Redis Object Cache

A persistent object cache backend powered by Redis®¹. Supports Predis, PhpRedis, Relay, replication, sentinels, clustering…

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APCu Manager

APCu statistics and management right in the WordPress admin dashboard.

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Simple Cache

A very simple plugin to make your site run lightning fast with caching.

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Cache Warmer

Visits website pages to warm (create) the cache if you have any caching solutions configured.

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Memcached Redux

Uses the Memcached class (not the Memcache class) to implement WP Object Cache

Scott Taylor - uses code from Ryan Boren, Denis de Bernardy, Matt Martz, Mike Schroder, Mika Epstein, Mohammad Jangda 300+ actieve installaties Getest met 5.4.15 4 jaar geleden bijgewerkt

atec Cache Info

atec Cache Info & Statistics (OPcache, WP-object-cache, JIT, APCu, Memcached, Redis, SQLite-object-cache)

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Tribe Object Cache

Quickly and easily add object cache support that works across environments. All you have to…

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Easy Object Cache

Easy Object Cache provides APC user caching functionality if not available on your server, and…

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