WooCommerce PayPal Payments


One checkout solution. Many ways to pay. PayPal’s all-in-one solution allows you to offer PayPal, Venmo (US), Pay Later at no additional cost, credit and debit cards, and country-specific payment options.

The all-in-one checkout solution*

WooCommerce PayPal Payments lets you offer PayPal, Venmo (US only), Pay Later options, credit cards and more — all designed to help you maximize conversion.


Help increase conversion by automatically offering PayPal buttons on product pages and at checkout. Consumers are nearly three times more likely to purchase when you offer PayPal.¹

PayPal Pay Later

Let customers pay over time while you get paid up front — at no additional cost. PayPal Pay Later options are boosting merchant conversion rates and increasing cart sizes by 39%.²

Help increase conversions with Pay Later messaging

PayPal Pay Later allows customers to pay over time while you get paid up front — at no additional cost to your business. And since 81% of younger consumers who use buy now, pay later decide which payment method to use before they get to checkout⁴, showing Pay Later messaging on your site lets customers know they have flexible options to pay over time while they are browsing — helping convert your browsers into buyers.

Pay Later features are available in these countries. Customers automatically see the most relevant Pay Later offering.

Venmo (US only)

Reach Venmo shoppers while allowing customers to share purchases with friends. Venmo users spend 2.2 times more annually on online purchases compared to other online buyers.³

Country-specific payment methods

Offer locally recognized payment methods to help build trust and reach international customers, including Payment Upon Invoice (PUI), a local payment option available only for purchases completed in Germany.

Add credit and debit card processing capabilities

PayPal Payments provides two different card processing options:

  • Standard Card Processing: Card transactions are managed by PayPal in a prebuilt user experience, which simplifies your compliance requirements. Suitable for all business and personal seller accounts.

  • Advanced Card Processing: Get everything that comes with PayPal’s standard integration, along with the ability to customize the look, feel, and placement of your debit and credit card payment fields. You can also use fraud protection tools to set up your own risk tolerance filters.

Offer Subscription payments to help drive repeat business

Create stable, predictable income by offering subscription plans.
WooCommerce PayPal Payments is compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions.

PayPal Subscriptions allow business and casual sellers to accept reliable recurring payments on a fixed billing schedule (buyers may require a PayPal account).

With the Vaulting feature (business account approval required), you can offer flexible plans with fixed or quantity pricing, set billing cycles for the time period you want, and offer all kinds of subscriptions with prorated payments or discounted trial periods.

It’s easy for shoppers, simple for you, and great for your business – with no monthly or setup fees.

Activate PayPal

Are you new to PayPal? Learn how to add it to your store.
Need to update your existing PayPal integration? Learn how to upgrade your integration.

Watch the video on how to activate PayPal for your WooCommerce store

More reasons it pays to PayPal

  • Instant access to funds: Access card payments, send money or make a payment from your bank account. You’re credited immediately while the payment is processing. Funds settle instantly into your PayPal business account.

  • Fraud Detection: Save time and money by letting PayPal help you handle the risk of fraudulent transactions with our fraud, chargeback, and Seller Protection capabilities (on eligible transactions†). Our AI technology works hard to monitor all of your transactions — so you can focus on what matters most. †Available on eligible purchases. Limits apply.

  • Global compliance: PayPal payment solutions help you meet your global compliance standards, such as PCI and PSD2, bringing international markets within reach for your business. Our platform has built-in compliance with two-factor authentication provided by cards (3D Secure). We include automatic updates as security protocols change.

Legal Disclosures:

*For Australian users, the PayPal service is provided by PayPal Australia Pty Limited AFSL 304962. Any information provided is general only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Please read and consider the CFSGPDS (paypal.com.au) before acquiring or using the service. See website for TMD.

  1. An online study commissioned by PayPal and conducted by Netfluential in November 2020, involving 1,000 US online shoppers ages 18-39.
  2. PayPal Q2 Earnings-2021.
  3. Edison Trends commissioned by PayPal, April 2020 to March 2021. Edison Trends conducted a behavioural panel of email receipts from 306,939 US consumers and 3.4+ M purchases at a vertical level between Pay with Venmo and Non-Venmo users during a 12-month period.
  4. TRC online survey commissioned by PayPal in April 2021 involving 5,000 consumers ages 18+ across US, UK, DE, FR, AU (among Millennial & Gen Z BNPL users (ages 18-40), US (n=222), UK (n=269), DE (n=275), AU (n=344), FR (n=150).
  5. Morning Consult – The 15 Most Trusted Brands Globally. March 2021. Morning Consult surveyed over 330,000 consumers across 10 international markets to provide a global view on the current state of consumer trust across brands.


  • PayPal buttons on a single product page.
  • Cart page.
  • Checkout page.
  • Enable "PayPal" on the Payment methods tab in WooCommerce.
  • Click "Connect to PayPal" to link your site to your PayPal account.
  • Main settings screen.



To install and configure WooCommerce PayPal Payments, you will need:

  • WordPress Version 5.3 or newer (installed)
  • WooCommerce Version 3.9 or newer (installed and activated)
  • PHP Version 7.2 or newer
  • PayPal business or personal account

Installation instructions

  1. Log in to WordPress admin.
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New.
  3. Search for the WooCommerce PayPal Payments plugin.
  4. Click on Install Now and wait until the plugin is installed successfully.
  5. You can activate the plugin immediately by clicking on Activate now on the success page. If you want to activate it later, you can do so via Plugins > Installed Plugins.

