Post Index Helpers


This plugin provides thirteen handy template tags that relate to the index/position of a post within a loop’s listing of posts.

Some of the template tags provided by this plugin relate to the position of the current post within the current loop:

  • c2c_is_first()
  • c2c_is_last()
  • c2c_is_at_index()
  • c2c_is_even()
  • c2c_is_odd()
  • c2c_get_the_index()
  • c2c_is_index_within()
  • c2c_the_index()

Other functions help you get a post (or posts) at a given position in the current loop:

  • c2c_get_post_by_index()
  • c2c_get_posts_by_index()

While the remaining three functions relate to index information about the loop in general:

  • c2c_get_last_index()
  • c2c_is_post_in_loop()
  • c2c_is_valid_index()

Please see the Template Tags section (in some places found under the Other Notes section) for descriptions of all the functions and their arguments.

Note that index counting begins at 0, which means the first item has an index of 0. An index of -1 indicates no posts were found.

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Developer Documentation

Developer documentation can be found in That documentation covers the numerous template tags provided by the plugin.

As an overview, these are the template tags provided the plugin:

  • c2c_get_last_index() : Gets the index number for the last post in the loop listing
  • c2c_get_post_by_index() : Get post based on specified index
  • c2c_get_posts_by_index() : Get posts based on specified array of indexes
  • c2c_get_the_index() : Get the index for the current post
  • c2c_is_at_index() : Is the current index at the specified index?
  • c2c_is_even() : Is the current post at an even position? (i.e. 0, 2, 4, …)
  • c2c_is_first() : Is the current post the first listed post?
  • c2c_is_last() : Is the current post the last listed post?
  • c2c_is_odd() : Is the current post at an odd position? (i.e. 1, 3, 5, …)
  • c2c_is_index_within() : Is the current post (or one at the specified index) within the bounds of a specified range?
  • c2c_is_post_in_loop() : Is the specified post within the current loop?
  • c2c_is_valid_index() : Is the specified index valid?
  • c2c_the_index() : Echo the current post’s index


  1. Install via the built-in WordPress plugin installer. Or download and unzip inside the plugins directory for your site (typically wp-content/plugins/)
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ admin menu in WordPress
  3. Use one or more of the provided template tags in theme template file(s) as desired


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1.4.3 (2023-04-29)

  • Change: Note compatibility through WP 6.3+
  • Change: Update copyright date (2023)
  • Fix: Fix typo for link to in

1.4.2 (2021-10-02)

  • New: Add and move template tag documentation into it
  • Change: Note compatibility through WP 5.8+
  • Unit tests:
    • Change: Restructure unit test directories
      • Change: Move phpunit/ into tests/phpunit/
      • Change: Move phpunit/bin/ into tests/
    • Change: Remove ’test-‘ prefix from unit test file
    • Change: In bootstrap, store path to plugin file constant
    • Change: In bootstrap, add backcompat for PHPUnit pre-v6.0

1.4.1 (2021-04-15)

  • Change: Note compatibility through WP 5.7+
  • Change: Update copyright date (2021)

Full changelog is available in