QR Code Composer – Automatic QR code Generator


This plugin creates QR Codes automatically for WordPress pages, posts, WooCommerce products, custom posts, etc.

Easy to install and use. generate dynamic QR codes with automatic display and custom settings. Content can be the current page URL, any text, and any links.


Current URL QR Code: QR codes are automatically generated and displayed after the content. It acts as the current page URL content. It will start working as soon as the plugin is activated. This QR Code is generated for All WordPress Pages, posts, products, and custom post types. shortcode Supported

QR code for Custom text/custom link: Generated QR code for any link or any text. You can create QR codes based on custom text or custom links. it displays via shortcode.

WooCommerce product QR code: The QR code is automatically generated on a single product page. This will display the QR tab on the single product page of your Woocommerce site. Users can also use shortcodes to display product page QR codes.

Email Address QR: You can create QR codes for email addresses. No one has to memorize anyone else’s email address. Easily share your email address.

QR code for Phone Number: You can create QR codes for phone or mobile numbers.

WhatsApp QR code: A WhatsApp QR code is a Quick Response code that enables users to add their friends and family’s contact information on WhatsApp. you can create easily with this plugin.

WordPress User Profile vCard QR: This vCard QR code is automatically generated for all users of a WordPress site. It is created from a username, email, address, and bio. This vCard QR code can be found on the user’s dashboard. To find the QR Code, go to the WordPress dashboard> Users> All users> Edit a user.

WordPress vCard Generator: A vCard QR code acts as a virtual contact card, allowing you to seamlessly share your contact details on mobile devices. The QR code includes your contact information, such as name, phone number, email address, etc. Users can scan the vCard QR code to access their information and save their contacts. This plugin is ready to generate a vCard QR code with the user’s information

vCard for WC customers: This vCard QR code will be generated automatically for WooCommerce customers. The vCard QR code is a QR code based on the customer’s basic information such as name and email address. This can be found on the customer dashboard page of WoCommerce.

  • QR code size can be customized easily

  • Alignment can be customized

  • Can remove QR codes for specific pages, posts, products, or custom posts

  • Can remove QR codes for specific post types

  • Meta field supported

  • QR code Image can be downloaded from the backend and frontend

Extra Features for Premium

Body Shape of the QR code: Premium QR code Body shape can be changed and gradient color can be added supported color. Shape types are: Square, Dots, Rounded, Extra Rounded, Classy Rounded. Admin Demo for premium version

Eye Frame Shape QR code: Premium QR code eye frame shape can be changed and gradient color can be added supported color. Shape types are: Square, Circle, Classy, and Classy rounded.

Eye Ball Shape QR code: Premium QR code eyeball shape can be changed and gradient color can be added supported color. Shape types are Square, Circle, and Classy.

Gradient Color QR code: Gradient Design QR Code. It has the shape of an eye frame. and design in the form of eyeballs. And the advantage of using gradient colors in each element. Attractive gradient color QR code generator in the premium version

Logo Image Upload: The premium version supported the Logo in the center of the QR code.

Woocommerce Order QR Code: It will automatically generate a QR code for every new order and old order. You can control the content of the QR code from the plugin settings page. You can view the order QR code in the WooCommerce order dashboard. Admin Demo for Order QR

Order QR Code on Email: After an order is completed the order QR code will be printed in the WooCommerce order email. WC order email QR codes can be created from different elements. It is completely in your hands to control what elements you want to add. Order email Demo

Bulk vCard Generator: The Plugin generates bulk vCrad QR codes based on post type. Suppose you have a custom post type called ‘Developer’. Now looking to create a separate vCrad QR for each developer. Then go to the developer’s edit page and you will see a meta field called vCard QR. Fill in the required information and save. According to the information, a vCard QR code will be generated for a developer. Thus every developer can create vCrad QR for it. This vCard QR code has auto-display features, which will be on the frontend and back end. Besides, there is a shortcode facility

Event management QR Code: Event QR Code is a solution that simplifies event marketing and planning. Currently, event QR code is a very popular medium. The Premium plugin Creates an Event QR code with event details, time, and event location.

WP Author QR Code: This QR code is for all WordPress authors and users. The plugin has built-in shortcodes. Shortcodes are used to display on the front end.