Setup and Configuration

Follow the steps below to connect the plugin to your PayPal account:

  1. After you have activated the WooCommerce PayPal Payments plugin, go to WooCommerce > Settings.
  2. Click the Payments tab.
  3. The Payment methods list may include two PayPal options. Click on PayPal (not PayPal Standard).
  4. Click on the Activate PayPal button.
  5. Sign in to your PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account yet, sign up for a new PayPal business or personal account.
  6. After you have successfully connected your PayPal account, click on the Standard Payments tab and check the Enable Paypal features for your store checkbox to enable PayPal.
  7. Click Save changes.

Complete onboarding instructions can be found in the documentation here.


Automatic updates should work generally smoothly, but we still recommend you back up your site.

If you encounter issues with the PayPal buttons not appearing after an update, purge your website cache. Caching or JavaScript minification can impact PayPal Payments and should be disabled for the PayPal scripts or payment-related pages.


Where can I find the WooCommerce PayPal Payments documentation and setup guide?

For help setting up and configuring WooCommerce PayPal Payments, please refer to the documentation. Learn how to add PayPal to your store.
Need to update your existing PayPal integration? Learn how to upgrade your integration.

Where can I get help for WooCommerce PayPal Payments?

For questions regarding the plugin setup, we recommend reviewing our documentation and the troubleshooting guide if you encounter any issues.
If the question or problem persists after reviewing the documentation, kindly create a new thread in the support forums or open a support ticket via our helpdesk.

WooCommerce PayPal Payments suddenly no longer works – what do I do?

Start by diagnosing the issue using our helpful troubleshooting guide.
If you notice an error or any other issue after updating a plugin or the theme, there could be a potential compatibility issue between it and WooCommerce PayPal Payments.
In such cases, we recommend running a conflict test using Health Check (which allows you to disable themes and plugins without affecting your visitors) or troubleshooting the issue using a staging site.

If you can’t solve the problem yourself, don’t worry! Please open a support ticket via our helpdesk.

Where can I report bugs?

Please report confirmed bugs on the WooCommerce PayPal Payments GitHub repository. You can also notify us via our support forum if you are not sure if the problem you encounter is the result of a bug in the plugin. When reporting a bug as a GitHub issue directly, be sure to search the repository to confirm that the bug has not already been reported.

Where can I request new features or compatibility with other extensions?

Request new and vote on existing suggestions for features and extensions on our official feature request board. Our product teams regularly review requests and consider them valuable for product planning. Our support team is also always interested in learning about your ideas to improve the extension.

Does WooCommerce PayPal Payments support subscriptions?

Yes, WooCommerce PayPal Payments can be used with the official WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.
Accept recurring payments on a fixed billing schedule with PayPal Subscriptions or save your buyers’ payment methods for future payments using the Vaulting feature (business account approval required).
View the Subscriptions FAQ for more details.

Does WooCommerce PayPal Payments support WooCommerce Blocks?

Yes, WooCommerce PayPal Payments offers experimental support for the new WooCommerce Cart & Checkout Blocks. The team continues to work on providing a seamless integration with the new WooCommerce Blocks.
View the Blocks FAQ for more details.

Are there any other new features in development?

Yes, the WooCommerce PayPal Payments development team is constantly expanding the functionality of the WooCommerce PayPal Payments plugin with the latest features that PayPal offers.
View the Testing features previews FAQ for more details.

WooCommerce PayPal Payments is awesome! Can I contribute?

Yes, you can! Contributions are always appreciated. Join in on our GitHub repository to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.
If you like the plugin, please also consider leaving a review here or here to share your valuable feedback with other users as it is much appreciated.

My question is not listed here. Where can I find more answers?

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions for more or contact the support team.


28 september 2023 2 reacties
Everything worked before the last update 2.3.1. My website suddenly runs very slowly, sometimes I can’t log in to my back-end… after deactivation, everything works perfectly but without it...
27 september 2023 2 reacties
WooCommerce PayPal Payments: Followed the setup carefully, it confirms that all is done - but no PayPal button shows on the checkout page. I've checked and rechecked, can't find anything wrong - it just doesn't work.Too late I see lots of other 1 star reviews 🙁
28 september 2023 5 reacties
Modified on Sep. 28th, 2023:...have a modified checkout page, for example if you using multiple Woocommerce shortcodes on the checkout page. Paypals smart buttons are not working as expected, and the plugin will need a fallback option to get these buttons working. Currently I tried to install version 2.3.1 but I faced issues with the Paypal's smart buttons not showing as expected - and so Paypal payments werde no longer processed using this plugin.Anyway, the team behind this plugin is really great and they try to support you in any possible way.Back to the plugin - frankly, can it be that an update of a plugin makes your store not usable? Yes, it may happen that once an update takes place your site is no longer working as expected. Recently Paypal for example has changed a lot under the hood, and so plugin developers need to overcome the hurdles, too.So, make your updates, but check if everything is still working. I had issues that payments were no longer processed. Switched back to an old version (although I hate to use older plugins due to security reasons) and everything was fine again. (Tried 2.0.0 instead of current 2.3.1)Always take care if a plugin update breaks anything. The plugin itself is great and has worked a long time, but currently it breaks a customized checkout experience if you have more than one Woocommerce shortcode on your checkout page.Old text:Tried to get everything working, and the strange thing is: on some sites this is working like a charm - and on others you are somehow lost in space.The setup process is quite easy, but nevertheless, if a customer wants to checkout using PayPal checkout of this plugin, you get a random error message and no hints and ideas how to solve.Decided to go with another PayPal plugin, which is much better and easier - and especially working as expected.
22 september 2023 1 reactie
Upgrading from PP Standard to WooCommerce PayPal Payments has improved our customer payment flow and the support staff have been very responsive when we've encountered issues wit the plugin or our integration. -C
21 september 2023 1 reactie
My paypal payment option stopped working. When pressing the Paypal button, it tried to open the Paypal page and kept loading and loading infinitely. I usually update several plugins all in one shot, therefore I didn’t know which plugin caused the problem. It took me several hours to figure out it was this update.
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2.3.1 – 2023-09-26

