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Upsell order bump offer is an upselling plugin that facilitates store owners to make special offers exclusively on their checkout page, enabling them to increase their conversions and Average Order Value. The offer gets added to the customer’s existing Order in just a single click.

This is a happy moment for your customers and also they trust you as they’re just going to purchase something from you. Show them an Exclusive Offer deal at an unbelievable price at this very moment. Relevant offers can be set for specific targets which will ensure customer satisfaction and thus result in higher conversion rates

With the Upsell Order Bump Offer For WooCommerce plugin you can:

  • Create special offers on the checkout page.
  • Customize Offer Layouts specifically according to your products.
  • Grow your average order value and customer satisfaction rate.
  • Schedule your bump offers for specific days.
  • Edit your offers in Sandbox mode.
  • Skip bump offers if the offer product is already added in the cart.
  • Offer simple, variable, and subscription products as order bump offers.
  • Track order bumps performance with Order Bump Sales Reports and Behavioral Analytics.


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1) Special Offer On the Checkout Page

Upsell Order Bump Offer for WooCommerce provides a unique form of a well-timed offer as a checkout bump. This is a one-time exclusive offer that allows the customers to purchase things at a well-valued price.

2) Just a precious single click to accept the offer

The Order Bump offer can be accepted in just a single click in which the customer can just simply tick the checkbox to add the offer to their existing order.

3) Category Based Offer Triggering

You can trigger your WooCommerce checkout offers based on the target Category of products, For example, if anyone purchases a product from the Electronics category then your Order Bump offer will be triggered and the offer will be shown.

Setting up the target category saves a lot of time from adding individual products as targets and you can set up related upsell offers that will show up for the right category.

4) Bump Offer Scheduling

The Order Bumps can be scheduled for specific weekdays which can make them exclusive and available only for that set period of time.

5) Product Specific Bump Offers

Each of your WooCommerce Order Bumps can be designed and customized differently and specifically according to the offer product.

6) Template Customization with Live Preview

Merchants can customize order bump offers and view Live Preview at the same time. Live Preview is available for Template, Design, and Content. Live Preview Customization helps in creating appealing Order Bumps for your WooCommerce store.

7) Multiple Locations on the Checkout page

The Order Bump offer can be displayed on multiple locations on the Checkout Page. You can display them “Before Order Summary”, “Before Payment Gateways”, “After Payment Gateways”, “Before Place Order Button”.

8) Sandbox Mode

Our plugin has Sandbox mode that gives you the ability to Live Preview and Customize Order Bump Offer layout and modify every element before making it Live.

9) Responsive Order Bumps design

The Order Bump offers are completely responsive for every type of device no matter whether it is Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet.

10) Behavioral Reporting

Merchants can analyze the customer behavior for every individual bump offer. With this behavioral report, a merchant can check the number of times a particular offer was viewed, accepted, or removed from the cart. It also shows the conversion rate as well as the total sales for every order bump offer.

11) Sales Report

With the Order Bump Sales Report, a merchant can track the sale of the products that were sold as a bump offer. It lets you track the sale of those products for a specific time period and also enables you to track the sales as per individual products and product categories.

12) Major Product Types Support

The plugin comes with full compatibility with simple, variable, and subscription product types. This increases the range of offer products that you can provide to your customers.

Free demo of Upsell Order Bump Offer for WooCommerce

Visit Upsell Order Bump Offer for WooCommerce Documentation to learn more about the features and working of the plugin.


  • Create Unlimited Order Bump offers.
  • Show Multiple Order Bumps offers on the checkout page.
  • Smart Offer Upgrade to offer an upgrade on the existing purchase.
  • Smart Skip if Already Purchased to skip the bump offers if already purchased.
  • Premium Support on Phone, Email & Skype.

Note: Get WooCommerce Upsell Order Bump Offer Pro

If our documentation doesn’t contain the solution to your problem, you can visit the MakeWebBetter Forums with your question.


If you need support or have questions, kindly use our online chat window here or connect with us then Generate a ticket.


  • Order bump
  • Order bump for variable product
  • Popup to select variations of offer product
  • Target Products and Category
  • Offer Product
  • Predefined Templates
  • Design Customization with Live Preview
  • Content for Order Bump
  • Order Bump Listing
  • Global Settings
  • Order with accepted Order Bump
  • Order Bump - Behavioral Analytics: Check the performance of each Order Bump
  • Order Bump - Sales Report by date: Check Order Bump sales for a set time period


Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of Upsell Order Bump Offer for WooCommerce, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type “Upsell Order Bump Offer for WooCommerce” and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found our Upsell Order Bump Offer for WooCommerce plugin you can view details about it such as the point release, rating, and description. Most importantly, of course, you can install it by simply clicking “Install Now”.

Manual installation

The manual installation method involves downloading our Upsell Order Bump Offer for WooCommerce and uploading it to your webserver via your favorite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.


Automatic updates should work like a charm; as always though, ensure you backup your site just in case.


How to Set up WooCommerce Order Bumps?

