Order Approval for WooCommerce


Order Approval for WooCommerce plugin allowing shop owners to approve or reject all the orders placed by customers before payment processed.

Sales process flow for new customer

  1. The customer makes an order. No payment will be processed.
  2. Shop owner/ admin approves/rejects the order.
  3. On woocommerce order admin approval customer get notification email. If order is approved,payment link will be included. On reject, cancellation mail will be sent to customer.


  • Woocommerce review order before payment.

  • Once installed and activated, the plugin allows shop owner to reject or approve all the orders placed by the customers.

  • Order approval before payment.
  • Store owner needs to approve order manually before payment is processed.
  • Every time the order hits the Approved or Rejected status, the plugin will send a notification email to the customer.
  • When the shop owner approves an order, the customer will get approved email notification with the payment link.
  • Supported all payment gateways enabled.
  • No complex Settings.

Main Features of Order Approval plugin [ FREE ]

  • No Payment will be made without the permission of the Admin/shop owner.
  • Woocommerce manual order approve before payment.
  • Automatic and customisable email notification to shop owner/ admin / and customers.
  • Automatically generates payment link for every approved order.
  • Supports all payment gateways.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Change subject, heading and content of all emails sent by plugin.
  • 4 Emails can be customised. New admin order notification, New customer order notification,Customer order approval email and Customer reject order email.
  • Active support through plugin support forum.

Main Features of Order Approval plugin [ Premium version ]

  • All features of FREE version
  • Control admin approval plugin for all orders or per product wise.
  • If you want to enable admin approval for certain products only can be achieved.
  • Order is editable before approve.You can edit total price,shipping charges before approval.
  • Get latest security update and features directly though plugin update.
  • One to one premium support.

Sg Woocommerce Order Approval plugin PRO version is now available.


DOKAN Order Approval Plugin [Premium Only]

Are you using DOKAN multivendor website and need to approve orders by vendor before making customer payment?



  • Admin order screen for approval.
  • Woocommerce payment gateway setting page.
  • List of emails available
  • Woocommerce setting page. enable order approval per product or all orders.(Premium).


  1. Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin area.
  2. Open the settings page for WooCommerce and click the “Payment Gateways” tab.
  3. Click on the sub tab for “Woocommerce Order Approval” payment gateway.
  4. Configure your settings.


Will it work with all payment gateways such as paypal,stripe etc.

The plugin has been designed to work with all Woocommerce payment gateways. If you are facing any troubles please contact via support.

Can i customise emails for approval and rejection?

YES. You can customise emails.

Will it take customer card details while ordering?

No. Customer can make an order without any payment. Later on approval on order they can make payment.

What will be the order status after making a new order?

When user make and order it will move to a custom status called “waiting”. On approval it will move to “pending”.On Rejection it will move to “cancelled”

How to Customise Emails triggering by order approval plugin?

documentation for customise emails


24 mei 2023
It's work! And really easy to setup. That what i was looking for! Huge thanks to autor!
30 maart 2022
There was a small error in the previous version. Once that was fixed, this plugin works to allow approval/rejection of orders.
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2.0.13 – (22-03-2023)

  1. Improvement: Tested upto WooCommerce v7.5
  2. Improvement: Tested upto wordpress v6.2

2.0.12 – (11-02-2023)

  1. Improvement: Tested upto WooCommerce v7.3

2.0.11 – (26-10-2022)

  1. Improvement: Tested upto wordpress v6.1
  2. Improvement: Tested upto WooCommerce v7.0

2.0.10 – (22-07-2022)

  1. Improvement: Tested upto WC v6.7
  2. Improvement: Tested upto wp v6.0

2.0.9 – (10-02-2022)

  1. Feature: helpful links in plugins page below plugin title and description.
  2. Feature: helpful sidebar links in plugin settings.
  3. Improvement: Tested upto WC v6.1.1
  4. Improvement: Tested upto wp v5.9

2.0.8 – (15-01-2022)

  1. Fix: Payment method removed from new order email.
  2. Improvement: Tested upto WC v6.1.0

2.0.7 – (15-12-2021)

  1. Added plugin deactivation survey.

2.0.6 – (03-12-2021)

  1. Tested upto WordPress 5.8

2.0.5 – (24-06-2021)

  1. Added helpfull links in settings page.
  2. Added new translation strings.updated POT file.
  3. New feature : Order Approve and Reject Buttons in Order Edit Screen

2.0.4 – (05-01-2021)

  1. Tested upto wc 4.8 and wp 5.6
  2. Tweak : Payment link is added to email template for easy translation and customisation.
  3. Tweak : Added setting page and support links.

2.0.3 – (30-10-2020)

  1. Fix : Custom email template overriding issues.

2.0.1 – (22-09-2020)

  1. Feature : added emails templates to customise all emails.
  2. Fix : fixed translation issues.

2.0.0 – (08-07-2020)

  1. Optimised and improved code base. Moving OOP to enhance features and maintainability.
  2. Moving versioning style to https://semver.org/
  3. Added option page for customising email subject and heading.

1.9.1 – (04-07-2020)

  1. payment link only on approved email.

1.9.0 – (10-06-2020)

  1. Added customer notification for new order.

1.0 – (09-05-2020)

  1. initial pro version release.