  • Fix – Fatal error when saving product while WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin is not active #1731
  • Fix – Validate tracking data only for add/update Package Tracking #1729
  • Fix – Disable Package Tracking for order if transaction ID doesn’t exist #1727

2.3.0 – 2023-09-26

  • Fix – Plus sign in PayPal account email address gets converted to space #771
  • Fix – Payment method dropdown option label on edit order screen for ppcp-gateway option displaying wrong name #1639
  • Fix – WooCommerce Bookings products don’t remain in Cart as a guest when PayPal button active on single product #1645
  • Fix – Since version > 2.2.0 the PayPal Checkout button on single product pages does not redirect anymore #1664
  • Fix – PayPal fee and PayPal Payout do not change on order if we do partial refund #1578
  • Fix – Order does not contain intent error when using ACDC payment token while buyer is not present #1506
  • Fix – Error when product description linked with a PayPal subscription exceeds 127 characters #1700
  • Fix – $_POST uses the wrong key to hold the shipping method #1652
  • Fix – WC Payment Token created multiple times when webhook is received #1663
  • Fix – Subtotal mismatch line name shows on Account settings page when merchant is disconnected #1702
  • Fix – Warning prevents payments on Pay for Order page when debugging is enabled #1703
  • Fix – paypal-overlay-uid_ blocks page after closing PayPal popup on Pay for Order page | Terms checkbox validation fails on Pay for Order page #1704
  • Enhancement – Add support for HPOS for tracking module #1676
  • Enhancement – Billing agreements endpoint called too frequently for Reference Transactions check #1646
  • Enhancement – Do not declare subscription support for PayPal when only ACDC vaulting #1669
  • Enhancement – Apply Capture On Status Change only when order contains PayPal payment method #1595
  • Enhancement – Do not use transient expiration longer than one month to support memcached #1448
  • Enhancement – By disconnecting or disabling the plugin the connection should clear the Onboarding links from cache #1668
  • Enhancement – Upgrade tracking integration #1562
  • Enhancement – Include url & image_url in create order call #1649
  • Enhancement – Add compat layer for Yith tracking #1656
  • Enhancement – Improve invalid currency backend notice (1926) #1588
  • Enhancement – Hide ACDC footer frame via CSS to avoid empty space #1613
  • Enhancement – Compatibility with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons plugin #1586
  • Enhancement – Remove “no shipment” message after adding tracking #1674
  • Enhancement – Improve error & success validation messages #1675
  • Enhancement – Compatibility with third-party “Product Add-Ons” plugins #1601
  • Enhancement – PayPal logo flashes when switching between tabs #1345
  • Enhancement – Include url & image_url in create order call #1649
  • Enhancement – Include item_url & image_url to tracking call #1712
  • Enhancement – Update strings for tracking metabox #1714
  • Enhancement – Validate email address API credentials field #1691
  • Enhancement – Set payment method title for order edit page only if our gateway #1661
  • Enhancement – Fix missing Pay Later messages in cart + refactoring #1683
  • Enhancement – Product page PP button keep loading popup – “wc_add_to_cart_params is not defined” error in WooCommerce #1655
  • Enhancement – Remove PayPal Subscriptions API feature flag #1690
  • Enhancement – Don’t send image_url when it is empty #1678
  • Enhancement – Subscription support depending on Vaulting setting instead of subscription mode setting #1697
  • Enhancement – Wrong PayPal subscription id on vaulted subscriptions #1699
  • Enhancement – Remove payment vaulted checker functionality (2030) #1711
  • Feature preview – Apple Pay integration #1514
  • Feature preview – Google Pay integration #1654

2.2.2 – 2023-08-29

  • Fix – High rate of auth voids on vaulted subscriptions for guest users #1529
  • Enhancement – HPOS compatibility issues #1594
  • Feature preview – PayPal Subscriptions API fixes and improvements #1600 #1607

2.2.1 – 2023-08-24

  • Fix – One-page checkout causes mini cart not showing the PP button on certain pages #1536
  • Fix – When onboarding loading the return_url too fast may cause the onboarding to fail #1565
  • Fix – PayPal button doesn’t work for variable products on product page after recent 2.2.0 release #1533
  • Fix – Send payee_preferred correctly for instant payments #1489
  • Fix – Auto-disabled ACDC vaulting after updating to 2.1.0 #1490
  • Fix – PayPal Payments serializing formData of array inputs #1501
  • Fix – Buttons not working on single product page for WooCommerce Bookings product #1478
  • Enhancement – PayPal Later message price amount doesn’t update dynamically #1585
  • Enhancement – Improve WC order creation in webhook #1530
  • Enhancement – Refactor hosted fields for early card detection #1554
  • Enhancement – Pay Later button and message get hidden when product/cart/checkout value is outside of range #1511
  • Enhancement – Add link to manual credential docs #1430
  • Enhancement – Validate Merchant ID field format when saving settings #1509
  • Enhancement – Include soft descriptor for card’s activity #1427
  • Enhancement – Update Pay Later amount on the cart page and checkout when total changes #1441
  • Enhancement – Log Subscription Mode configuration in system report #1507
  • Enhancement – HPOS compatibility issues #1555
  • Feature preview – PayPal Subscriptions API fixes and improvements #1443