Follow these steps to create an order bump with our plugin:

1) Navigate to your WordPress dashboard > Order Bump and click on the Order Bump List section.
2) Click on the “Create New Order Bump” button in this section.
3) Name your bump offer, select target product, target category, and schedule your offer for specific days accordingly
4) Add your offer product and discount.
5) Select the offer template and customize the design and content as you want.
6) Make the funnel Live and save changes.

I installed the plugin, created Order Bumps, and added the offers too but still, it does not show up on purchasing the target products, why?

If your order bump offers are not displaying on your site, make sure:
1. Your Order Bump offer is Live and not in sandbox mode.
2. You have added the correct target product or target category product in the cart.
3. Your Order Bump Schedule is set to Daily or for the correct weekday that you are checking.

Can I customize the Order Bump Offers?

Yes, the Order Bump Offers are completely customizable at the admin panel. While creating your order bump offer, you can select the offer layout from three default offer templates, customize its design and content with a live preview feature, as per your needs.

For variable offer products why there is no drop-down to select variation?

For a Variable Offer product as soon as the customer will tick the checkbox to accept the offer, a variation pop-up will appear with respective variations, variation product images, and offer prices.

Can I change the location where the offer should be shown?

Yes, you can change the location of the Order Bump Offer on the Checkout page. Here is the list of the available locations:

1.Before Order Summary.
2.Before Payment Gateways.
3.After Payment Gateways.
4.Before Place Order Button.

If the offer product is being added in the cart then isn’t that possible that the customer will add more than 1 quantity? This could lead us to a loss in revenue as well as stock. How could I prevent this?

We have set quantity limit functionality, so the customer can only add a single quantity of the offer product. Also, the offer product quantity can’t be updated from the cart page.

What happens if the customer has already added the product in the cart that I was going to show as a bump offer?

In this case, you can skip the bump offer. To do this, go to the “Global Settings” of our Order Bump plugin. There you’ll find a feature named “Skip for Same Offers.” Click on the dropdown in front of it and select Yes and save changes. Now if a customer has added an order bump offer product in his cart, the plugin won’t show them the same product as the bump offer.

What happens to the bump offer product if the customer removes the target product from the cart?

In this case, you get two options. Either to remove or keep the offer product in the customer’s cart. To do this, you need to go to the Order Bump plugin’s ‘Global Settings’ > ‘Offer Target Dependency’ feature, you’ll see two options here:

“Remove offer when target product is removed” – As the Target product is removed the offer product associated with the target will also be removed from your customer’s cart.

“Keep offer when target product is removed” – As the Target product is removed the offer product associated with the target will be converted into a normal product in your customer’s cart.

Can I offer subscription products as Order bumps?

Yes, our plugin supports Simple, Variable, and Subscription products.

Can I track the performance of my Order Bumps?

Yes, we have Order Bump – Behavioral Analytics that shows Individual Order Bump Performance metrics such as View Count, Success Count, Offer Accept Count, Offer Remove Count, Conversion Rate, and Total Sales. With the help of these metrics, you can easily figure out how your Order Bumps are performing and make changes accordingly.


17 oktober 2021
Thank you for your help on a Sunday afternoon( which was not expected ) i had a minor issue with changing licences over and contacted the team via skype. i had a very fast response and all resolved within a short time.
14 oktober 2021
I had a small issue on my site, I reached out to them and they solved it within an hour!! Amazing!
11 oktober 2021
I was having trouble with a bug, but when I reached out they had a solution ready within no time at all! Really outstanding support.
29 september 2021
Our first using of this plug-in we faced a technical problem and the team was serious and able to solve it professionally, and they was very helpful.
29 september 2021
I decided to try it, it is a very successful plugin, the only plugin in fact, that is making money even without using the pro version (if you have only 1 upsell idea is OK). Even with the unpaid version, the support team digged in my problem and resolved it. Most propably will buy the pro version really soon. Thumbs up guys and thank you MakeWebBetter team!
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1.4.3 – Released on 16 Sep 2021

  • Improved: Compatibility with latest WP(5.8.1) and WC(5.6.0)

1.4.2 – Released on 19 December 2020

  • Improved: Compatibility with latest WP(5.6) and WC(4.8.0)


  • Improved: Compatibility with latest WP(5.5.3) and WC(4.7.0)
  • Improved: Onboarding handling.


  • New: Compatibility with Subscription products.
  • New: Order Bumps Reporting and Behavioral Analytics.
  • Improved: Better Security and Performance.
  • Other: Issues and Bugs Fixed.


  • New: Compatibility with latest WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • Other: Issues and Bugs Fixed.


  • New: Select Offer Price format for Order Bumps
  • New: Apply Global Custom CSS and Global Custom JS
  • New: Added Compatibility with popular Checkout plugins
  • Improved: Design Compatibility with popular themes
  • Improved: Schedule Order Bumps on Mulitple Weekdays
  • Other: Issues and Bugs Fixed.


  • Improved: Added multiple themes compatibility.


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