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Do you want to reduce your support pressure immediately? How about you creating a stunning and resourceful knowledge base for your customers? 🤔

👨‍💻 82% of customers prefer to support through an online knowledge base and actually get annoyed to create support tickets as it’s a lengthy process. So creating an informative Documentation page can help to enhance your customer experience.

But how do you create a stunning docs page easily on WordPress site without any coding? Well, we’ve got you covered. 😎

📒 Maak een verbluffende kennisbank om klantenondersteuning op te schalen

BetterDocs will help you to create & organize your documentation page in a beautiful way that will make your visitors find any help article easily. It will facilitate your client to make faster decisions and get help on the spot by self-servicing instead of avoiding lengthy conversation.

🔥 De kennisbank versterken om het aantal supporttickets te verminderen

Let the visitors instantly find the answers they are searching for without having to wait for the support team and reduce support workload.

🌟 Top functies

  • Stunning readymade template designs to create your Docs landing page, Single Doc page, & Archive page without any coding
  • In-built theme customization option, or use Shortcodes & page builder widgets to design customize entire documentation page
  • Inhoudsopgave of sticky TOC voor een absolute gebruikerservaring
  • Ingebouwde geavanceerde live zoekfunctie om bezoekers te helpen de juiste docs oplossing te vinden
  • Advanced List View (FREE) & Grid View feature (PRO)
  • Create & manage multiple knowledgebases for all products separately (PRO)
  • Manage roles for your knowledgebase users & give access accordingly
  • Integrated with Analytics to track and evaluate the performance
  • 100% ondersteuning met Elementor Page Builder
  • WPML gecertificeerde plugin
  • Gutenberg Blocks BetterDocs Search Form, BetterDocs Category Box & BetterDocs Category Grid to easily create your Knowledgebase
  • Create Advanced Search & showcase Popular Docs with ready layouts (PRO)


BetterDocs biedt meerdere kant-en-klare templates om je WordPress documentatie website binnen een paar minuten te ontwerpen. Bovendien heb je alle vrijheid om de lay-out eenvoudig aan te passen.


Vertaal je BetterDocs Single Docs met behulp van WPML vrij eenvoudig.


Design FAQ sections for your Knowledge base easily with the help of BetterDocs FAQ Builder.


Design FAQ sections for your Knowledge base easily with the help of BetterDocs FAQ Builder.


BetterDocs will automatically create a well-managed Table Of Contents(TOC) while you are writing your documentation. With an effective automated process, it will organize your documentation with its in-built functions and this stunning TOC moves with your scroll, so your visitors can always go to other pages easily.


Assist your visitors to get the exact docs solution and reduce dependency on support with a built-in advanced live search & advanced search option(PRO) from the top.


Customize documentation pages from settings or even add shortcode (PRO), page builder widgets, and more to get the full authority to make it stand out for your web visitors.

⚡ Fully Compatible With Gutenberg Editor

Make an interactive knowledge base site in Gutenberg by using fully functional BetterDocs ready blocks.


Design amazing single docs and docs archive page without any hassle with Elementor Page Builder


Show off your creativity and create an amazing single doc template with advanced elements, and ready layouts with Elementor Theme Builder


Design stunning Docs page and Docs Category archive template with Elementor Theme Builder.


Help your customers browse the docs and knowledge base articles right from the chat window without leaving the page and reduce the support tickets.


Volg en evalueer activiteiten op je documentatiepagina en verbeter de klantervaring. Analyseer ook het websiteverkeer om inzicht te krijgen in je kennisbank.


Got multiple products? You can easily create multiple knowledge-bases for your different products and provide instant support to your customers from one place


Beperk je kennisbank op basis van bepaalde gebruikersrollen en beheer de interne kennisbank om je documentatie privé te maken


Desgin spectacular multiple knowledge bases with absolute ease by using Multiple KB widget for Elementor.