2.2.0 – 2023-07-17

  • Fix – Improve handling of APM payments when buyer did not return to Checkout #1233
  • Fix – Use order currency instead of shop currency on order-pay page #1363
  • Fix – Do not show broken card button gateway when no checkout location #1358
  • Fix – Smart buttons not greyed out/removed on single product when deselecting product variation #1469
  • Fix – Type error with advanced columns pro #1367
  • Fix – Undefined array key 0 when checking $retry_errors in process_payment method #1375
  • Fix – Advanced Card Processing gateway becomes invisible post-plugin update unless admin pages are accessed once #1432
  • Fix – Incompatibility with WooCommerce One Page Checkout (or similar use cases) in Version 2.1.0 #1473
  • Fix – Prevent Repetitive Token Migration and Database Overload After 2.1.0 Update #1461
  • Fix – Onboarding from connection page with CSRF parameter manipulates email and merchant id fields #1502
  • Fix – Do not complete non-checkout button orders via webhooks #1513
  • Enhancement – Remove feature flag requirement for express cart/checkout block integration #1483
  • Enhancement – Add notice when shop currency is unsupported #1433
  • Enhancement – Improve ACDC error message when empty fields #1360
  • Enhancement – Do not exclude free items #1362
  • Enhancement – Trigger WC checkout_error event #1384
  • Enhancement – Update wording in buttons previews #1408
  • Enhancement – Filter to conditionally block the PayPal buttons #1485
  • Enhancement – Display funding source on the admin order page #1450
  • Enhancement – Update system report plugin status for Vaulting #1471
  • Enhancement – Revert Elementor Pro Checkout hook compatibility #1482

2.1.0 – 2023-06-13

  • Fix – Performance issue #1182
  • Fix – Webhooks not registered when onboarding with manual credentials #1223
  • Fix – Boolean false type sent as empty value when setting cache #1313
  • Fix – Ajax vulnerabilities #1411
  • Enhancement – Save and display vaulted payment methods in WC Payment Token API #1059
  • Enhancement – Cache webhook verification results #1379
  • Enhancement – Refresh checkout totals after validation if needed #1294
  • Enhancement – Improve Divi and Elementor Pro compatibility #1254
  • Enhancement – Add MX and JP to ACDC #1415
  • Enhancement – Add fraudnet script to SGO filter #1366
  • Feature preview – Add express cart/checkout block #1346
  • Feature preview – Integrate PayPal Subscriptions API #1217

2.0.5 – 2023-05-31

  • Fix – Potential invalidation of merchant credentials #1339

2.0.4 – 2023-04-03

  • Fix – Allow Pay Later in mini-cart #1221
  • Fix – Duplicated auth error when credentials become wrong #1229
  • Fix – Webhook issues when switching sandbox, and delete all webhooks when unsubscribing #1239
  • Fix – High volume of traffic from merchant-integrations endpoint #1273
  • Fix – Add content type json to all fetch ajax endpoints #1275
  • Enhancement – Remove shortcodes from description #1226
  • Enhancement – Handle price suffix with price for product button check #1234
  • Enhancement – Show funding source as payment method #1220
  • Enhancement – Change “Enabled” to “Available” in status text #1237
  • Enhancement – Programmatically capturing/voiding authorized payments #590

2.0.3 – 2023-03-14

  • Fix – DEVICE_DATA_NOT_AVAILABLE error message when FraudNet is enabled #1177
  • Fix – Redirect to connection tab after manual credentials input #1201
  • Fix – Asking for address fields in checkout when not using them #1089
  • Fix – Validate before free trial #1170
  • Fix – Validate new user creation #1131
  • Fix – After Updating to 2.0.2, Site Health reports REST API error #1195
  • Fix – Do not send buyer-country for previews in live mode to avoid error #1186
  • Fix – PPEC compatibility layer does not take over subscriptions #1193
  • Fix – Checkout conflict with “All products for subscriptions” plugin #629
  • Fix – Pay Later on order pay page #1214
  • Fix – High volume of traffic from merchant-integrations endpoint #1241
  • Enhancement – Save checkout form before free trial redirect #1135
  • Enhancement – Add filter for controlling the ditching of items/breakdown #1146
  • Enhancement – Add patch order data filter #1147
  • Enhancement – Add filter for disabling fees on wc order admin pages #1153
  • Enhancement – Use wp_loaded for fraudnet loading to avoid warnings #1172
  • Enhancement – reCaptcha for WooCommerce support #1093
  • Enhancement – Make it possible to hide missing funding resource Trustly #1155
  • Enhancement – Add white color option #1167
  • Enhancement – Checkout validation for other fields #861
  • Enhancement – Mention PUI only for German shops and add line breaks #1169
  • Enhancement – Add filter to fallback tracking_data[‘carrier’] #1188
  • Enhancement – Error notices in checkout do not update / or are shown twice #1168
  • Enhancement – capture authorized payment by changing order status (or programmatically) #587

