Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste drie grote versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Er kunnen ook compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.



Build your own mobile app with Swipecart, a no-code app builder from your existing WooCommerce store. Boost conversions through iOS and Android apps. Give your customers the best possible mobile shopping experience and they’ll reward you with conversions and repeat sales.


Swipecart essentially connects your WooCommerce website with the app you build on it. Once you install and activate this plugin, all the content from the website will be automatically integrated into your app.


Startups, small, and big enterprises stand to benefit from Swipecart. Some of its features are:

  • No coding required
    Build iOS and Android apps without writing a single line of code.

  • Drag and drop editor
    Easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor to design the app.

  • Real-time website-app sync
    Any changes made on the website are reflected in real-time on the app.

  • Custom app design
    Range of options to design app components and features.

  • Custom branding
    Add branding elements such as logos and splash screen.

  • Real-time app testing
    Get a real-time preview of the changes made in the app design.

  • Push Notifications
    User segmentation and automated push notification scheduling for better conversions.

  • AI-based product recommendations
    Populate user screens with products in real-time based on user interests and preferences.

  • Abandoned Cart notification
    Remind users of items left in the cart and increase repeat app returns.

  • Simplified onboarding & faster checkout
    Implement easy onboarding & fast checkout process for the users’ seamless shopping experience.

  • Tracking & Analysis
    Track & analyze user activities to improve customer experience.

  • Third-party integration
    Enhance the app’s functionality by integrating your favorite plugins.

  • Multiple payment options
    Support for varied secure payment gateways.

  • Affordable subscription plans
    Choose plans that match your business needs. Upgrade when required.


To see how to use Swipecart, a no-code mobile app builder, watch this Beginner Video Tutorial


Get an e-commerce app perfectly integrated into your WooCommerce store with Swipecart. Here’s how to use Swipecart to build your mobile app on WordPress.

  • Install Swipecart and Activate.
  • When you click on Swipecart in the admin dashboard, it will take you to the Swipecart dashboard where you can start creating your mobile app. When you’re done designing your app, submit them to Google Play and Apple App Store.

Drop us an email at if you have any queries about installing or using Swipecart.


  • Start your personalized app development with Swipecart by integrating our services with your Wooommerce site.


Who can use Swipecart mobile app builder plugin?

Anyone who has their e-commerce store on Woocommerce can use Swipecart mobile app builder plugin.

Do I need a developer to create an app using the Swipecart plugin?

No, Swipecart mobile app builder is very simple to use and is specially designed for non-coders and citizen developers. Anyone can complete designing the mobile app in a few easy steps. This plugin helps you to build your own app from an existing WooCommerce store.

What version of WordPress is needed to use the Swipecart no-code app builder plugin?

You can use Swipecart with WordPress versions 4.9 and up. (PHP version 7.4 or higher).

Is this Secure to use?

Yes, Swipecart is fully-secure to use. This plugin is tested and updated from time to time.

Can I run this plugin without WooCommerce?

This plugin is built for your WooCommerce store, so you cannot run Swipecart without it. We are working on introducing it on other e-commerce-building platforms too.

Can I design a custom mobile app with a completely new theme?

Yes, Swipecart has options to select one from any existing themes or build one using a blank layout.

Will the mobile app reflect changes made on my website in real-time?

Any changes in product data made on your website will be reflected on the mobile app in real-time.

Should I update my app in the app store for any changes I make in the app design?

Any changes you make in the app design are reflected in the app in real-time. So, you don’t need to republish it on the app store.

Do I need to open my own developer account to publish it on the app store?

Swipecart gives you two options. One is that we publish your app using our developer account on the app store. Second, we help you in publishing the app on your developer account. You can reach out to us if you need help in publishing the app in your developer account on the app store.

Does Swipecart supports on Multisite?

No, We have not tested with multisite yet. But we are continuously Improving and enhancing features on it to give user best experience.

Is it possible to change my Storefront Token?

Yes, it is possible to change the storefront token for Swipecart. Go to your Swipecart Integration setting page and find the Storefront Token “Reveal Tokens” button. This will generate a new token.

Are these APIs directly accessible?

