout page fun, informative and convincing

Help your visitors decide by displaying supporting information such as testimonials, reviews and interesting numbers alongside the checkout form.

Customize your checkout forms to your liking and customer’s ease

Add, order and reorder your checkout forms fields. Save customer’s time with pre-populated and auto-completed fields.
Increase conversion rate with automatically applied coupons.

Boost mobile sales with mobile-optimized checkouts

SellKit checkout forms are highly optimized for mobile.
Boost your mobile sales with mobile-ready designs, single-step forms and quick, one-click payment.

Boost WooCommerce promotions with dynamic discounts, smart coupons and checkout alerts

No more one-size-fits-all discounts and coupons! Deliver customers highly personalized deals, coupons and offers based on shopping behavior and demographic data.

Treat eligible customers to personalized coupons

Overcome hesitation and competition with a winning hand. Build a better relationship with your customers and increase repeat purchases with
smart coupons based on your customer’s shopping behavior.

Boost conversion possibility with dynamic discounts in checkout

Personalize the shopping experience with conditional discounts applied automatically during checkout.
Define your own rules and apply discounts based on customer shopping behavior.

Display smart checkout alerts based on customer behavior

Show personalized offers to the customer in Cart, Checkout, Catalog and product single pages and effectively increase the chances of more orders. Choose from a variety of conditions to trigger the alert.

Hyper-target your customers with the best-in-class segmentation

Use advanced segmentation to personalize the final price, discount coupons and alerts during checkout based on customer geolocation, referring website, shopping behavior and many other attributes.

Define custom discounts and coupons for different locations

With SellKit’s advanced geolocational segmentation you can now offer automated discounts in different locations.
You can also automate discounts or generate coupons that are applicable in specific geolocations.

What’s included in the SellKit free version?

Check below to see what you can do with SellKit that you would otherwise pay a fortune for in similar products.

  • Unlimited Sales Funnels
  • Limited Checkout Forms
  • Custom Thank you pages
  • One-Click Order Bump
  • One-Click Upsell & Downsell
  • Limited Analytics
  • Limited Customer Segmentation
  • Ready to use Funnel Templates
  • Community Support

What will you get if you upgrade to SellKit Pro?

Everything in the Free version and…

  • Pro Checkout Features
  • Cart Optimisations
  • Personalized coupons
  • Dynamic Discounts
  • Smart Alerts
  • Advanced Product Catalog Filters
  • Product Catalog Swatches
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Customer Segmentation
  • Pro Ready to use Templates
  • Standard Support

How SellKit pricing blows away the competition

If you’re using too many tools to increase sales for your online business and looking for a unified, cost-effective option, Selkit is the best all-in-one solution, offering the functionality of:

  • Funnel builders (Cartflows, BuildWooFunnels, Clickfunnels)
  • One-click order bump plugins (IconicWP Sales Booster,… )
  • One-click Upsell & Downsell plugins (Yith Deals, UpStroke, WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons)
  • Discounts & Coupons plugins (SmartAdvanced Coupons, WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts, Yith dynamic pricing & discount, StoreApps)
  • Alerts plugins (Yith cart messages, Skyverge CardNotices)

Total Value: $900/year
SellKit: $199/year (Save $700/year)

All features at a glance

  • Drag & Drop mobile-optimized funnel builder
  • One-click upsell and downsell
  • One-click order bump
  • Opt-in and opt-in confirmation funnel steps
  • Beautiful readymade designs for cart, checkout, upsell, downhill and thank you page
  • Advanced funnels analytics (visits, bounce rate, orders, revenue, conversion rate, AOV)
  • Comparative analytics charts
  • Customizable thank you page
  • Supports all major payment gateways
  • Design, order, reorder your checkout form fields
  • Multi-step OR single step checkout
  • Email grab in the beginning of checkout instead of the end
  • Auto-populate State
  • Address Autocomplete
  • Pre-populate Form Data
  • Pre-filled form for abandoned users
  • Add custom checkout fields
  • Auto-Apply Coupons
  • Express Checkout
  • Product-specific checkouts
  • Swap Global Checkout
  • Checkout Expiry
  • Custom thank you page
  • Skip Cart
  • Auto-apply discounts with advanced segmentation
  • Personalized coupons with advanced segmentation
  • Smart alerts with advanced segmentation
  • Funnel Export/Import/Duplicate


  • 30 Day money-back guarantee (No questions asked!)
  • Cancel any time
  • 24/7 support


SellKit is fully integrated with:

  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Analytics
  • Elementor page builder


Main functionalities are only compatible with Elementor at the moment. Compatibility with more builders are in development.