2.0.2 – 2023-01-31

  • Fix – Do not call PayPal get order by ID if it does not exist #1029
  • Fix – Type check error conflict with German Market #1056
  • Fix – Backend Storage for the PayPalRequestIdRepository does not scale #983
  • Fix – Ensure WC()->payment_gateways is not null #1128
  • Enhancement – Remove plugin data after uninstalling #1075
  • Enhancement – Add FraudNet to all payments #1040
  • Enhancement – Update “Standard Payments” tab settings #1065
  • Enhancement – Update PHP 7.2 requirement in all relevant files #1084
  • Enhancement – When PUI is enabled FraudNet should be also enabled #1129
  • Enhancement – Add PayPal-Request-Id if payment source exist #1132

2.0.1 – 2022-12-13

  • Fix – Error while syncing tracking data to PayPal -> Sync GZD Tracking #1020
  • Fix – Fix product price retrieval for variable product buttons #1000
  • Fix – All tabs hidden on OXXO tab visit #1048
  • Fix – Woocommerce Germanized Invoice bug #1017
  • Fix – Fix shipping address validation #1047
  • Fix – Trigger WC JS validation on button click to highlight empty fields #1004
  • Fix – Fix PHP 8.1 deprecated error #1009
  • Fix – Wrong asset path Germanized compat #1051
  • Fix – Fix DCC error messages handling #1035
  • Fix – Execute WC validation only for smart buttons in checkout #1074
  • Enhancement – Param types removed in closure to avoid third-party issues #1046

2.0.0 – 2022-11-21

  • Add – Option to separate JSSDK APM payment buttons into individual WooCommerce gateways #671
  • Add – OXXO APM (Alternative Payment Method) #684
  • Add – Pay Later tab #961
  • Add – Button preview in settings #929
  • Fix – Prevent Enter key submit for our non-standard button gateways #981
  • Fix – Pay Upon Invoice – Stock correction on failed orders #964
  • Fix – Check that WC session exists before using it #846
  • Fix – Compatibility with One Page Checkout Extension #356
  • Fix – Tracking status filter sending wrong parameter #970
  • Enhancement – Compatibility with WC High-Performance Order Storage #933
  • Enhancement – PHP 8.1 warning: Constant FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING is deprecated #867
  • Enhancement – Execute server-side WC validation when clicking button #942
  • Enhancement – Update order with order note if payment failed after billing agreement canceled at PayPal #886
  • Enhancement – Missing PUI refund functionality from WC order #937
  • Enhancement – Hide Pay upon Invoice tab if not available for merchant #978
  • Enhancement – Handle synced sub without upfront payment like free trial #936
  • Enhancement – Isolate container and modularity deps #972
    NOTE: if you were extending/modifying the plugin using the modularity system,
    you will need to add the WooCommerce\PayPalCommerce\Vendor\ prefix for the container/modularity namespaces in your code,
    that is Psr\Container\ContainerInterface becomes WooCommerce\PayPalCommerce\Vendor\Psr\Container\ContainerInterface,
    and Dhii\Modular\Module\ModuleInterface becomes WooCommerce\PayPalCommerce\Vendor\Dhii\Modular\Module\ModuleInterface.
  • Enhancement – PUI gateway displayed on pay for order page when mandatory billing fields are left empty or country is unsupported #966
  • Enhancement – When Brand Name field is left empty, PUI purchase fails #916
  • Enhancement – Improve styling when using separate buttons #996

1.9.5 – 2022-11-01

  • Fix – Invalid tracking number in logs when adding tracking #903
  • Fix – Tracking on Connection tab always enabled #900
  • Fix – PUI payment instructions printed in the refund email #873
  • Fix – Fix thankyou_order_received filter usage #899
  • Enhancement – Add SCA payment indicator for credit card renewals #847
  • Enhancement – Rename plugin settings tabs #893
  • Enhancement – Hide order button via class #921
  • Enhancement – Tracking integration compatibility with Germanized plugin #883
  • Enhancement – Onboarding buttons must be clicked multiple times after using PUI checkbox #851
  • Enhancement – Ratepay payment instructions added to non Pay upon Invoice orders #892
  • Enhancement – During PayPal express checkout PUI js file is loaded #905
  • Enhancement – PayPal Transaction Key meta field not populated for PUI payments #897
  • Enhancement – Onboard with PUI Checkbox automatically set when shop is set to Germany #876
  • Enhancement – Update all plugin strings #946

1.9.4 – 2022-10-11

  • Add – Create new connection tab #801
  • Add – Functionality to choose subscription failure behavior #728
  • Fix – Virtual-only orders always move order status to completed #868
  • Fix – PayPal order created twice when context is checkout #832
  • Enhancement – Handle unsupported browsers better #843
  • Enhancement – Combine the Webhooks Status page into a new Connection tab (891) #827
  • Enhancement – Hide PayPal Card Processing tab if not available in country or for merchant #870
  • Enhancement – Resubscribe webhooks on plugin upgrades #838
  • Enhancement – PUI-relevant webhook not subscribed to #842
  • Enhancement – Remove WC logo during onboarding #881

1.9.3 – 2022-08-31

  • Add – Tracking API #792
  • Fix – Improve compatibility with Siteground Optimizer plugin #797
  • Fix – Transaction ID in order not updated when manually capturing authorized payment from WC #766
  • Fix – Failed form validation on Checkout page causing page to be sticky #781
  • Fix – Do not include full path in exception #779
  • Fix – PUI conflict with Germanized plugin and taxes #808
  • Enhancement – Enable ACDC by default only in locations where WooCommerce Payments is not available #799
  • Enhancement – Add links to docs & support in plugin #782
  • Enhancement – Put gateway sub-options into tabs #772
  • Enhancement – Show tabs only after onboarding #789
  • Enhancement – Add header on settings page #790
  • Enhancement – PUI add option for a phone number field next to the Birth Date field #742
  • Enhancement – PUI gateway availability on pay for order page with unsupported currency #744