WiFi QR Code: Scan the QR Code to Connect To Any WiFi Network Instantly. A WiFi QR Code is a solution that lets you create QR Codes to connect to the internet.

QR Code for Google Maps: Users can create a QR code location for the address. This way, the company location can be found simply by scanning the code.

Elementor QR code generator: If you have the Elementor Page Builder plugin active on your WordPress website. you can easily generate a QR code with our plugin’s built-in addon. We have introduced the “QR Code Composer” addon to generate QR codes with Elementor. Elementor demo


BBPress User QR Code: Premium plugin generates QR codes for bbPress users. you can generate QR codes for users’ profile links. Similarly, you can generate vCard QR code based on user profile information

BuddyPress User QR Code This plugin generates QR codes for BuddyPress users. If your site has the BuddyPress plugin active. you can generate QR codes for users’ profile links. Similarly, you can generate vCard QR code based on user profile information,

Dokan vendor QR code The QR Code Composer Pro plugin generates QR codes for Dokan vendors. If your site has the Dokan plugin active. you can generate QR codes for the vendor’s profile links. Similarly, you can generate vCard QR code based on vendor profile information

Other Features

Bulk print QR images as a PDF: Bulk QR codes can be printed from the plugin’s dashboard or the front end via built-in shortcodes. You can use the filter by category. This will print out as a PDF.. Admin Demo

Download all Post types of QR codes from one page This plugin allows the download of all QR codes based on Post type . and it is from one page. Admin Demo

Download All vCard QR codes from one page The plugin allows the download of all Post types of vCard QR Code Images from One Page. Admin Demo

WordPress Widget: The QR code plugin supports widget API. This means you can generate a QR code through a WordPress widget. Widget Demo

Shortcode Generator: On the plugin’s settings page, you’ll find the shortcode generator. From here let’s create shortcodes for all elements. Shortcodes for Custom Link QR, Whatsapp QR, WIFI QR, Google Map QR, vCard QR, and Event QR, can be generated through this generator. Also, you can customize many things including changing the design, color, logo, and animation of the QR code. Check out the live backend demo below View Shortcode Geneator


This plugin does not connect to any third-party applications. It does not collect or store any user information. This plugin generates QR code images based only on URLs and your custom content. QR code images are not saved to any file


Give any suggestions or feedback, thank you for using or trying our plugin. Please let us know about your experience and rate this plugin.

Frontend Demo | Backend Demo | Docs | Get Pro

Order QR Code for WooCommerce (Pro):

QR Code Generator With Elementor (Pro):


  • QR Code in Single Page
  • QR Metabox Setting Option
  • Single Product Page QR Code
  • QR code for WordPress Users
  • QR code for WooCommerce Customer
  • QR code for WooCommerce Customer Billing & Shipping Address


Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress and select Plugins > Add new
Search for “ QR Code Composer”
Click “Install” and “Activate”.


Will the QR code composer plugin work on all themes?

Yes, this plugin will work on all types of WordPress themes.

How long are the QR codes valid?

its validity Lifetime. QR codes are never Spoiling.

How is the QR code generated? Depending on the Google API?

The QR code is generated from the JavaScript library and does not require Google API dependencies.

Are your QR codes ad-free?

Yes, it is 100% ad-free

If the URL is changed, will the Current Page URL QR code be changed?

Yes, QR Code Composer generates dynamic QR codes, which means if you change the URL of a page or post, the QR code of that particular page or page will automatically change.

Is the QR code image stored somewhere inside WordPress?

No, QR codes are created instantly on the web page.

Where is the QR code location for the WooCommerce Product Page

You can find it Single Product page Tab section, Write the QR code, and you can see it by clicking

I don’t display the QR code on the Page, can it be Possible? Display in the post or only Product product

Yes, you can easily customize from the settings page, which post type you want to display, You can use the turn on/off button, and You have full control of the display


13 januari 2024 4 reacties
I was close to paying the extremely exorbitant price for the Pro version ($210). Due to a problem with the plugin, I contacted support. I can only agree with the bad reviews online, support is terrible, or more precisely, non-existent! At least it saved me a lot of money!
6 oktober 2022 2 reacties
O QR code esta aparecendo em todas as páginas, e aina fica aparecendo o codigo shortcode, teria como limitar ele a aparecer em somente uma página? e tirar o nome que fica mostrando? preciso de ajuda pois ele mostra em todas as páginas
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