Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste drie grote versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Er kunnen ook compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.

Advanced Personalization


Website personalization will certainly help you improve conversions, sell more and increase revenue and profits.

If you’re wondering what personalization is, the answer is simple.
Personalization is changing the parts of content in a way that appeals to customers’ unique interests.

The Personalization plugin for WordPress by Flowcraft UX Design Studio allows you to segment and target different user audiences, based on certain characteristics of the users and show different content to each group.

The plugin is very easy to use and does not require any coding skills. Simply choose what content to display when a visitor meets a certain criteria, paste the generated shortcode and voila!
Content can be added or replaced based on one or more of the following conditions:
– Country (free version)
– First time user (free version)
– Day of the week (free version)
– Time of the day in the user’s time zone (pro version)
– Time of the day in a specific time zone (GMT, UTC, etc.) (pro version)
– Specific date (pro version)
– Specific URL visited X or more than X number of times (pro version)
– User tries to leave the website (pro version)
– User’s device (pro version)
– User scrolls a specific % or a number pixels of the screen (pro version)

With the Personalization plugin by Flowcraft you have the ability to combine different conditions with one another to target even narrower groups of visitors, which meet all criteria. In addition, you can add shortcodes from other plugins to your conditions. Providing personalized content to users is a vital step forward in improving conversion rates, bounce rates, user experience and engagement.

… and the best part?
You can track how your conditions are doing by using all the superpowers of Google Analytics.


It is very easy to use. A shortcode is generated for every new condition you create that allows you to personalize everything – images, texts, pages, posts, products, prices, sliders, custom HTML, widgets and practically everything on the website.

The plugin works in few simple steps.

  1. Click create condition.
  2. Give it recognizable name.
  3. Use the interface to choose your condition rules and combine them in order to target the users that you would like.
  4. Use the editors “When Condition is met” and “When Condition is NOT met” to specify what to show to the user if condition is met and if it is not met. You can check “do not show anything”.
  5. Hit publish and paste the generated shortcode in your page, post, widget or where you want your content to appear.

You can also learn more on how to create conditions in our free learning center:

… and more tutorials here:


  • User-friendly interface
  • No coding skills required
  • Full visual and text content editor
  • Show content when one or more conditions are met
  • Combine different conditions
  • Option to show different content or not show anything when a condition is not met
  • Shortcode generator
  • Works on posts, pages and text widget content
  • Free access to learning materials here:


  • Since the Personalization WP plugin by Flowcraft uses cookies to improve user experience, please make sure you comply with privacy. See here:
  • For the purpose of providing our clients with the option to target their customers based on Geo-location we use the services of
    What it does is basically identifies where your users are located (Country) based on their IP address.
    They do that real-time and do not store any information regarding your users for more than 1 minute (that is what it is said in their privacy policy).
    IPs are classed as user-identifiable information in the EU. Therefore neither Personalization by Flowcraft nor store that data.
    You can read their privacy here:


  • All conditions
  • Create condition
  • How it works
  • Choose and combine your condition rules
  • Choose and combine more condition rules
  • Show content when condition is met
  • Publish and get your shortcode


  1. Go to your WordPress Control Panel
  2. Click “Plugins”, then “Add New”
  3. Enter “Personalization plugin by Flowcraft” as search term and click “Search Plugins”
  4. Download and install the Personalization for WP plugin
  5. Click the “Activate Plugin” link
  6. Go to Conditions and add your first condition.
  7. Paste your shortcode in your page, post or widget.


How does the Personalization WP plugin by Flowcraft work?

The Personalization WP plugin by Flowcraft allows you to display personalized content on your website, when the user meets a set of predetermined conditions. In other words, your website will react automatically to every user and change, add or remove content depending on whether the user meets the condition(s) you have set.

According to what conditions can I choose to personalize my website?

The list of conditions you can choose from is given below:
– Country (free version)
– First time user (free version)
– Day of the week (free version)
– Time of the day in the user’s time zone (pro version)
– Specific date (pro version)
– Specific URL visited X or more than X number of times (pro version)
– User tries to leave the website (pro version)
– User’s device (pro version)
– User scrolls a specific percentage or a number of pixels of the screen (pro version)

Can I combine two or more different conditions, in order to target an even more specific group of users?

Yes. You can combine two or more conditions and apply them together. You can even run all conditions simultaneously and personalize your website for users who meet them all.

Will the Personalization WP plugin by Flowcraft slow down my website?

No, it will not. Your website will load just as fast as it did before you installed the Personalization WP plugin by Flowcraft.

Is the Personalization WP plugin by Flowcraft compatible with all WordPress themes?

Yes, it is. In the rare occasions when a problem arises, our support team will solve it as soon as possible.

Are certain coding skills required for working with the Personalization WP plugin by Flowcraft?

No coding skills required. Once you have set the conditions you want your target users to meet, the plugin automatically generates a shortcode, which you can paste to your page, post or widget content.

Where in the Personalization WP plugin by Flowcraft do I insert the content I want to personalize my website with?

The Personalization WP plugin by Flowcraft comes with a standard visual and HTML editor.

Does the Personalization WP plugin by Flowcraft work with shortcodes from other WordPress plugins?

Yes, it does. You can insert shortcodes from other WP plugins in the HTML editor of the Personalization WP plugin by Flowcraft, just like you insert any other type of content.

Can I somehow track the results of my work with the Personalization WP plugin by Flowcraft?

Yes, you can. We have included the option to track the plugin’s results via Google Analytics. Simply check “Turn on Google Analytics Tracking” when you create a new condition. A new “event” will be created for you in the Google Analytics of your website.


25 november 2018
Easy to use but it would be good to include more features like when the user is logged or which city she is from etc. I hope they add more with the future updates.
29 oktober 2018
A lot of plugins and apps claim to be user friendly, but this one was impressively easy to set up and use. Highly recommended!
28 oktober 2018 1 reactie
I recommend this plugin! It’s easy to use and very useful.
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  • Fix: Overloading users’ cache causing 400 Error Bad request


  • Fix: The cookie for “visited pages” condition does not expire on each session now. It stays for at least an year and expires after an year of inactivity.


  • Major fix. Conflict with some plugins containing the same class. Condition on leave now works if user has scrolled down and tries to leave.


  • Bug fixes (Geo location bug fixes), UI Improvements


  • UI Improvements, Bug fixes, SEO friendly (It 301 redirects the generated links to the homepage)


  • Initial release. Includes shortcode generator, conditions creator, conditions for first time user (free version), geo location – countries (free version), day of the week (free version), date and time (Pro version), specific URL visited X or more than X number of times (Pro version), user’s device (Pro version), user tries to leave the site (Pro version), user scrolls (Pro version).