  • Advanced Segmentation (ONLY in PRO)
  • Create Automated Discounts (ONLY in PRO)
  • Create Personalized Coupons (ONLY in PRO)
  • Customize & Preview Your Order Bump Appearance
  • Display Smart Checkout alerts to engage your customers even further (ONLY in PRO)
  • Funnel Analytics Engagement
  • Funnel Analytics Sales
  • Import All Funnel Steps or Selectively
  • Order Bump & upsell Conditioning Without Single Line of Coding
  • Ready-made Recipes
  • Visual Funnel Builder on Canvas


  1. Install using the WordPress built-in Plugin installer, or Extract the zip file and drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


24 mei 2024 1 reactie
SellKit is a highly effective plugin for WooCommerce, offering powerful features to enhance your store’s checkout and sales funnel processes. I took the time to set woocommerce just to see what sell kit was like.  The plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress, though it requires Elementor to function. SellKit provides both predefined and customizable funnels with a clear, visual representation of each step, making it easy to set up and manage. I really like it. You can create custom funnels from scratch and preview them before going live. The plugin seems to be frequently updated, ensuring it remains compatible with the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress. SellKit also includes useful extras like global checkout, discount coupons, and smart notices, all designed to boost sales and improve the shopping experience. However, I haven’t tried these features out as I was focused on the funnel feature.  I think it a great tool for any WooCommerce store looking to optimize their sales processes. Overall, SellKit is a user-friendly, feature-rich plugin that can significantly benefit your e-commerce business
20 mei 2024 1 reactie
Everything you need to succeed. Geo targeting is icing on the cake. I’m excited to dig into all the great features.
20 mei 2024 1 reactie
It simplifies your WooCommerce checkout and builds conversion-friendly sales funnels. A drag-and-drop builder, mobile-friendly forms, and smart discounts help you skyrocket sales and engagement. It’s a must-have for any online store!
18 mei 2024 1 reactie
It’s quite robust funnel builder. Hopefully they intergate with more WP tools soon and implement AI which would offer a way more capabilities.
16 mei 2024 1 reactie
Excellent plugin to ensure your marketing growth. There is no better way to beat the competition than to have a smooth and personalized checkout per customer. I recommand Sellkit for all your woocommerce store.
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Bijdragers & ontwikkelaars

“SellKit – Funnel builder and checkout optimizer for WooCommerce to sell more, faster” is open source software. De volgende personen hebben bijgedragen aan deze plugin.



2.0.5 – 2024-07-15

  • Bug Fix: Fixed the issue with the Next Step link on the Opt-In Confirmation step.
  • Improvement: Improved the Checkout widget to display even when the cart is empty in the editor.
  • Improvement: Improved the Opt-In step to be enabled in the appropriate place within Funnels.
  • Feature: Added an Offset setting to the Checkout widget’s Sticky Cart.

2.0.1 – 2024-06-24

  • Bug Fix: Fixed vulnerability issues.

2.0.0 – 2024-06-07

  • Bug Fix: Fixed vulnerability issues.

1.9.8 – 2024-05-29

  • Bug Fix: Fixed style settings issue on Checkout widget.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed decimal number issues in Analytics.
  • Improvement: Changed Geolocation API to maxmind.

1.9.6 – 2024-05-21

  • Bug Fix: Fixed decimal number issue in Funnel and Discounts analytics.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bump issue on Funnel.
  • Improvement: Changed Decision step to Condition step.
  • Improvement: Improved preview button to display actual URL.
  • Improvement: Updated preview button label in Funnels and Steps.
  • Feature: Added ability to set Sales and Checkout steps as the home page.

1.9.3 – 2024-05-08

  • Bug Fix: Fixed Funnel issue on deactivating.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issues on importing Funnels.
  • Improvement: Improved importing process of Funnels.