You don’t have to just take our word for it. See what one of the WordPress experts are saying:

  • Geweldige oplossing om een kennisbank toe te voegen aan je website.
  • Visit /docs to view the built-in page (URL is changeable in settings)
  • Easy to create and manage with beautiful layouts and powerful search.

-Nathan, iThemes

🙌 After reading this feature list, you can probably imagine BetterDocs is the most advanced and powerful documentation plugin in the market. Give BetterDocs a try.

Want to unlock the advanced features? Upgrade to our Pro version

🚀 Ondersteund door een betrouwbaar team

This Documentation plugin is brought to you by the team behind WPDeveloper, a dedicated marketplace for WordPress, trusted by 5 Million+ happy users.


  • For documentation and tutorials go to our Documentation
  • Voor video tutorials ga naar onze YouTube afspeellijst
  • If you have any more questions, visit our support on the Plugin’s Forum
  • For more information about features, FAQs and documentation, check out our website at BetterDocs

Maak betere documenten, kennisbank en wiki met BetterDocs

💙 Hou je van BetterDocs?


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Nieuwe manier:

  1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard “Add New Plugin” section.
  2. Zoeken naar “BetterDocs”.
  3. Installeer en dan activeren.
  4. Volg de documentatie

Oude manier:

  1. Upload betterdocs naar de /wp-content/plugins/ map
  2. Activeer de plugin via het ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Volg de documentatie


Werkt het met gelijk welk WordPress thema?

Ja, het zal werken met gelijk welk WordPress thema.


18 september 2023
为了弄一个文档界面,我安装了不下10个文档插件,一一研究,发现还是betterdocs最好。 1、简单易用。很多设置选项,在网站后台,就可以自定义设置。 2、兼容性好。与各类主题的兼容性较好,URL链接结构也利于搜索引擎抓取识别。(但有的主题,文档分类页面的title不显示,还得开发下) 3、页面美观。文档页面有多种样式,好看~
25 september 2023
This plugin is very nice and the support team is also very active and quick reply you can get. I had two issues regarding the print icon and another thing they gave me a solution very quickly and I could solve the issue on the site. But one suggestion I would like to mention here is that in betterdocs widgets in Elementor, there is one widget called Betterdocs category box, there Layout options are very less/limited than the actual layout options they give in WordPress customize settings, Which is somehow not acceptable when some users are working in elementor itself only. So if you guys make sure to enable all layout options here in Elementor itself in the same widget then it will be easy for elementor users who are using/customly doing Elementor template. Hope in future this thing will not be a blocker for those who are into custom elementor template things. Thank you.
8 september 2023 5 reacties
Pros: Elegant design with many options. Lots of features. Cons: Added huge chunk of CSS codes on each webpage. For example, a page of about less than 100kB size is increased to more than 200kB after installing the plugin. Got punished by some search engines and the website ranking dropped from first page to nowhere to be found. Advice: Please keep the code concise. The large overhead of CSS codes added to each web page is a huge issue. Had to uninstall for SEO purpose.
6 september 2023
I've been using this plugin (Pro version) for a while now, and it's been very useful and easy to use. Their support is very responsive, and the dev team works proactively to make sure everything works. Thank you for all your work!
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2.5.6 – 21/09/2023

  • Fixed: Category images are scaled incorrectly when image optimization plugins are used
  • Few minor bug fixes and improvements

2.5.5 – 11/09/2023

  • Improved: Customizer CSS now loading only on BetterDocs templates
  • Improved: Added Knowledge Bases, Include, Exclude, Offset, and Nested Subcategory filter options to the Elementor Doc Sidebar widget
  • Fixed: Permalink feed not working
  • Fixed: The Settings REST API returning null value
  • Fixed: FAQ Schema not working properly contain data for all displayed FAQs
  • Few minor bug fixes and improvements

2.5.4 – 05/09/2023

  • Updated- Moved customizer controls for Breadcrumbs to a separate tab from the Single Doc tab
  • Improved- Added a new layout and style controller for the Elementor Doc Sidebar Widget
  • Fixed- Knowledge Base filtering not working for the Elementor Category Grid and Category Box widgets
  • Fixed- HTML code appearing in the category description
  • Fixed- The posts_per_page=“0" argument in shortcodes displaying all the docs
  • Fixed- FAQ Schema does not contain data for all displayed FAQs
  • Few minor bug fixes and improvements

