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Media Whale is a text to speech automation service that takes your blog posts and turns them into an embed audio stream. The service is effortless and does not require a credit card while offering a free plan that allows you to convert up to 5 articles per month while utilizing over 70+ Standard TTS voices or Neural Text to Speech (NTTS) voices.

Key features of our FREE plugin:

  • Choose from over 31 languages and 60+ voices.
  • Convert up to 5 articles into audio each month (upgrades available).
  • Many audio players and styling to choose from.
  • Automatically embed the audio player above/below the content or you can select to use a shortcode.
  • Download or share converted audio via url.
  • Even free users can understand listeners engagement with analytics.
  • Upgrade anytime if you require more posts through our different plans.


  1. Unzip and upload the entire folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress.
  3. On the dashboard there will be a Media Whale link where you will need to connect your account to our servers. Sign up for a free account and follow the instructions.
  4. Once your website has been connected you will need to go to the settings page within your wordpress dashboard. There you will be able to select placement, language and voice.
  5. Go to the converter link where you can convert all existing posts or select individual posts. You also can go to your posts indivdually and select “yes” to convert posts individually.


What is Text to Speech (TTS) technology?

Text-to-speech (TTS) is a technology that reads digital text aloud. The technology behind text-to-speech has evolved in the last few years it is now possible to produce very natural-sounding speech that includes changes to pitch, rate, pronunciation, and inflection.

Do we need to register a Media Whale account?

Yes, you are required to register an account on Media Whale in order to connect it to your website. We do offer a free account with a limited number of articles.

Can I easily select which articles to convert into audio?

Yes, there is an option to convert all posts or select specific posts. You can also activate and deactivate the service on each post.

How much does Media Whale’s text to voice service cost?

Media Whale offers a free account that is limited to one website and 5 articles per month. To convert more articles or websites you can click here for pricing. Cancel anytime and

Where does the audio player show?

The Media Whale audio player is customizable and you can go into your settings and have it placed before or after the blog post content. We offer many different player styles and you have the option to change the colors as well. We also offer a pricing plan where you can remove the Media Whale branding.


6 juli 2022
Friend of mine referred me to Media Whale, it's a great plugin that automatically converted my 150+ blog posts into audio and added an audio player to each post. The voices were professional and it's interesting to see through the Media Whale's analytics/dashboard that people are actually listening.
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