No, The Storefront Token is 64-bit secure, and you’ll need Storefront Token to run all the APIs.

Will the Swipecart plugin work on a website that doesn’t have SSL certification?

No, the Swipecart plugin does not work for websites without an SSL certification. The security of app users’ personal data is our prime concern. So, our Swipecart plugin is designed to work only on SSL-certified e-commerce stores.

Is it possible to add more sophisticated features?

Yes, you certainly can. We recommend you to check out the web link given below and purchase our enterprise plan to do so. This plan is perfect if you wish to integrate custom features. Swipecart Pricing


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  • New: Added pricing variable to Order API for multicurrency support for future.


  • Fix: variation quantity change while checkout fixed.


  • Tweak: Modified pointHistory API response for points and reward plugin.


  • Tweak: Title will not display html_entity.


  • Tweak: For better security we have made objects private.


  • New: Enabled Auto Update on activation by default
  • Fix: Fixed unused call on app startup


  • New: Introduced rewards and point.
  • New: Added meta field for product pages
  • New: Added generateCart function in API module to use globally
  • New: Added 2 new method to get multilinguals and point rewards plugins
  • New: swipecart will now can see your plugin records any time
  • New: You can now modify checkout response for query params
  • Tweak: Checkout will now work by redirection method to resolve loaders
  • Tweak: Managed query params in cart to checkout method
  • Tweak: Pre-required files will be loaded after woocommerce
  • Tweak: Created Global for NAMESPACE for API purpose.
  • Tweak: PublicSiteData will not show you installed plugin by basics
  • Fix: compare price will be displayed in string forever in all related APIs


  • Fix: Resolved CORS for All APIs.


  • Fix: webhook was not sending json data.


  • New: You can now get review by reviewID if its your own.
  • New: Analytics API added for Swipecart Server.
  • New: Reviewer Name will now be displayed in API.
  • Fix: Webhook invalid auth_token resolved.
  • Tweak: Checkout module has now ORDERMETA const variable.
  • Tweak: Added createdAt time for order API.
  • Tweak: Order API will not return false or invalid data anymore.
  • Tweak: Revised APIs to reduce backend call.


  • New: Introduced product review.
  • Fix: Deactivate Plugin method fixed.
  • Tweak: Webhook for Back In Stock method change.


  • New: Remote sent deactivation, uninstallation method.
  • Tweak: Updated App message.
  • Tweak: Moved plugin integration page defination in another Class.
  • Tweak: Removed timezone_type and added second offset in getSiteData API.


  • Fix: Best Selling product randomness removed.
  • Fix: While requesting product’s variation image was generating issue, that now has been fixed.


  • Tweak: After Changing password now user will not be logged out.


  • New: Added version in Public site Data API
  • Fix: Login API was not working for some REST routes has been resolved


  • Fix: Header security hotfix issue for root wordpress setup has been resolved.


  • Fix: CORS security fixed for /wp-json/sc path and allowed required headers


  • Tweak: Added counter to the PublicSiteData API.
  • Tweak: Changed storefront key method.
  • Tweak: Changed reveal token to refresh token in plugin page.


  • New: Added Qty and available for sale option in Cart API.


  • New: Added default language to the API.


  • New: Managed quantity for products.
  • New: Orderby modified date for products added.
  • New: Added multilingual APIs and added support for WPML.
  • Fix: Filter will now show variant image if assigned.
  • Tweak: Product filter method changed. Github Issue, WC get Products
  • Tweak: Moved rentech assets to cdn for faster DNS resolve and created new entry for cdn.


  • New: Added product recommedation webservices.
  • Fix: Checkout wp_authenticate fixed.
  • Tweak: Changed login method everywhere to resolve conflict.


  • Tweak: Sorting Products API tweak changes for sorting.


  • Fix: Security fix for Order API.
  • Fix: Token generation on each update has been resolved.
  • Fix: Simple Product is not opening perfectly on app has been resolved now.


  • Fix: Products Variation Images was not swaping when is not in gallery.
  • Fix: Product availableForSale Definition Changed for Variable Product.


  • New: Order meta field added.


  • Tweak: Updated price strike value for non-discounted products.