2.5.3 – 24/08/2023

  • Fixed: Throwing 404 page not found error when built-in documentation is active
  • Fixed: Shortcode not working properly
  • Fixed: Templates built with Elementor Theme Builder breaking
  • Fixed: Some styles like shadow color, full width grid, background color (live search) mismatching with the previous version
  • Fixed: Elementor Infinite Loading if Docs Root Slug is set as ‘/’
  • Fixed: Blog page categories loading BetterDocs archive page
  • Fixed: Database error with the new update in some cases
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.5.2 – 20/08/2023

  • Fixed: Notice/Warning on PHP 8.1.*
  • Opgelost: problemen met permalinks
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.5.1 – 15/08/2023

  • Fixed: Throwing Critical error if BetterDocs Pro v2.5 isn’t updated in some cases
  • Fixed: Conflict with third-party themes & plugins
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.5.0 – 14/08/2023

  • Revamped: Code Structure for optimized performance
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.3.7 – 19/06/2023

  • Fixed: FAQ Builder Loading Issue
  • Fixed: Security Enhancement Reported by Nathan Dawson
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.3.6 – 08/02/2023

  • Fixed: Category Grid Elementor widget showing underlines
  • Fixed: Sub category Orders not working on Archive page
  • Fixed: Email Feedback Form Submissions not Including User’s Email Address in the Email body
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.3.5 – 25/01/2023

  • Added: FAQ Schema Option
  • Fixed: Premade docs templates not showing inside Elementor Theme Builder
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.3.4 – 15/01/2023

  • Opgelost: fatale fout op PHP 7.1

2.3.3 – 11/01/2023

  • Fixed: Single Doc Last update date not showing
  • Fixed: Class name getting removed from the single doc page heading
  • Fixed: Newly created doc count not showing properly in email reporting
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.3.2 – 24/12/2022

  • Fixed: PHP error on email reporting template
  • Fixed: Clicking on any link in TOC produce JS error
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.3.1 – 22/12/2022

  • Revamped: Email Reporting template
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.3.0 – 21/12/2022

  • Added: FAQ Builder
  • Fixed: Table of Contents hierarchy showing wrong outcome based on certain settings
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.2.2 – 22/11/2022

  • Fixed: Undefined Index error in Quick Setup wizard
  • Fixed: Live Search showing content even after clearing the search field
  • Fixed: Docs navigation not following the BetterDocs ordering
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.2.1 – 07/11/2022

  • Fixed: heredoc throwing parse error
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.2.0 – 06/11/2022

  • Added: Email Reporting feature
  • Fixed: Single Doc TOC z-index issue with media files
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.1.6 – 25/09/2022

  • Added: Option to change sidebar layouts for Category Archive pages
  • Fixed: Nested Sub Category List isn’t open by default when visiting Single docs
  • Fixed: PHP error on archive pages when Sidebar is disabled from settings
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.1.5 – 22/08/2022

  • Fixed: HTML not rendering inside Category Description
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.1.4 – 11/08/2022

  • Fixed: Elementor Deprecated functions error
  • Fixed: Category Box Masonry width not being equal in right side
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.1.3 – 08/08/2022

  • Fixed: Sanitized some missing strings

2.1.2 – 26/07/2022

  • Fixed: Triggering fatal error during activation

2.1.1 – 21/07/2022

  • Fixed: Font Awesome icons loading globally
  • Improved: Added option to show TOC Title in the anchor link
  • Fixed: Throwing PHP Errors in PHP 7.4.8 version
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.1.0 – 03/07/2022

  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.0.14 – 25/05/2022

  • Added: WordPress 6.0 Compatibility
  • Added: Background Image set option for Single Docs
  • Added: Background Image set option for Single Docs
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.0.13 – 19/04/2022

