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If you’ve ever struggled with creating and editing images for your WordPress site, PixMagix – WordPress image editor can make your work significantly easier. Offering a wide range of editing tools right in your dashboard, PixMagix transforms the way you create, providing an easy, more efficient way to get your visuals ready for your website.

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Why Choose PixMagix

  • Start from Scratch: PixMagix allows you to create media images from scratch, providing all the tools you’d need within your WordPress interface. Experience the flexibility and freedom of creating right from your dashboard, without the need for any external graphics tool.
  • Handy Image Updates: Have the power to edit and replace existing media images directly from this plugin. Perfect for keeping your blog content fresh and engaging, it also allows you to do quick tweaks anytime you need.
  • One-Click Stock Photos: Enjoy the ease of importing royalty-free stock photos with a single click. This feature saves you the hassle of looking for high-quality images elsewhere, making your blog content setup quick and easy.
  • In-Built QR Generator: Generate QR codes effortlessly right within your web interface using PixMagix. Bridge the gap between the digital and physical world effortlessly, adding a unique, modern touch to your website.
  • Project Saving: Got an ongoing design project or an idea you’d want to continue later? Save your design projects for future use. This helps you maintain design consistency across your projects and boosts overall efficiency.
  • Expansive Template Library: Benefit from a continuously growing library of pre-designed templates. Whatever your design needs, these templates can give your website a professional look and feel, even if you’re short on time or new to design principles.
  • Multi-format Support: No matter what the format of your image is, PixMagix has got you covered. It supports the most common image formats such as jpg, webp, png, and svg, ensuring a flexible, hassle-free design process.
  • SEO Image Optimization: Improve your website’s SEO score with PixMagix. It allows you to optimize the size and quality of your images, making them web-friendly and capable of performing better in search engine rankings.

Privacy, and External Services

Upon initial installation of the plugin, you have the option to share non-sensitive data with Freemius, our chosen framework for collecting information about your WordPress setup. Sharing this data will help us enhance the plugin. However, this step is entirely optional, and the plugin will function properly without opting in. Rest assured, no data will be collected from your visitors.


  • The editor interface
  • Export image to media library
  • Replace media image, with edited
  • Import free stock photos
  • Get started with templates


How is the PixMagix plugin supported?

PixMagix free offers support primarily through the WordPress.org plugin page’s support forum.

Is the PixMagix plugin free to use?

Yes, PixMagix is free to use with all basic features. This includes access to the advanced image editor, importing free stock photos, saving projects, and free templates. These features will remain free forever.

What is the difference between free and pro plan?

The Pro plan offers more advanced features. It includes access to professional templates, AI-powered image design tools, and allows you to edit PSD files. Additionally, it enables you to embed the image editor to a public site, inside blog posts, or pages.

How regularly is PixMagix updated?

Rest assured, PixMagix is updated on a regular basis to deliver a smooth user experience, ensure optimal performance, and keep up with the latest web standards and technological advancements.


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  • Added new features: added special inline controls for the shapes, eg.: path modify control for path, and polygon elements, image crop control for the image elements, etc.
  • Added new feature: Clip paths for image layers.
  • Free images now can be imported right from the editor to speed up your workflow.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs in the editor.


  • Added new feature: download/upload projects as zip files.
  • Improved template libray.
  • Improved ruler guides in the editor.
  • Improved font family picker.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs, and security issues.


  • Added a lot of new features.
  • Security update.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Initial Release