  • New: Introduced Price comparison.


  • Fix: Whitelisted JWT.


  • Tweak: Swipecart menu will now redirect to rentechdigital to make dashboard more efficient.
  • New: Popup script will be called now from our s3 assets.


  • New: Introduced Swipecart Version Check capability.
  • New: Introduced Ajax method for dependencies.
  • New: Added Reveal Token method in Swipecart Integration Setting page.
  • Fix: Swipecart user will now send request to CRM after plugin enabled.
  • Tweak: Moved register user to another Class.
  • Tweak: Removed Swipecart version for $swipecart global.
  • Tweak: Moved Integration page method to admin page.
  • Tweak: Resolved nonce method to reduce time.


  • New: Invented events for future call.
  • New: Introduced notices.
  • Tweak: Secured SSL connection required.
  • Tweak: moved checkout to user-plugin section.


  • New: Entry utility added.
  • Tweak: We’ll save version for your better support.


  • New: Introduced Secret method for private call.
  • New: Public SiteData API Improved and secured.
  • New: Integration made with Back in Stock.
  • New: Auth Secret Method added.
  • Fix: Swipecart uninstallation hook fixed permenantly.
  • Tweak: Undeprecated auth_secret.
  • Tweak: on_plugin_update hook updated.


  • Fix: Swipecart uninstallation hook temporary fixed.


  • Tweak: Swipecart Popup Library Optimized.


  • New: Created Remove Customer API.
  • New: Development and Staging version released.
  • Fix: $this removed from encryption to save time.
  • Tweak: Un-installation hook updated.
  • Tweak: Versioning comment is now since.


  • Fix: Swipecart Page redirection will work now.


  • Fix: Disabled some functions until Woocommerce is not activated.
  • Tweak: Moified comments in popup js.


  • Tweak: Login User also can access data with their token.
  • Tweak: ChangeProfile phone number is now not a required field.
  • Fix: fixed hover menu swipecart screen in admin panel.


  • New: Added new filter for product search.
  • Tweak: attribute terms key changed in product filter API.


  • Fix: Empty installation site data error.


  • New: Now People can search with product category as well.
  • New: Introduced new product filter API.
  • Fix: Product API incomplete varient price set to empty string.
  • Fix: Key fixes for non available products and line items.
  • Fix: changed some functions name to camelCase.
  • Tweak: Dynamic URL set for development,staging and live store.


  • New: Now Developers can develop into Swipecart WordPress.
  • New: Created GeneralUtility functions for Higher-level development.
  • New: Added Dependancy for enqueue Scripts.
  • New: Popup Integration is under development.
  • Tweak: Global variable condition changed.


  • New: Inserted assets library.
  • Tweak: Updated new admin menu icon.
  • Fix: Added Icon global removed.


  • New: Added Icon Library.
  • Tweak: Response Code changed for unsuccessful authorization.
  • Tweak: moved swipecart menu outside of the Woocommerce.


  • New: Autologin with rentechdigital added.
  • New: Added loghook.
  • New: New nonce verification method added for external use.
  • New: Hostname verification added.
  • New: To access direct drag-n-drop feature added swipecart admin menu page.
  • Fix: Enhanced security for encryption.
  • Tweak: Response changed for Successfully verified StoreFront Token.
  • Tweak: Utility function constructor method changed.


  • Tweak: removed validation callback from updateAddress API.


  • Fix: Checkout page attr_value bug resolved
  • Tweak: Numeric Array Intiger Sanitizer updated with unique value.


  • New: Added Change Password API.
  • New: Managed Cart Line.
  • Tweak: Updated ChangePassword API.
  • Tweak: Updated Checkout Flow.


  • Fix: Updated shipping_phone to billing_phone in API controller.


  • Fix: Product option value bug resolved.


  • New: Added Debug log function.
  • Tweak: transient upgraded.


  • Tweak: Updgraded API to 2.0 and deprecated previous.
  • Tweak: Upgraded 64-bit Access Security of Storefront Token.


  • Tweak: Updated query response for product.
  • New: added test API for authorization.


  • New: Initial release.
  • New: Added Woocommerce dependancy.
  • New: Added 128-bit Access Security.