  • Added: BetterDocs default order option for the Gutenberg blocks
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.0.12 – 07/04/2022

  • Fixed: Fatal error if a default WordPress user role doesn’t exist

2.0.11 – 07/04/2022

  • Fixed: Default WordPress Role Management capabilities not working
  • Fixed: Fatal Error while processing Role Management migration
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.0.10 – 29/03/2022

  • Fixed: Role management not migrating properly
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.0.9 – 27/03/2022

  • Fixed: Ordering not working properly for Sub-categories
  • Fixed: Adding %knowledge_base% in the category page URL when WPML Language Switcher option is hit
  • Fixed: Docs tags disappearing in the List View
  • Fixed: Deprecated errors related to Elementor 3.6
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.0.8 – 06/03/2022

  • Fixed: Custom Post Type throwing 404 Page while Multiple KB is activated
  • Fixed: Fatal error related to Elementor Template Loader
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.0.7 – 15/02/2022

  • Fixed: Category Creation not working from Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5.9
  • Fixed: Ready-made templates not loading inside Elementor Theme Builder
  • Fixed: Conflict with Phlox PRO theme
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.0.6 – 02/02/2022

  • Fixed: Category Order not working for docs page
  • Fixed: Undefined index orderby on betterdocs_category_box shortcode
  • Fixed: Docs not updating in WordPress 5.9 when reusable blocks are used
  • Fixed: Explore more Hover controllers not working in Customizer
  • Fixed: Customizer not loading in Twenty Twenty & Twenty Seventeen Theme
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.0.5 – 25/01/2022

  • Fixed: Child pages throwing 404 error when BetterDocs is enabled
  • Fixed: “Share this Article” text not being translatable in different layouts
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.0.4 – 12/01/2022

  • Fixed: Built-in Docs order not working
  • Fixed: Option to change “Search” button placeholder
  • Fixed: Docs order not working properly inside Elementor widgets
  • Fixed: Conflict with WP Extended Search plugin
  • Fixed: PHP Error notice when editing the Doc Status in classic UI
  • Fixed: Search option not working properly in different languages
  • Fixed: Table of Contents not working properly with Divi Page Builder
  • Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.0.3 – 23/12/2021

  • Fixed: Few minor bug fix & improvements

2.0.2 – 22/12/2021

  • Fixed: Betterdocs widgets not showing inside Elementor editor with new Elementor update
  • Fixed: Unclosed HTML tags in breadcrumb
  • Fixed: Pages throwing 404 error when Doc Permalink is set to %doc_category%
  • Fixed: Few minor bug fix & improvements

2.0.1 – 14/12/2021

  • Fixed: Critical error on PHP 5.6
  • Fixed: Few minor bug fix & improvements

2.0.0 – 14/12/2021

  • Added: Gutenberg Blocks: Category Grid, Category Box & Search Box
  • Added: 2 New Layouts for Single Docs
  • Fixed: No default background color for single doc content area
  • Fixed: Removed type attribute from script and style tag
  • Fixed: Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.9.7 – 07/11/2021

  • Fixed: “Type stack does not exist” error inside Elementor Theme Builder

1.9.6 – 01/11/2021

  • Fixed: Conflict with Imagify plugin
  • Fixed: Admin Menus not highlighting properly
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.9.5 – 18/10/2021

  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.9.4 – 18/10/2021

  • Fixed: Search not working in responsive devices
  • Fixed: List View pagination not working
  • Fixed: Docs title adding extra “\” when use apostrophes (‘) in the title
  • Improved: Added more styling controls in Customizer
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.9.3 – 22/09/2021

  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.9.2 – 14/09/2021

  • Improved: Security enhancements for better performance
  • Fixed: Search Heading & Sub-heading not being translatable
  • Fixed: Typography not working properly in frontend
  • Fixed: Elementor BetterDocs Category Grid widget Sorting not syncing with BetterDocs UI
  • Fixed: Single Doc share not working for Twitter
  • Fixed: Elementor widgets not showing when Elementor PRO is inactive
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.9.1 – 26/08/2021

