Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste drie grote versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Er kunnen ook compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.

Ultimate media cleaner


Ultimate media cleaner give you the power to find “unused files” (please read the next line) in your sites and delete them

Unused files is more “not usage found” with our detection system. You have to know that WP is easy to use, but is a very complex software.

Remember that WP can be used like e-commerce, video share platform, normal blog, etc.

So is impossible to be 100% accurate about the “unused files”, so for this version we changed for “Not usage found”, this phrase is more accurate about what this plugin do


We made one Pro version, we added some “nice to have feature”, you can find it at Ultimate media cleaner PRO

Crawler option

Even if we made all possible to try to find reference in the database, there are some files used in ways impossible to detected internally.

The only way is to use one web crawler and to detect the reference in direct in your HTML, JS and CSS code

We work in our own web crawler, you can find it at Ultimate media cleaner Crawler (external and pay service)

We made one Pro version, we added some “nice to have feature”, you can find it at Ultimate media cleaner PRO


Is important to you to know how this plugin work, so here we go:

The plugin is composed in 5 prat

Find files from database and find files from your folder system part
This two parts are really similar, the unique difference is where the information is coming from.
Files from the database will show you every file and images found in the database (in your database this will be the table Post with values post_type=’attachment’)
And folders, are files found in the wp-upload folder. Keep in mind that some plugin use this folder to add their own files, and this plugin will not detect their usage

  • After selecting from where you want to show the WP files
  • The plugin will try to find out if the file is used or unused, this is made with some sql script, trying to found some physical reference in post and pages
  • Try to find if the file is used in some shortcode (coming soon)
  • Found if the crawler system detected the file (pay service)
  • Show you the result and give you the opportunity to delete, ignored the “unused files”, if is used, the plugin will not show any option
  • You can ignore the file, because you know that this file is used, but the file have the “unused” label
  • You can put in the delete list (this will not delete the file)

Keep in mind that the “not usage found” label can have from 0% to 100% accuracy

The delete list part

You can see every file that you want to delete, so have two option, continue and delete them or remove it from them from the list

Try to make your own verification and validate that the file you want to delete is not used in your site

The option part

You can found some useful configuration, like hide the delete button for children images

The crawler part

You can crawl your site to have better accuracy in the “not usage found” found


This plugin is like “one-shot usage”, you should do:

In only one day (you can take one day without making news post or page, to make this maintenance activity )

  • Make one backup of your site (There are good backup plugin in WP)
  • Add one test post or page with test images/files
  • See if the plugin is working and detecting the test images/file are used
  • Delete the unused test files or images
  • See if the test post or page is working as it should
  • If the plugin is working for this test, go with some productions post and page (like the oldest, the least viewed or less important posts or pages)
  • See if the plugin is working and detecting the images/file are used
  • Delete the unused files or images

You have two possible result: Working, not working


  • Keep going with other images and files, but trying to see if your site still working
  • Delete all unused files/images
  • Normally your site is free of unused files, so you can delete and forget about the plugin

Not working

  • restore your site from the backup system
  • Delete the plugin
  • Find another plugin


This plugin can destroy your site IF you don’t know how to use it, YES YOU CAN DESTROY IT!!!

This plugin need you to see if is working like it should, take the “not usage found” like inaccurate and go by little steps, see if is working with your WP configuration, plugins, themes, etc.

Is very wisely to use one backup system, that take in account your upload folder and database


They are some big part of this plugin:

  • the search: it show you all medias in your site, from the database or you upload folder
  • the verification: try to find if the media is used, if all detection fail to find reference, the media will show like is “not usage found”, but again this can be inaccurate
  • deletion: after you chose witch files will be deleted, the plugin will delete it from the database and from your upload folder


The easy way :

  1. Download this plugin direct from the page of plugin in your wordpress site.

The hard way :

  1. Download the zip.
  2. Connect to your server and upload the DNUI folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin using the Plugins menu in WordPress


23 november 2023
Eu não me lembro de ter testado um plugin tão confuso e inútil na minha vida toda
13 november 2021
I want to delete all 50,000 media images on a non-live site but have to take a test quiz before being able to use it, in this case, I don’t care if I delete a few “impotant” files, stick your quiz where it fits.
10 augustus 2021 1 reactie
This plugin does a bunch of super risky stuff. It knows it, you know it. Almost certain its going to go bad. But instead of having a revert changes option, or a soft delete option…… you have to buy the full version? So you can’t even really test this, unless on a test site. backup shmackup. If it screws up and I have to revert to a backup, my site is still screwed up, in the meantime other things might have been added to my dbase that wont be in the backup. No plugin should be allowed that out of the box is too dangerous to use, unless you get the paid version. Remember those two airbusses that crashed a few years ago? They were the budget version, without the built in safety version of the premium version. This plugin, is like the cheap airbus. The safety feature should be mandatory. Worthless
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Version 2.6.1

  • Add version to the JS and style to fix cache files

Version 2.6.0

  • Fix some performance issues
  • Refacto the crawler part
  • Add basic plugin detection for Woocomerce, elementor, and Astra

Version 2.5.1

  • Added plugins Woocomerce compatibility
  • Add crawler option for all
  • Add option crawler page

Version 2.5.1

  • Fix $hook script charging

Version 2.5

  • Disable automatic licence crawler

Version 2.4

  • Add crawler option
  • Add warning and welcome page
  • Rename old warning to quiz
  • Change quiz text
  • Fix some bugs

Version 2.2

Add delete option for attachment from server

Version 2.1

Added medias from server and find ids, but without delete/ignore options

Version 2.0

New release, new code back and front

Version 1.0

Rewrite of DNUI and CUF in one plugin

  • Find and delete media files from the database
  • Find and delete media files from folders
  • Page of option
  • Tunnel for first person using the plugin