1.9.2 – 2022-08-09

  • Fix – Do not allow birth date older than 100 years for PUI. #743
  • Fix – Store the customer id for vaulted payment method in usermeta to not lose vaulted methods after the invoice prefix change. #698
  • Fix – Capture Virtual-Only Orders setting did not auto-capture subscription renewal payments. #626
  • Fix – Voiding authorization at PayPal did not update the status/order notes. #712
  • Fix – PayPal scripts were loading on pages without smart buttons or Pay Later messaging. #750
  • Fix – Do not show links for unavailable gateways settings pages. #753
  • Fix – The smart buttons were not loaded on single product page if a subscription product exists in the cart. #703
  • Fix – DCC was causing other gateways to disappear after checkout validation error. #757
  • Fix – Buttons not loading on single product page with default settings when product is in cart. #777
  • Enhancement – Improve Checkout Field Validation Message. #739
  • Enhancement – Handle PAYER_ACTION_REQUIRED error. #759

1.9.1 – 2022-07-25

  • Fix – ITEM_TOTAL_MISMATCH error when checking out with multiple products #721
  • Fix – Unable to purchase a product with Credit card button in pay for order page #718
  • Fix – Pay Later messaging only displayed when smart button is active on the same page #283
  • Fix – Pay Later messaging displayed for out of stock variable products or with no variation selected #667
  • Fix – Placeholders and card type detection not working for PayPal Card Processing (260) #685
  • Fix – PUI gateway is displayed with unsupported store currency #711
  • Fix – Wrong PUI locale sent causing error PAYMENT_SOURCE_CANNOT_BE_USED #741
  • Enhancement – Missing PayPal fee in WC order details for PUI purchase #714
  • Enhancement – Skip loading of PUI js file on all pages where PUI gateway is not displayed #723
  • Enhancement – PUI feature capitalization not consistent #724

1.9.0 – 2022-07-04

  • Add – New Feature – Pay Upon Invoice (Germany only) #608
  • Fix – Order not approved: payment via vaulted PayPal account fails #677
  • Fix – Cant’ refund : “ERROR Refund failed: No country given for address.” #639
  • Fix – Something went wrong error in Virtual products when using vaulted payment #673
  • Fix – PayPal smart buttons are not displayed for product variations when parent product is set to out of stock #669
  • Fix – Pay Later messaging displayed for out of stock variable products or with no variation selected #667
  • Fix – “Capture Virtual-Only Orders” intent sets virtual+downloadable product orders to “Processing” instead of “Completed” #665
  • Fix – Free trial period causing incorrerct disable-funding parameters with DCC disabled #661
  • Fix – Smart button not visible on single product page when product price is below 1 and decimal is “,” #654
  • Fix – Checkout using an email address containing a + symbol results in a “[INVALID_REQUEST]” error #523
  • Fix – Order details are sometimes empty in PayPal dashboard #689
  • Fix – Incorrect TAX details on PayPal order overview #541
  • Fix – Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_name() on bool #622
  • Fix – DCC causes checkout continuation state after checkout validation error #695
  • Enhancement – Improve checkout validation & order creation #513

1.8.1 – 2022-05-31

  • Fix – Manual orders return an error for guest users when paying with PayPal Card Processing #530
  • Fix – “No PayPal order found in the current WooCommerce session” error for guests on Pay for Order page #605
  • Fix – Error on order discount by third-party plugins #548
  • Fix – Empty payer data may cause CITY_REQUIRED error for certain checkout countries #632
  • Fix – Mini Cart smart buttons visible after adding subscription product to cart from “shop” page while Vaulting is disabled #624
  • Fix – Smart buttons not loading when free product is in cart but shipping costs are available #606
  • Fix – Smart button & Pay Later messaging disappear on the cart page after changing shipping method #288
  • Fix – Disabling PayPal Checkout on the checkout page also removes the button from the Cart and Product Pages #577
  • Fix – Partial refunds via PayPal are created twice/double in WooCommerce order #522
  • Fix – Emoji in product description causing INVALID_STRING_LENGTH error #491
  • Enhancement – Vaulting & Pay Later UI/UX #174
  • Enhancement – Redirect after updating settings for DCC sends you to PPCP settings screen #392
  • Enhancement – Add Fraud Processor Response as an order note #616
  • Enhancement – Add the Paypal Fee to the Meta Custom Field for export purposes #591

1.8.0 – 2022-05-03

  • Add – Allow free trial subscriptions #580
  • Fix – The Card Processing does not appear as an available payment method when manually creating an order #562
  • Fix – Express buttons & Pay Later visible on variable Subscription products /w disabled vaulting #281
  • Fix – Pay for order (guest) failing when no email address available #535
  • Fix – Emoji in product description causing INVALID_STRING_LENGTH error #491
  • Enhancement – Change cart total amount that is sent to PayPal gateway #486
  • Enhancement – Include dark Visa and Mastercard gateway icon list for PayPal Card Processing #566
  • Enhancement – Onboarding errors improvements #558
  • Enhancement – “Place order” button visible during gateway load time when DCC gateway is selected as the default #560