  • Fixed: Quick Setup throwing error after plugin activation
  • Fixed: Polylang Doc Translation option not showing anymore
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.9.0 – 03/08/2021

  • Added: Advanced List View Editor
  • Improved: Coding structure to enhance security
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.8.4 – 01/08/2021

  • Added: ‘Copy to Clipboard’ option for Shortcodes
  • Added: Font controls for Sub-category in Customizer
  • Fixed: Current category not expanding from Sidebar in Category archive page
  • Fixed: Elementor BetterDocs Category Grid: Title, Border Type options not working
  • Fixed: Docs count displaying incorrectly with nested-subcategory when shortcode is used
  • Fixed: Shortcode attributes not working properly
  • Fixed: Docs page not displaying in full-width in Astra theme
  • Fixed: Private Docs not showing on Docs page even if users are logged in
  • Fixed: Wrong copy to clipboard url for custom heading id in single docs
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.8.3 – 15/07/2021

  • Verbeterd: WPML ondersteuning
  • Improved: Breadcrumb structure for better performance
  • Fixed: Hierarchy issue with Table of Contents
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.8.2 – 24/06/2021

  • Fixed: Disable masonry layout when nested subcategory is enabled
  • Opgelost: ondersteuningsprobleem met PHP 8.0
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.8.1 – 09/06/2021

  • Fixed: Sub-Categories not showing if nested Sub-Category option is disabled
  • Fixed: Terms count not working properly if nested subcategory is disabled for Category Grid shortcode
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.8.0 – 30/05/2021

  • Improved: Refactored code to load BetterDocs assets only in BetterDocs templates
  • Improved: “flush_rewrite_rules” only on ‘save settings’
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.7.6 – 23/05/2021

  • Fixed: PHP error in the BetterDocs admin page

1.7.5 – 29/04/2021

  • Added: menu_order param to the list of rest api orderby value for docs

1.7.4 – 28/04/2021

  • Improved: Load BetterDocs admin assets only inside BetterDocs admin screen
  • Added: HTML Heading Tag change options in Customizer
  • Added: Option to change ‘not found text’ in Live Search
  • Added: Nested subcategory settings option in Layout -> Archive Page
  • Added: ‘orderby’ and ‘order’ select options in Elementor Widget “Doc Category Archive List”
  • Fixed: Ready Templates not loading inside Elementor
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.7.3 – 13/04/2021

  • Added: Feedback form title font size and color style options in Customizer
  • Added: TOC title text option in the settings
  • Added: Docs order and order by option for BetterDocs Category Grid
  • Opgelost: PHP 8.0 ondersteuning
  • Fixed: “Masonry” view not working in Elementor widget BetterDocs Category Grid
  • Fixed: Doc Feedback email not updating
  • Fixed: Category order not working properly in ‘betterdocs_category_list’ shortcode
  • Fixed: Docs count not showing properly in Elementor widgets: BetterDocs Category Grid and Box
  • Fixed: Gutenberg Editor | Code Block Formatting issue
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.7.2 – 24/03/2021

  • Fixed: Sidebar layout’s Elementor styles getting overriden by Customizer
  • Fixed: Sanitized options in the Elementor HTML Tags
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.7.1 – 04/03/2021

  • Fixed: Sidebar styles not changing inside Single Doc
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.7.0 – 03/03/2021

  • Added: Pre-made Elementor Blocks for Archive page
  • Added: New Elementor widgets: BetterDocs Category Grid & BetterDocs Category Box
  • Fixed: Single Doc navigation not working correctly
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.6.1 – 02/02/2021

  • Fixed: Nested Sub-categories not displaying inside Sidebar
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.6.0 – 26/01/2021

  • Added: Docs Archive Template with Elementor Theme Builder
  • Improved: Security update for Single Doc Email Feedback
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.5.7 – 03/01/2021

  • Fixed: Table of Contents not collapsing on small devices
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.5.6 – 24/12/2020

