Deze plugin is gesloten sinds 3 maart 2021 en is niet beschikbaar om te downloaden. Deze sluiting is permanent.


3 mei 2018
If you want to use this plugin still then you need to change the function wpccAjaxConvert to the code below as the google financial api is deprecated. function wpccAjaxConvert(){ require_once('wpccSymbols.php'); // currency symbols for conversions $currency_from = $_POST['wpcc_currency_from']; $currency_to = $_POST['wpcc_currency_to']; $amount = $_POST['wpcc_currency_amount']; $url = file_get_contents('https://free.currencyconverterapi.com/api/v5/convert?q=' . $currency_from . '_' . $currency_to . '&compact=ultra'); $json = json_decode($url, true); $rate = implode(" ",$json); $total = $rate * $amount; $rounded = round($total); //optional, rounds to a whole number // return $rounded //or return $rounded if you kept the rounding bit from above if (!empty($rounded)){ echo '<p>' . __('Amount', 'wpcc') . ' (' . $currency_to . '): ' . $currency[$currency_to] . $rounded . '</p>'; } else { echo '<p class="wpcc_error">' . __('Error: Currency conversion temporarily not available. Please try again.', 'wpcc') . '</p>'; } exit(); }
8 november 2017
this plugin was FANTASTIC however due to a url change with google it quit working October 2017. it can be fixed manually by changing the url to https://finance.google.com/finance/converter in the wp-currency-converter.php file. more detials here: https://gist.github.com/daveismyname/8067095
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