GPX Viewer


Displays a GPX track as segmented polylines, the way points and the elevation profile.
Open Street Map (OSM) is used as background which can be switched between a plane view and a topographic one.
The view can be changed to full screen mode. Moving the cursor over the elevation profile the corresponding point is marked on the path interactively.

GPX-tracks die vooraf naar de server zijn geüpload, worden opgeslagen in afzonderlijke repository die zijn gerangschikt volgens de categorieën die zijn ingesteld in WordPress.
Zo kunnen verschillende verzamelingen tracks worden verwerkt en de tracks worden gekozen.

Tijdens het uploaden kan een GPX track worden geoptimaliseerd en/of de hoogtegegevens worden vervangen door Open-Elevation Service gegevens.
Dit laatste wordt aangeboden omdat veel hoogtegegevens die door mobiele telefoons worden bijgehouden, niet helemaal correct zijn.

GPX trackpoints can be edited on the map interactively.


  • Admin page GPX Files for uploading tracks
    – Selecting category for repository
    – Replacing the description of the track (tag <name> in the GPX file)
    – Smoothing tracks during upload, thus reducing track points
    – Replacing elevation data of track points using Open-Elevation Service during upload
  • Display of a specific, uploaded GPX track
    – PHP-function for inserting the view into a page
    – Selecting full screen mode and scaling the map
    – Switching between plane and topographic view
  • Trackpoints op de kaart bewerken
    – Trackpunten toevoegen, verplaatsen en verwijderen
    – Creëren, splitsen van polylijnen
  • Display of a list of GPX files from which a track can be selected
    – separated list for each category
    – Setting width and color of the path
    – Shortcode for inserting the list into a page
  • Elevation profile
    – Interactive path marker
    – Name of the track
    – Distance of the track
    – Maximum/minimum elevation
    – Elevation loss/gain
    – Trail duration


  • Track geselecteerd uit een bestandenlijst
  • Trackpoints bewerken


Installatie en instellingen:

  1. Upload de plugin bestanden naar de /wp-content/plugins/theme-my-login map of installeer de plugin rechtstreeks via het WordPress plugins scherm.
  2. Activeer de plugin via het Plugins scherm in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings->GPX Viewer screen to configure the plugin at least one time (Measure Units, …)

GPX bestanden uploaden:

  • Ga naar GPX bestanden in het beheerdersmenu
  • Kies categorie voor repository: het geüploade bestand wordt opgeslagen in de map ~/wp-content/uploads/gpx/<mycategory>/.
  • Kies GPX bestand om te uploaden
  • Vervang eventueel de beschrijving van de track (tag <name> in het GPX bestand)
  • Optioneel een track vloeiender maken tijdens het uploaden, d.w.z. het verminderen van trackpunten en het effenen van hoogtegegevens
  • Vervang optioneel hoogtegegevens met Open-Elevation Service

Basis gebruik:

  • Calling the viewer for a specific GPX track:

        echo gpx_view(array('src'  => $filepath                $filepath = <absolute path>/wp-content/uploads/gpx/<mycategory>/<file>.gpx 
                        [, 'title' => $track_name]
                        [, 'color' => $track_color]
                        [, 'width' => $track_width]
                        [, 'download_button'=> true/false]));
  • Shortcode to include a GPX track for a given category into a WordPress-page.

    [gpx-view category="<mycategory>" gpx-file="<filename>"]
  • Shortcode om de lijst met GPX bestanden voor een bepaalde categorie op te nemen in een WordPress pagina. Uit deze lijst kan een track worden geselecteerd en weergegeven.

    [gpx-view category="<mycategory>"]
  • Shortcode om een gpx track lokaal te openen voor bewerking. Het resultaat kan lokaal terug opgeslagen worden.

  • Shortcode to display the gpx track with given color and/or width.

    [gpx-view ... color="<rgb-color>" width="<number>"]


7 mei 2024
Great plugin, does exactly what it’s supposed to. From me, it’s 4 stars. If there are no security issues, it’s a solid 5-star rating. @ Alex How about the code quality here? I’ve installed Wordfence on my project and after 3 hours, a security notice popped up indicating that the file had changed. No malicious code can be injected here, right? I look forward to your feedback 😀 Filename: /…/…/…/wp-content/plugins/gpx-viewer/js/gpxCleaner.js Message Wordfence: This file belongs to plugin “GPX Viewer” version “2.2.5” and has been modified from the file that is distributed by for this version. Please use the link to see how the file has changed. If you have modified this file yourself, you can safely ignore this warning. If you see a lot of changed files in a plugin that have been made by the author, then try uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin to force an upgrade. Doing this is a workaround for plugin authors who don’t manage their code correctly.
2 september 2022
This plugin has great potential to become a full running statistics for WP Idea: – Week, month and year state – Maybe something like (were you run all the streets in a city) – Sotering at various clubs and or areas
20 augustus 2022
This plugin is just what I’ve been looking for and does the job well. Just a few points, firstly the full-screen mode doesn’t seem to work with Safari browser (you get a black screen), although it seems fine with every other browser I’ve tried, secondly, I’ve had to add a css statement .content { width:100%; } to get the table to float alongside the graph on Safari. These are probably Safari quirks rather than problems with the plugin. One other thing: I’d like a way to display the Author of the GPX file, to give them credit for it. Apart from those issues, I really like this plugin very much.
22 januari 2021
Perhaps interesting plugins. Unfortunetely, just one map type. I would like to use it with open Topo Map for trekking. Possible to Improve it ? Thanks a lot.
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  • Toegevoegd: schuifbalk voor gpx-bestandslijst


  • Afhandeling van ontbrekende velden verbeterd


  • Updateprobleem opgelost


  • Behouden van gegeven gpx attributen en extensie elementen


  • Bewerkbare trackpoints
  • Afhandeling van GPX segmenten als gescheiden polylijnen
  • Volledig scherm modus met gebruik van het hele scherm


  • Trackpoints van lokaal geopende gpx bestanden bewerken


  • corrections for editing trackpoints of locally opened gpx files
  • correction of missing return value in shortcode function


  • scalebar added to maps


  • In shortcode procedure the function for searching category terms corrected


  • Topographic map view added


  • Error correction: Edited gpx tracks couldn’t be updated or stored


  • Error correction: Error when displaying categories in admin screen


  • Error correction: Error when displaying categories in admin and edit screen


  • Code review


  • Enhanced trackpoint reduction for decending slopes


  • Working search function for track list


  • GPX tracks with valid xml schema (gpx.xsd) when exported


  • Showing elevation profile if all elevation values are less than 0


  • MapQuest Elevation Srvice replaced by Open-Elevation Service


  • Shortcode for embedding a single track into a WordPress-page


  • Minor Enhancements


  • Corrections uploading gpx file, writing track name


  • Corrections displaying track name, shortcode with color and width


  • enabling editing of new tracks