Add text-to-speech to your WordPress website

WebsiteVoice allows you to easily turn your WordPress articles into high-quality speech audio for your audience to listen while they’re busy multitasking or on the go.

Allow the Artificial Intelligence voices of WebsiteVoice to read your articles. Increase user engagement and accessibility for your WordPress blog.

PS: You’ll need a token to use it. Tokens are completely free for the first days, then you will have to upgrade to keep using the service.


Install the plugin into your WordPress and configure your widget from the WordPress admin Settings section.

You’ll need a token to use it. Tokens are completely free for the first days, then you will have to upgrade to keep using the service.


Will the widget slowdown my WordPress website?

No, the widget is small in size and loaded asynchronously, so it won’t interfere with the loading speed of your website.

How much does WebsiteVoice cost?

WebsiteVoice offers a free trial. After the free trial ends, there is a cost depending on the package that you select.

Do you collect any data?

We don’t collect neither sell any data, that is not our business.

The plugin is open source, so you are free to check the code of the plugin to see what it does.


18 maart 2023
Every text-to-voice product on the market has at least several samples of a finished product so potential customers can listen to voice quality, accuracy, etc. This product has none, which I suspect is a reflection on the maturity/quality of the product. Disclaimer – I did not purchase the premium version.
2 juli 2022
Please respect our time! I spent hours, to evaluate if your solution, is working for my case and i did not manage to hear a line of text! At the end, i was requested to start a plan so i can have support, seriously? You can do better!
24 januari 2022
This plugin solved my worries to convert the website text in to human-like voice that is hosted on a WordPress platform. It has a ton of voices in it’s library, and is an ideal tool for multi-language websites. There are many accents in more than 35+ languages helping bloggers and eCommerce website managers to improve the engagement metrics and help in converting leads. The price is also manageable for small agency business like me. Moreover, I love the tool support as they are very helpful in setting up the plugin and help me to move my plan from Starter to Premium plan.
22 februari 2020
It meets my needs and I appreciate the fact it’s free. However, it’s only free with a male US voice which doesn’t fit my site at all. I can’t afford $30/month just to get a female voice for a website that doesn’t get much traffic, yet. I’ll be looking for something else to use that will fit my site better.
16 december 2021
Compared to a handfull of other text to speech plugin i have tested, WebsiteVoice speeks Norwegian more naturally and more vividly.
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  • Update for WordPress 6.6


  • Update for WordPress 6.5


  • Update for WordPress 6.4


  • Update for WordPress 6.3


  • Update for WordPress 6.2


  • Fix for latest WordPress


  • Update for WordPress 6.0


  • Fix missing image


  • Now the plugin is part of the main admin bar


  • Update assets


  • Update to WordPress 5.9


  • Enables wordpress flag to improve text detection on some old wordpress installs


  • Clarify free trial


  • Update to WordPress 5.8


  • Update to WordPress 5.7


  • Update to WordPress 5.6


  • Update to WordPress 5.5


  • Update to WordPress 5.4


  • Update to WordPress 5.3


  • Solve problem for some users pasting the script.


  • Adds additional notes.


  • Adds option to display the widget only in blog posts.


  • Only include admin javascript in WebsiteVoice page.


  • Make sure settings is only added to WebsiteVoice plugin.


  • Initial release.