Recurring Bookings for WooCommerce


This plugin adds an important but missing feature of WooCommerce’s Bookings extension, the ability to make multiple or repeated bookings in one go. At the moment, you can only make one booking at a time. This plugin takes that limit away, and does so in a very streamlined, easy-to-use interface.

Recurring Bookings for WooCommerce allows you to manually add multiple or repeated bookings. This is achieved by two very intuitive modes, ‘Freestyle’ and ‘Fixed’. Freestyle mode lets you pick the dates you want, while fixed mode lets you pick one date and then repeat it over a period of time you specify. Ideal for regular customers at anywhere you accept bookings or appointments. Just what you need if you hire a hall to a weekly yoga class, or want to offer a ten-week course of physiotherapy.

Includes an extensive error-checking system, that checks the availability of each of the bookings you ask the plugin to make, before actually making the bookings. If it finds a clash, or any other error such as trying to book at an unavailable time, or for too many people, the plugin displays a warning. Before you make a booking, you’ll see handy messages reminding you about the product criteria, so you don’t have to go back a screen to find out what rules you set.

The Professional Edition really takes the plugin to the next level, by creating orders for your bookings. Imagine being able to make a booking for your community hall, every Thursday night for ten weeks, and generating one order to send to your hirer. Now, you just need to forward that order/invoice on, and collect payments as normal. Generated orders specify each booking, with all the metadata you need to keep track. The Professional Edition also has an enhanced error handling mechanism, that allows you to make the plugin keep booking dates, even if other bookings in that run clashed or failed. Take for example, a hall hire for a monthly village meeting, but you forgot that on one particular date, the hall was already booked for a party. Error handling will take care of this, booking the rest, while allowing you to deal with the clash accordingly.

This really is a must-have plugin for anyone who uses WooCommerce Bookings.


  • Assign multiple bookings to any user, or any product.
  • Two modes – freestyle (to select multiple dates) and fixed (to select one particular date and then repeat it X number of days, weeks or months).
  • Freestyle helpers – quickly pick pre-built patterns of dates, including 30, 60, 90 days or every weekend/weekday.
  • Easy input times – enter start and finish times in any format you want; the plugin will understand you!
  • Supports resources.
  • Supports persons and person types.
  • No information overload – if a product doesn’t have resources or persons, you won’t be bothered about them on the admin screen.
  • Dry-run system and error reporting – before processing the bookings, the plugin will perform a check first to prevent any clashes.

Pro Features

  • Order creation – create an order, or even add to an existing one.
  • Order costs fully calculated, taking taxes, date/time ranges, persons and resources into account.
  • Enhanced error handling – the free version stops processing if it detects clashes. The pro version can keep booking any dates that are available, meaning you only have to reschedule the one or two that failed.


  • The admin screen to create bookings
  • An example booking list full of recurring bookings
  • A sample order created by the plugin


Install the plugin via the ‘Add plugin’ screen, or manually, by downloading the Zip file.

Once activated, please opt-in to the Freemius system so we can provide faster user support, and collect some non-sensitive diagnostic information to help us deal with any bugs.


I can’t see my bookings

In the vast majority of cases, this is because you have tried to make bookings for dates or times the specified product can’t handle. An easy way to check is to see if you can make the same booking on the public side. If you can’t there, you can’t with this plugin either. If you are sure your booking dates and times are correct, let us know on the support forum.

Can my customers create repeated bookings themselves?

No. This plugin is for ‘space’ owners to create bookings from the back-end. There are no current solutions that allow the public to make their own. This is because the interface has had to be rewritten to allow multiple dates to be selected. This becomes much harder on the front-end, where there is a standardised bookings screen. We are actively looking to see how we can offer this feature. Please keep coming back to see how we are getting on.

I have the following need (enter use case here) in my business. Can your plugin do that?

If you have a particular need within your own business environment, please let us know. If it is likely to be something that we feel might benefit others, we’ll add it to the roadmap. If not, we can let you know other ways we can help.


2 oktober 2019
Works great - for me it was of some concern if this plugin would work with the Woocommerce Follow-Ups plugin, for booking-triggered mails. But it does, in the pro and in the standard one. I saw an issue with the dropdown menu only showing the last 10 bookable products made, as we had like 20 bookable products. Send an email to the author and got a mail back in three hours with a nice thank-you and that I could install an update with a fix. Works perfectly. Great service. It's just backend bookings, so customers can make no recurring bookings (in this version yet).
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  • Update contact information
  • Update Freemius library
  • Add support for latest WooCommerce version
  • Increase required PHP version to 7.0 in line with WooCommerce requirement
  • Tested with WooCommerce Bookings 1.15.15


  • Fix bug that limited products to 10 (thanks to Kees@Klokwerk!)
  • Tested up to 5.2.3


  • Update links to support page
  • Testing to 5.2.2
  • Upgrade date input method
  • Move freestyle mode to free tier (yay!)
  • Improve responsiveness of admin screen
  • Add dry run system and error reporting
  • Add debug information for enhanced bug reporting
  • Rewrite instructional text
  • Update Freemius


  • Add support for products with resources


  • Upgrade time input method.
  • Rewrite information block.