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WP Search Insights is a powerful WordPress search analytics plugin that records all searches made on your website. It has helped countless website owners optimize their content and improve user engagement. Get a clear understanding of what your users are searching for and take your website’s search experience to the next level. With a clean and intuitive dashboard, you can easily see which posts, pages, or products users are searching from and what search queries are most popular.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unleash the full potential of your website’s search data. Install WP Search Insights today and start making data-driven decisions that will transform your content strategy and skyrocket your website’s success.


  • Volg en analyseer WordPress zoekopdrachten
  • Identify most popular search terms, with and without results
  • See search origination pages and landing pages
  • Filter spam zoekopdrachten eruit
  • Compatible with Ajax search forms
  • Export search data to CSV for further analysis
  • Privacy-friendly approach to search analytics

Verbeter je WordPress zoekervaring

= Understand Your Users’ Search Behavior =
By understanding what your users are searching for, you can optimize your website’s content to better meet their needs. WP Search Insights provides you with the data you need to make informed decisions about your content strategy, ultimately leading to a better user experience and increased engagement.

Identificeer hiaten en kansen in de inhoud

One of the key features of WP Search Insights is its ability to highlight searches that yield no results. This valuable information allows you to identify content gaps on your website and presents an opportunity to create new, targeted content that directly addresses your users’ needs. By filling these gaps, you can significantly improve your website’s search performance and user satisfaction.

Neem gegevens gestuurde inhoud beslissingen

Armed with the insights provided by WP Search Insights, you’ll be able to make data-driven decisions to optimize your content strategy. Creating content that aligns with your users’ search intent will not only improve their search experience but also demonstrate your commitment to providing the information they are actively seeking.

Foster a Strong Connection with Your Audience

Ultimately, by leveraging the power of search data and addressing content gaps, you can create a website that anticipates and exceeds your users’ expectations. WP Search Insights empowers you to foster a strong connection with your audience, leading to increased trust, loyalty, and long-term success for your website.

Vind je WP Search Insights leuk?

We hope this WordPress search analytics plugin provides you with valuable insights into your users’ search behavior. If you find WP Search Insights helpful, please support its ongoing development by leaving us a positive review!

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WP Search Insights in jouw taal?

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  • WP Search Insights dashboard


Om deze plugin te installeren:

  1. Download de plugin.
  2. Upload de plugin naar de wp-content/plugins map.
  3. Activate the plugin. Searches will start being recorded immediately.
  4. Follow the link in the activation notice to access your WP Search Insights dashboard.


Waar kan ik documentatie vinden?

  • Visit the WP Search Insights knowledge base at https://wpsi.io for comprehensive documentation.

Where can I access the search results and plugin settings?

  • You can find the plugin’s dashboard and settings under the Tools -> WP Search Insights menu in your WordPress admin area.

How does WP Search Insights work?

  • WordPress search forms are essential for improving user experience. By recording visitor searches, WP Search Insights provides valuable data on what your visitors are looking for, which pages they are searching from, and which posts are most relevant to their queries. Analyzing this data helps you optimize your website to better serve your visitors’ needs.

Kan ik verzoeken indien voor nieuwe functionaliteiten?

  • Absolutely! We are continuously working on improving WP Search Insights and developing premium add-ons to enhance the search data analysis capabilities. Please share your feature requests with us.

Is it possible to remove search results?

  • Yes. In the plugin settings, you can clear your entire search database. Please note that this action cannot be reversed. Individual search queries can be deleted from the dashboard using the ‘delete’ option.


25 juli 2023
This plugin seems very promising. Nice user friendly and understandable interface. But plugin is useless while it not save custom settings.Please test and update this very essential plugin. I will be happy to upgrade my review when this plugin will work as expected.
20 mei 2023
Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me, but the developer seems to want to help.
25 december 2022
Es un plugin fantastico, lo tengo instalado en todas mis webs, y en tiendas de clientes. Este plugin me ayuda a comprender y a saber que es lo que buscan los usuarios, y así conocer si estoy dando un resultado correcto, o hacer contenido para esa búsqueda. Sencillamente es genial, esta super bien. Cuando instalas el plugin te hace un recorrido por todas las funciones del mismo algo mágico. Gracias por hacer un plugin tan bueno.
8 december 2022
As stated in the title, 100% recommended to use this plugin, has a nice UX and does nicely what is says it does. Features needed: – table/list of most popular searches (sorted/sortable by different parameters) [Option to Show all by number of searches – this is absolutely essential] – should be able to identify if search was done by user or guest – should identify if user purchased in declared interval after searching [WooCommerce] (and have hooks ready to use for different automations)
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  • Fixed an issue with overlapping blocks on settings page which caused the save button to disappear
  • Added scrollbar to settings block on overflow
  • Fixed dashboard capability check for non-administrator users
  • BBPress integratie probleem opgelost


  • Negeer knop toegevoegd aan alle zoekopdrachten tabel
  • Optie toegevoegd om databasetabellen te wissen na een bepaalde periode
  • Optie alle tijden toegevoegd aan zoekoverzicht
  • Opgelost: zoektermen die meerdere woorden bevatten worden nu correct gefilterd
  • Opgelost: filter is nu hoofdlettergevoelig


  • Domein in leesmij/bestanden bijgewerkt


  • Opgelost: willekeurig nummer één naast delete-knop


  • Naamswijziging


  • Mobiele paginering
  • PHP docs bijgewerkt


  • WP 5.5 ondersteuning


  • Verbetering: ondersteuning toegevoegd voor toolset zoeken
  • Verbetering: optie toegevoegd om je eigen zoek parameter in te geven


  • Opgelost: frequentie nummers verwijderen uit overzicht


  • Veranderd naar datum-range kiezer
  • Laad meer zoekopdrachten in gegevensbereik op de achtergrond
  • CSV-export rechtstreeks vanaf de server, waardoor een volledige database kan worden gedownload
  • Opslaan van volgorde en pagina
  • Verbeterd mobiel en ipad ontwerp
  • Verbeterde front-end zoek tracking
  • Ajax tracking optioneel gemaakt, standaard ingeschakeld wanneer een van de bekende ajax zoek plugins actief is


  • Verbeterde herziening melding negeren


  • Verbeterde herziening melding negeren


  • Veranderde lay-out


  • Tekstfiltergebied toegevoegd om termen uit te sluiten van de resultaten
  • Optie toegevoegd om te selecteren welke gebruikersrollen het dashboard kunnen bekijken
  • Bijgewerkte tourstructuur en toegevoegde native WP knoppen
  • Voorgestelde tekst van de privacyverklaring toegevoegd
  • Verbeteren van enkele strings
  • Opgelost: wanneer dezelfde string zoekopdracht wordt uitgevoerd wordt de tijd nu ook bijgewerkt


  • Eerste release