  • Added: Multi-level Sub-category option
  • Fixed: Missing Sub-Category style controls for Archive page
  • Fixed: ‘Category Item Counter’ font size not working
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.5.5 – 10/12/2020

  • Added: ‘Custom Permalink’ structure
  • Fixed: Incompatibility issues with BuddyBoss theme
  • Fixed: ‘Explore More’ button not displaying in Docs page
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.5.4 – 24/11/2020

  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.5.3 – 24/11/2020

  • Fixed: ‘Preview could not be loaded’ error with Elementor
  • Fixed: Embedded videos not showing in Single docs
  • Fixed: Shortcodes not appearing properly in Single docs
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.5.2 – 19/11/2020

  • Fixed: Table of Contents issue with Elementor Theme Builder
  • Fixed: Print option not working for Single Docs built with Elementor Theme Builder
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.5.1 – 17/11/2020

  • Fixed: Third-party shortcode not working
  • Fixed: PHP Notice for Elementor Single Docs
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.5.0 – 16/11/2020

  • Added: Pre-made Elementor Blocks for Single Docs
  • Added: Table of Contents widget for Elementor Theme Builder
  • Added: New Sidebar layouts for Elementor Theme Builder
  • Fixed: Style Control missing when Shortcode is used
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.4.3 – 15/10/2020

  • Fixed: Layout preview not showing properly inside Customizer
  • Fixed: Content space option not working inside Customizer
  • Fixed: Sticky TOC z-index option not resetting
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.4.2 – 21/09/2020

  • Fixed: isEditMode Not defined error with Elementor
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.4.1 – 11/09/2020

  • Fixed: Uncaught Error: Class ‘BetterDocs_Single_Docs’ not found in Elementor
  • Fixed: Print option not working when Doc Title is disabled

1.4.0 – 09/09/2020

  • Added: Single Doc Template with Elementor Theme Builder
  • Added: Option to change Single Doc Feedback Form title
  • Added: Option to change the colours for Nested Sub-categories
  • Replaced: ‘Articles’ has been replaced by ‘Docs’
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.3.5 – 20/08/2020

  • Improved: jQuery Select2 only loaded in BetterDocs Settings page
  • Opgelost: PHP foutmeldingen
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.3.4 – 09/08/2020

  • Improvement: Logged in users data automatically filled in for Single Doc Feedback form
  • Fixed: Collapsible TOC not working on smaller devices
  • Fixed: ‘Save Settings’ conflict with Flexia theme
  • Fixed: Category Icon reverting to default
  • Fixed: ‘Sidebar Category List’ not getting disabled
  • Removed: Upsell notices removed from PRO
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.3.3 – 27/07/2020

  • Fixed: BetterDocs TOC Scrolling issue with Fixed Header Menu
  • Fixed: Duplicate ‘Column Background Color’ Settings in the Customizer
  • Fixed: Hover color not changing on archive pages
  • Improved: Updated Selector Library
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.3.2 – 10/06/2020

  • Improvement: Added option to change Inner Circle Background color for Item Count
  • Improvement: Nested Sub-category display for Category template
  • Improvement: Added Hover Color controls
  • Improvement: Added placeholder for ‘Search’ option
  • Improvement: H2 Heading tag removed for Table of Contents
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.3.1 – 05/06/2020

  • Fixed : Breadcrumb issue while no category is selected
  • Improved : Category Grid Masonry Layout
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.3.0 – 20/05/2020

  • Added : Option to add Heading & Sub-Heading for Live Search
  • Added : Show Category ID option
  • Added : Translation for missing strings
  • Added : Option to Hide Single doc title
  • Added : Option to change Docs Landing page title
  • Fixed : Parent category not showing up if no docs are assigned
  • Fixed : TOC Scroll Issue
  • Fixed : Breadcrumbs issue on Category pages
  • Fixed : Styling issue with OceanWP
  • Improvement : Fullwidth Layout support for Astra theme
  • Improvement : Hover Effect options
  • Improvement : Removed HTML5 Tag Wrapper

