MRW Simplified Editor


Help your CMS editors create semantic content and style it with the theme for consistent formatting and portable content. This plugin removes blocks and other styling options to help editors focus.

Developers can adjust this plugin via filters. There are no settings.

I built this plugin for use on client sites. I hopes you’ll find it useful! This is an opinionated plugin. Read an in-depth reasoning behind the decisions made by this plugin in the post “A WordPress Formatting Manifesto.”

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Block Editor Features

  • Hidden Blocks: Verse, Table, Preformatted, Code, More, Nextpage, Spacer, Calendar, Tag Cloud, Search, RSS, Audio, Video, Archive, many less popular embed source (see FAQ)
  • Removes default Block Style Variations and the “Default style” feature
  • Removes default Block Patterns (WP 5.5)
  • Removes Block Directory (WP 5.5)
  • Hides Settings: Drop Cap (broken in WP 5.5), Heading 1, Heading 5, Heading 6, image percentage and pixel sizing, and font sizing by pixel
  • Encourages use of Media Library by hiding buttons for uploading images and inserting via URL
  • Disables color & gradient settings unless a theme explicitly defines a color palette or gradient presets
  • Links: Remove most ways of opening links in a new tab
  • Other: Increases prominence of contrast errors, styles “Save draft” as a button

Classic Editor / Classic Block Features

Reduce editor to a single row of buttons: “Styleselect” (Headings 2-4 and Blockquote as well as Strikethrough, Subscript, Superscript, Preformatted, and Code), Bold, Italic, Add/Edit Link, Break Link, Horizontal Rule (added 1.2.0), Paste as Plain Text, Remove Styles, Special Characters, Undo, Redo, Help, Distraction Free Mode.


  • The Block Editor simplified, here with no colors or drop caps for the Paragraph block.

  • The "Classic" block of the WordPress 5.0 block editor reflects the impact of this plugin.

  • The Classic Editor/Block in all its minimal glory. This shows the default set of buttons and styles.

  • "Link Button" is an example of a text style that can be added with the mrw_mce_text_style filter. In this example, it's grayed-out by default since it can only be applied to links!


Block Editor Filters

  • mrw_disabled_blocks – Array of blocks hidden by default.
  • mrw_disabled_style_variations – Hides all core Block Style Variations. Unset either an entire block’s worth of variations or a specific one.
  • mrw_disabled_block_editor_settings – An array of Block Settings hidden by the editor. Current hidden settings:
    • drop-cap – Drop Cap setting for Paragraph Block
    • image-file-upload – Button to upload image directly rather than through Media Library in Image, Cover, Media & Text, and Gallery Blocks.
    • image-url – Button to insert image from a URL rather than uploaded to Media Library in Image, Cover, Media & Text, and Gallery Blocks.
    • heading-1 – Heading 1 option in Heading Block
    • heading-5 – Heading 5 option in Heading Block
    • heading-6 – Heading 6 option in Heading Block
    • image-dimensions – Pixel and percentage sizing of images in Image Block
    • new-tabs – Option to open links in new tabs for links, buttons, and images
  • mrw_block_editor_hide_color_palette – Whether to display the default or theme color palette. Defaults to true (hide it). Will automatically change to false if theme registers a custom palette via get_theme_support( 'editor-color-palette' ).
  • mrw_block_editor_hide_gradient_presets – Whether to display the default or theme gradient presets. Defaults to true (hide it). Will automatically change to false if theme registers a custom palette via get_theme_support( 'editor-gradient-presets' ).

Which embed blocks are hidden?

Amazon Kindle, Animoto, Cloudup, Crowd Signal, Daily Motion, Hulu, Mixcloud, Polldaddy, Reverbnation, Smugmug, Speaker, VideoPress, and

Block Editor Filter Code Examples

Below are a variety of useful, tested code examples for modifying the plugin’s settings.