1.9.2 – 2024-05-01

  • Bug Fix: Fixed some PHP warning and notices in Funnels.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Contact issues on Funnels.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Analytics data issues on Funnels.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed History issues on Funnels.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue on exporting Funnels.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed total revenue issue with coupons in Funnels.
  • Improvement: Improved Checkout step, Bumps, Downsell and Upsell to validate product count.

1.8.9 – 2024-04-09

  • Bug Fix: Fixed fatal error on reset password page.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed database error on opt-in widget.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Billing options on the Checkout widget.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Global Checkout issues.
  • Improvement: Updated Checkout widget icons to SVG.
  • Feature: Added Custom Billing Field to dynamic keywords.
  • Feature: Added Custom Shipping Field to dynamic keywords.
  • Feature: Added Custom Fields to checkout widget.
  • Feature: Added order note to checkout widget.
  • Feature: Added Header and Footer template selector to Global Checkout widget.

1.8.6 – 2024-03-07

  • Bug Fix: Fixed incompatibility issues with PHP 8.2.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed thankyou page URL issue in Global Checkout.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed decision step issue in Checkout widget & Global Checkout feature.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Elementor’s Text Editor widget issue while using Checkout widget.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some PHP warning and notices.

1.8.3 – 2024-01-26

  • Bug Fix: Fixed vulnerability issues on opt-in form download action.
  • Improvement: Improved Checkout widget to show billing fields before payment methods.

1.8.1 – 2023-11-27

  • Bug Fix: Fixed Funnel tabs issues.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Order Bump condition in Global Checkout feature.
  • Improvement: Improved Checkout widget to be compatible with NMI Gateway PCI for WooCommerce plugin.
  • Improvement: Improved Checkout widget to be compatible with Payment Plugins for Stripe WooCommerce plugin.
  • Feature: Added option to change Funnel Step Base URL.

1.7.9 – 2023-10-03

  • Bug Fix: Fixed User Type condition issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed UX issue when WooCommerce plugin is deactivated.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Funnel issue after removing product.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed sellkit-coupon-expiry-date shortcode issue.
  • Feature: Added Reset Previous Cart Items option to Checkout step.

1.7.5 – 2023-08-15

  • Bug Fix: Fixed Checkout widget issues.

1.7.4 – 2023-07-13

  • Feature: Added Global Checkout feature.

1.7.2 – 2023-06-14

  • Bug Fix: Fixed Decision step issue on the Flowchart.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed import Funnel issues.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Order Cart Details issues.
  • Improvement: Improved Upsell & Downsell in Decision step on the Flowchart.
  • Feature: Integrate Upsell & Downsell templates icon with Elementor inline fonts.

1.6.8 – 2023-05-08

  • Bug Fix: Fixed Funnel duplication issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed get_page_by_title deprecated function.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed fatal error on reset password page.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed coupon apply button issue on Checkout widget.
  • Improvement: Improved Checkout widget design.
  • Feature: Added new style settings for Checkout widget.

1.6.5 – 2023-04-12

  • Bug Fix: Fixed Checkout widget issues.
  • Improvement: Improved Visitor Country keyword.
  • Feature: Added padding setting for Checkout widget multistep layout.

1.6.2 – 2023-02-20

  • Bug Fix: Fixed Checkout widget issues.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed incompatibility issues with PHP 8.1.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed fatal error on background process.
  • Improvement: Improved Checkout widget to be compatible with Stripe Payments.

1.5.9 – 2023-01-25

  • Improvement: Improved Checkout widget to be compatible with WooCommerce Shipping options.

1.5.8 – 2023-01-18

  • Bug Fix: Fixed products issue on Funnel.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Elementor deprecated notices.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Checkout widget issue on WooCommerce default checkout page.

1.5.7 – 2021-01-05

  • Bug Fix: Fixed duplicated Google API key field in Settings.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed conditions in Funnels.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Checkout widget issues.
  • Improvement: Improved Cart Items Quantity condition name.
  • Feature: Added Cart Total Items Count condition.
  • Feature: Added asking for review in Dashboard.
  • Feature: Added variation swatches control in Settings.

1.5.4 – 2022-12-12

  • Bug Fix: Fixed style conflict with Hello Theme.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed dependency alert issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some conditions’ issues in funnels.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed site health errors.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed extra Decision step template from the preview page.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed payment icons’ alignments.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issues in showing all payment methods in the checkout.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Order Bump issue when we have more parameters in our URL.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed incompatibility issues with PHP 7.2.
  • Improvement: Improved Google API link.
  • Improvement: Improved WP repo descriptions.