1.2.6 – 18/04/2020

  • Fixed : Correct page slug for custom documentation page when no page is selected

1.2.5 – 15/04/2020

  • Added : Display uncategorized list when no category
  • Added : Table of Contents hierarchy option
  • Fixed : Nested sub-category icon issue
  • Fixed : Duplicate article in category template
  • Fixed : Long breadcrumbs styling issue
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.2.4 – 06/04/2020

  • Added : Option for TOC to hide/open on click in mobile device
  • Added : New Shortcode | Option to show a certain category
  • Added : Breadcrumbs for archive pages
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.2.3 – 01/04/2020

  • Added : Option to select docs page when not using built-in docs page
  • Fixed : Breadcrumb issue when not using built-in docs page
  • Fixed : Search Box visible on category page even when it’s disabled
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.2.2 – 26/03/2020

  • Added : Option for alphabetical order both for post and category
  • Verbeterd: categorie beschrijving
  • Fixed : Flexia v2.0 header compatibility
  • Fixed : Table of Content not supporting any other language
  • Fixed : Sub category shows as main category for Layout 2
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.2.1 – 23/03/2020

  • Added : Easy migration from “Echo Knowledgebase (Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs)”” plugin
  • Added : Easy migration from “Knowledge Base | Helpdesk | Support | Wiki WordPress Plugin” by PressApps
  • Fixed : Search Post limit issue
  • Improved : Feedback Form translation
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.2.0 – 03/03/2020

  • Added : Easy migration tool from existing KnowledgeBase plugin
  • Fixed : Docs archive default sidebar option
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.1.9 – 06/02/2020

  • Added: Hover color changing control for sidebar and archive list
  • Verbeterd: customizer controls
  • Fixed : Duplicate child category post issue
  • Fixed : Admin dashboard submenu active issue

1.1.8 – 29/01/2020

  • Fixed: Z-index issue

1.1.7 – 28/01/2020

  • Added: Nested Subcategory feature
  • Added: Option to enable/disable tags on single article
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.1.6 – 07/01/2020

  • Fixed: Select field not working
  • Fixed: TOC heading tag issue

1.1.5 – 05/01/2020

  • Added: Breadcrumb category and title options
  • Fixed: Sidebar post per category
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.1.4 – 22/12/2019

  • Fixed : Sub category display issue
  • Improved : Category grid/box responsiveness

1.1.3 – 19/12/2019

  • Added : Quick ‘Getting Started’ link to menu
  • Added : Sidebar background, padding, margin option
  • Added : Option to change the breadcrumb page title text
  • Fixed : TOC disappearing issue after last update
  • Fixed : betterdocs_category_grid shortcode column spacing issue
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.1.2 – 17/12/2019

  • Added : Option to reset value to default in Customizer
  • Added : Single layout background color option
  • Improved : Capabilities management
  • Fixed : Conditional customizer column spacing
  • Fixed : Sticky TOC width in live preview
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.1.1 – 04/12/2019

  • Improved : Article printing option
  • Fixed : Single Layout 3 counter issue

1.1.0 – 03/12/2019

  • Toegevoegd: sociaal delen optie
  • Added : Reactions on single article
  • Added : New Docs template
  • Fixed : Archive page icon and list margin
  • Improved : Options page UX with inner tabs
  • Improved : Search translation
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.0.1 – 13/11/2019

  • Customizer opties verbeterd
  • Added : Live Search close icon style option
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

  • Eerste stabiele release

1.0.0 – 12/11/2019

  • Eerste stabiele release

0.0.3 – 06/11/2019

  • Added : Adavnced Search with image and Category display
  • Toegevoegd: categorie volgorde bepalen
  • Verschillende kleine fouten opgelost en verbeteringen

0.0.2 – 27/10/2019

  • Added : Conditional control for docs layout
  • Improved : TOC controller styling updated
  • Improved : Live Search design
  • Fixed : Docs page content padding


  • Eerste beta release