Hide or Unhide a Block

add_filter( 'mrw_disabled_blocks', 'show_verse_hide_comments' );
function show_verse_hide_comments( $disabled_blocks ) {

    // Unhide the Verse Block (hidden by default)
    $disabled_blocks = array_diff( $disabled_blocks, array( 'core/verse' ) );

    // Hide the Latest Comments block (not hidden by default)
    $disabled_blocks[] = 'core/latest-comments';

    return $disabled_blocks;


Show one or some default Block Variations hidden by the plugin

add_filter( 'mrw_disabled_style_variations', 'show_rounded_img_and_separator_styles' );
function show_rounded_img_and_separator_styles( $disabled_style_variations ) {

    // Unhide (show) one specific variation for a block type
    $disabled_style_variations['core/image'] = array_diff(
        array( 'rounded')

    // Unhide (show) *all* variations for a block type
    unset( $disabled_style_variations['core/separator'] );

    return $disabled_style_variations;


Show a few Block Settings hidden by the plugin

add_filter( 'mrw_block_editor_disable_settings', 'show_drop_cap_heading_1' );
function show_drop_cap_heading_1( $features ) {
    return array_diff( $features, array( 'drop-cap', 'heading-1' ) );

Classic Editor / Classic Block Filters

mrw_mce_text_style – Add custom text/formatting styles to the Styleselect options

Classic Editor / Block Editor: Add the “Insert More Tag” and More Block at once

If you need the More Tag button or block, use the following snippet:

/* Add "Insert More Tag" Button and Block */
add_filter( 'mce_buttons', 'mrw_mce_add_more_tag_button' );
function mrw_mce_add_more_tag_button( $buttons ) {
    $buttons[57] = 'wp_more';
    return $buttons;

Classic Editor Custom Styles Code Examples

Note: When using this, make sure to style the CSS classes with your editor-style.css file.

add_filter( 'mrw_mce_text_style', 'mrw_add_text_styles_example' );
 * Adds a "Text Styles" submenu to the "Formats" dropdown
 * @param array $styles Contains arrays of style_format arguments to define styles.
 *                      Note: Should be an "array of arrays"
 * @see
 * @see
 * @see
function mrw_add_text_styles_example( $styles ) {
    $new_styles = array(
        /* Inline style that only applies to links */
            'title' => "Link Button", /* Label in "Formats" menu */
            'selector' => 'a', /* this style can ONLY be applied to existing <a> elements in the selection! */
            'classes' => 'button' /* class to add */
        /* Inline style applied with a <span> */
            'title' => "Callout Text",
            'inline' => 'span', /* "inline" key for inline phrasing elements */
            'classes' => 'callout'
        /* Block style applied to paragraph. Each paragraph in selection gets the classes. */
            'title' => "Warning Message",
            'block' => 'p', /* "block" key for block-level elements. these don't always behave */
            'classes' => 'message warning'  /* two classes work (space-separated) but can't be undone easily via editor */
        /* Block style capable of containing other block-level elements */
            'title' => "Feature Box",
            'block' => 'section', 
            'classes' => 'feature-box',
            'wrapper' => true
    return array_merge( $styles, $new_styles );


4 juni 2018
It's easy to underestimate how much skill goes into formatting content to look nice in the WordPress editor. This plugin not only makes it easier for users to learn how to work with tinyMCE, but it also helps them get better results by removing buttons that really shouldn't be there in the first place. With this plugin, I don't have to spend my time explaining to every client why they should never use the color tool, the underline tool, or heading 1. Plus, no one will ever get confused because the second row of buttons is hidden, and they don't know where it went. Developers can configure this plugin as they need to, everyone else can just activate it and let it do its thing. It's a great plugin.
30 september 2017
The title of the plugin might be a mouthful, but it does exactly what i wanted. Simplifies the tinymce editor to a single line of the most useful options and removes everything thats not. This is something you could do on your own, but in situations where you don't want to maintain your own code, this plugin is darn simple and useful.
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2.2.0 (Aug 5, 2020)

  • WordPress 5.5 support
  • [NEW] WP 5.5 features disabled:
    • Core Block Patterns
    • Block Directory Installer
  • [NEW] Hide “Default style” select for style variations (the theme’s default is the default for a reason!)
  • [Fix] Hide Headings 1, 5, and 6 in all languages, not just English
  • [Fix] Adjust “Save draft” button to show consistently and match new secondary button styles
  • [Fix] Restore more prominent color contrast errors
  • [Fix] Restore ability to edit galleries (props to Mackenzie at WSCADV for reporting this one)
  • [Regression] WordPress 5.5 makes it impossible to hide the Dropcap option
  • [Dev] Deprecated Filters: Remove all instances of “blacklist” from the plugin. mrw_block_blacklist and mrw_style_variations_blacklist are now deprecated in favor of mrw_disabled_blocks and mrw_disabled_style_variations. Respective object properties in JS are also renamed. Deprecate mrw_block_editor_disable_settings and add mrw_disabled_block_editor_settings for consistency. Filters will be removed from the plugin as early as August 2021.
  • [Dev] Refactor internal functions for managing default options

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