1.7.1 – 2022-04-06

  • Fix – Hide smart buttons for free products and zero-sum carts #499
  • Fix – Unprocessable Entity when paying with AMEX card #516
  • Fix – Multisite path doubled in ajax URLs #528
  • Fix – “Place order” button looking unstyled in the Twenty Twenty-Two theme #478
  • Fix – PayPal options available on minicart when adding subscription to the cart from shop page without vaulting enabled #518
  • Fix – Buttons not visible on products page #551
  • Fix – Buttons not visible in mini-cart #553
  • Fix – PayPal button missing on pay for order page #555
  • Enhancement – PayPal buttons loading time #533
  • Enhancement – Improve payment token checking for subscriptions #525
  • Enhancement – Add Spain and Italy to messaging #497

1.7.0 – 2022-02-28

  • Fix – DCC orders randomly failing #503
  • Fix – Multi-currency broke #481
  • Fix – Address information from PayPal shortcut flow not loaded #451
  • Fix – WooCommerce as mu-plugin is not detected as active #461
  • Fix – Check if PayPal Payments is an available gateway before displaying it on Product/Cart pages #447
  • Enhancement – Improve onboarding flow, allow no card processing #443 #508 #510
  • Enhancement – Add Germany to supported ACDC countries #459
  • Enhancement – Add filters to allow ACDC for countries #437
  • Enhancement – Update 3D Secure #464
  • Enhancement – Extend event, error logging & order notes #456
  • Enhancement – Display API response errors in checkout page with user-friendly error message #457
  • Enhancement – Pass address details to credit card fields #479
  • Enhancement – Improve onboarding notice #465
  • Enhancement – Add transaction ID to WC order and order note when refund is received #473
  • Enhancement – Asset caching may cause bugs on upgrades #501
  • Enhancement – Allow partial capture #483
  • Enhancement – PayPal Payments doesn’t set transaction fee metadata #467
  • Enhancement – Show PayPal fee information in order #489

1.6.5 – 2022-01-31

  • Fix – Allow guest users to purchase subscription products from checkout page #422
  • Fix – Transaction ID missing for renewal order #424
  • Fix – Save your credit card checkbox should be removed in pay for order for subscriptions #420
  • Fix – Null currency error when the Aelia currency switcher plugin is active #426
  • Fix – Hide Reference Transactions check from logs #428
  • Fix – Doubled plugin module URL path causing failure #438
  • Fix – is_ajax deprecated #441
  • Fix – Place order button from PayPal Card Processing does not get translated #290
  • Fix – AMEX missing from supported cards for DCC Australia #432
  • Fix – “Save your Credit Card” text not clickable to change checkbox state #430
  • Fix – Improve DCC error notice when not available #435
  • Enhancement – Add View Logs link #416

1.6.4 – 2021-12-27

  • Fix – Non admin user cannot save changes to the plugin settings #278
  • Fix – Empty space in invoice prefix causes smart buttons to not load #390
  • Fix – woocommerce_payment_complete action not triggered for payments completed via webhook #399
  • Fix – Paying with Venmo – Change funding source on checkout page and receipt to Venmo #394
  • Fix – Internal server error on checkout when selected saved card but then switched to paypal #403
  • Enhancement – Allow formatted text for the Description field #407
  • Enhancement – Remove filter to prevent On-Hold emails #411

1.6.3 – 2021-12-14

  • Fix – Payments fail when using custom order numbers #354
  • Fix – Do not display saved payments on PayPal buttons if vault option is disabled #358
  • Fix – Double “Place Order” button #362
  • Fix – Coupon causes TAX_TOTAL_MISMATCH #372
  • Fix – Funding sources Mercado Pago and BLIK can’t be disabled #383
  • Fix – Customer details not available in order and name gets replaced by xxx@dcc2.paypal.com #378
  • Fix – 3D Secure failing for certain credit card types with PayPal Card Processing #379
  • Fix – Error messages are not cleared even when checkout is re-attempted (DCC) #366
  • Add – New additions for system report status #377

1.6.2 – 2021-11-22

  • Fix – Order of WooCommerce checkout actions causing incompatibility with AvaTax address validation #335
  • Fix – Can’t checkout to certain countries with optional postcode #330
  • Fix – Prevent subscription from being purchased when saving payment fails #308
  • Fix – Guest users must checkout twice for subscriptions, no smart buttons loaded #342
  • Fix – Failed PayPal API request causing strange error #347
  • Fix – PayPal payments page empty after switching packages #350
  • Fix – Could Not Validate Nonce Error #239
  • Fix – Refund via PayPal dashboard does not set the WooCommerce order to “Refunded” #241
  • Fix – Uncaught TypeError: round() #344
  • Fix – Broken multi-level (nested) associative array values after getting submitted from checkout page #307
  • Fix – Transaction id missing in some cases #328
  • Fix – Payment not possible in pay for order form because of terms checkbox missing #294
  • Fix – “Save your Credit Card” shouldn’t be optional when paying for a subscription #368
  • Fix – When paying for a subscription and vaulting fails, cart is cleared #367
  • Fix – Fatal error when activating PayPal Checkout plugin #363

1.6.1 – 2021-10-12

  • Fix – Handle authorization capture failures #312
  • Fix – Handle denied payment authorization #302
  • Fix – Handle failed authorizations when capturing order #303
  • Fix – Transactions cannot be voided #293
  • Fix – Fatal error: get_3ds_contingency() #310