1.5.1 – 2022-11-08

  • Bug Fix: Fixed Funnel importing issue.

1.5.0 – 2022-10-14

  • Bug Fix: Fixed Funnel Elementor dependency issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed database names errors with hyphen.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed radio button style in checkout builder widget.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a small Elementor error when SellKit is activated.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed warnings while saving discounts.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Optin incompatibilities with other themes.
  • Improvement: Improved checkout builder widget mobile design.
  • Improvement: Improved the size of SellKit widgets’ icons.
  • Feature: Added Funnel flowchart structure.
  • Feature: Added Funnel Contacts feature.
  • Feature: Added some extra conditions to funnel.
  • Feature: Added Opting widget.
  • Feature: Added Opting Step.
  • Feature: Added an option to checkout builder widget for term of services.
  • Feature: Added Export/Import/Duplicate features to the Funnel.

1.3.2 – 2022-10-03

  • Bug Fix: Fixed plugin data deletion on multisite.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed auto-apply coupon issues.
  • Improvement: Improved checkout builder widget mobile design.
  • Improvement: Improved products search component.
  • Feature: Integrated virtual products with checkout widget.
  • Feature: Added missed fields to the checkout widget.

1.3.1 – 2022-09-06

  • Bug Fix: Fixed checkout builder widget incompatibilities with famous themes.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed dependency issues.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed browser language condition issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a small JS issue in upsell page.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed showing tax issues.

1.2.9 – 2022-08-18

  • Bug Fix: Fixed checkout widget first loading in Elementor editor.

1.2.8 – 2022-08-02

  • Bug Fix: Fixed checkout widget incompatibilities with other themes.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed conditions small issues.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed widget icons in dark mode.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some typos in conditions.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed checkout billing email issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed checkout widget scroll issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed checkout widget shipping issues.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed checkout widget price issues.
  • Improvement: Improved country and city conditions.
  • Improvement: Improved checkout widget autocomplete feature.
  • Improvement: Improved showing bank transfer data.

1.2.5 – 2022-06-28

  • Bug Fix: Fixed total invoice issue in checkout builder widget.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed free shipping issue in checkout builder widget.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed plugin data deletion issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed state field issue in checkout builder widget.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a conflict with Menu icons plugin.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed notices issues in WordPress admin area.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some small translation issues.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an error caused by contact segmentation data.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a warning in adding a new column to database.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed dynamic keywords style in dark mode.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed incompatibility issues with PHP 7.2.
  • Improvement: Improved state and city lookup by postcode in checkout builder widget.

1.2.3 – 2022-05-23

  • Feature: Added some new conditions to the conditions component.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed translation issues.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some style issue in funnels.
  • Improvement: Improved SellKit Pro promotions.
  • Improvement: Improved readme file documentation.

1.2.2 – 2022-04-28

  • Feature: Added some new keywords.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed analytics style issues.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed PHP 7.2 incompatibilities.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed undefined HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE error.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some deprecated notices regarding Elementor plugin.
  • Improvement: Improved features names.

1.2.1 – 2022-04-07

  • Feature: Added a notice to install and activate woocommerce.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed dynamic keywords issues in thankyou page.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the location performance issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed order bump discount style.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed SellKit checkout styling issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some bugs in PHP 7.2.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed date picker value in conditions component.
  • Improvement: Added some new validations for checkout step in checkout builder.
  • Improvement: Removed extra validation fields for checkout builder fields.
  • Improvement: Removed FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING which is deprecated in PHP 8.1.

1.1.4 – 2022-03-09

  • Feature: Added a js error logger.
  • Bug Fix: Added a fallback for location API request.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an error in dynamic keywords section.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a fatal error in checkout builder widget.

1.1.3 – 2022-02-18

  • Improvement: Added some notices for dependent plugins.
  • Feature: Added some new conditions to the conditions component.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some typography issues.
  • Bug Fix: Added some small bug fixes to the condition component.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Document/global/link not found error in the elementor editor area.

1.0.0 – 2022-02-11

  • Initial release