1.6.0 – 2021-09-29

  • Add – Webhook status. #246 #273
  • Add – Show CC gateway in admin payments list. #236
  • Add – Add 3d secure contingency settings. #230
  • Add – Improve logging. #252 #275
  • Add – Do not send payee email. #231
  • Add – Allow customers to see and delete their saved payments in My Account. #274
  • Fix – PayPal Payments generates multiple orders. #244
  • Fix – Saved credit card does not auto fill. #242
  • Fix – Incorrect webhooks registration. #254
  • Fix – Disable funding credit cards affecting hosted fields, unset for GB. #249
  • Fix – REFUND_CAPTURE_CURRENCY_MISMATCH on multicurrency sites. #225
  • Fix – Can’t checkout to certain countries with optional postcode. #224

1.5.1 – 2021-08-19

  • Fix – Set 3DS contingencies to “SCA_WHEN_REQUIRED”. #178
  • Fix – Plugin conflict blocking line item details. #221
  • Fix – WooCommerce orders left in “Pending Payment” after a decline. #222
  • Fix – Do not send decimals when currency does not support them. #202
  • Fix – Gateway can be activated without a connected PayPal account. #205

1.5.0 – 2021-08-09

  • Add – Filter to modify plugin modules list. #203
  • Add – Filters to move PayPal buttons and Pay Later messages. #203
  • Fix – Remove redirection when enabling payment gateway with setup already done. #206
  • Add – PayPal Express Checkout compatibility layer. #207
  • Fix – Use correct API to obtain credit card icons. #210
  • Fix – Hide mini cart height field when mini cart is disabled. #213
  • Fix – Address possible error on frontend pages due to an empty gateway description. #214

1.4.0 – 2021-07-27

  • Add – Venmo update #169
  • Add – Pay Later Button –Global Expansion #182
  • Add – Add Canada to advanced credit and debit card #180
  • Add – Add button height setting for mini cart #181
  • Add – Add BN Code to Pay Later Messaging #183
  • Add – Add 30 seconds timeout by default to all API requests #184
  • Fix – ACDC checkout error: “Card Details not valid”; but payment completes #193
  • Fix – Incorrect API credentials cause fatal error #187
  • Fix – PayPal payment fails if a new user account is created during the checkout process #177
  • Fix – Disabled PayPal button appears when another button is loaded on the same page #192
  • Fix – [UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY] error during checkout #172
  • Fix – Do not send customer email when order status is on hold #173
  • Fix – Remove merchant-id query parameter in JSSDK #179
  • Fix – Error on Plugin activation with Zettle POS Integration for WooCommerce #195

1.3.2 – 2021-06-08

  • Fix – Improve Subscription plugin support. #161
  • Fix – Disable vault setting if vaulting feature is not available. #150
  • Fix – Cast item get_quantity into int. #168
  • Fix – Fix Credit Card form fields placeholder and label. #146
  • Fix – Filter PayPal-supported language codes. #154
  • Fix – Wrong order status for orders with contain only products which are both virtual and downloadable. #145
  • Fix – Use order_number instead of internal id when creating invoice Id. #163
  • Fix – Fix pay later messaging options. #141
  • Fix – UI/UX for vaulting settings. #166

1.3.1 – 2021-04-30

  • Fix – Fix Credit Card fields for non logged-in users. #152

1.3.0 – 2021-04-28

  • Add – Client-side vaulting and allow WooCommerce Subscriptions product renewals through payment tokens. #134
  • Add – Send transaction ids to woocommerce. #125
  • Fix – Validate checkout form before sending request to PayPal #137
  • Fix – Duplicate Invoice Id error. #143
  • Fix – Unblock UI if Credit Card payment failed. #122
  • Fix – Detected container element removed from DOM. #123
  • Fix – Remove disabling credit for UK. #127
  • Fix – Show WC message on account creating error. #136

1.2.1 – 2021-03-08

  • Fix – Address compatibility issue with Jetpack.

1.2.0 – 2021-03-08

  • Add – Rework onboarding code and add REST controller for integration with the OBW. #121
  • Fix – Remove spinner on click, on cancel and on error. #124

1.1.0 – 2021-02-01

  • Add – Buy Now Pay Later for UK. #104
  • Add – DE now has 12 month installments. #106
  • Fix – Check phone for empty string. #102

1.0.4 – 2021-01-18

  • Fix – Check if WooCommerce is active before initialize. #99
  • Fix – Payment buttons only visible on order-pay site when Mini Cart is enabled; payment fails. #96
  • Fix – High volume of failed calls to /v1/notifications/webhooks #93
  • Fix – GB country has ACDC blocked. #91

1.0.3 – 2020-11-30

  • Fix – Order with Payment received when Hosted Fields transaction is declined. #88

1.0.2 – 2020-11-09

  • Fix – Purchases over 1.000 USD fail. #84

1.0.1 – 2020-11-05

  • Fix – PayPal Smart buttons don’t load when using a production/live account and WP_Debug is turned on/true. #66
  • Fix – [Card Processing] SCA/Visa Verification form loads underneath the Checkout blockUI element. #63
  • Fix – Attempting to checkout without country selected results in unexpected error message. #67
  • Fix – Remove ability to change shipping address on PayPal from checkout page. #72
  • Fix – Amount value should be a string when send to the api. #76
  • Fix – “The value of a field does not conform to the expected format” error when using certain e-mail addresses. #56
  • Fix – HTML tags in Product description. #79

1.0.0 – 2020-10-15

  • Initial release.