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Flying Pages preload pages before the user click on it, making them load instantly

How it Works?

Flying Pages injects a tiny JavaScript code (1KB gzipped), waits until the browser becomes idle. Then it detects pages in the viewport and on mouse hover and preloads them.

Flying Pages is intelligent to make sure preloading doesn’t crash your server or make it slow.

  • Preload pages in the viewport – Detect links within the viewport (current viewing area) using ‘Intersection Observer’ and tells the browser to preload them using ‘prefetch’, switch to xhr if not available (similar to Quicklink).

  • Preload pages on mouse hover – On hovering links, if it’s not preloaded yet using above ‘viewport’, then Flying Pages will prefetch them instantly (similar to

  • Limits the number of preloads per second – If your page has too many links, prefetching all at the same time will cause the server to crash or slow down the website to visitors. Flying Pages limits the number of preloads per second (3 req/sec by default) using an in-built queue. For example, if you’ve 10 links in the viewport, preloading all these are span into 4 seconds.

  • Stops preloading if the server is busy – In case the server starts to respond slowly or return errors, preloading will be stopped to reduce the server load.

  • Understands user’s connection and preferences – Checks if the user is on a slow connection like 2G or has enabled data-saver. Flying Pages won’t preload anything in this case.


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  • Flying Pages Settings


From within WordPress

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘Flying Pages’
  3. Activate Flying Pages for WordPress from your Plugins page.
  4. Visit ‘Settings -> Flying Pages’ to configure


  1. Upload the flying-pages folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Flying Pages plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Visit ‘Settings -> Flying Pages’ to configure


My GTmetrix fully load time increased after installing Flying Pages. What to do?

Flying Pages starts preloading when all other resources have completed downloading and browser has become idle. It will not affect the TTFB or First Contentful Paint or Time to Interactive. If you’re worried about the fully loaded time in GTmetrix, set the “Delay to start preloading” to a higher number in settings or set it to preload only on mouse hover.

How to check if Flying Pages is working or not?

See the video and you’ll find ‘prefetch cache’ (test it from an incognito window if you’ve enabled ‘Disable for logged in admins’)

I’m not seeing any improvements in GTmetrix/Pingdom/Google PageSpeed Insights

Flying Pages preload links after the website is loaded and only improves the speed on clicking links. It doesn’t help you to speed up the initial load.

Do I need a cache plugin?

Every time a page/link is preloaded, it executes some PHP code and MySQL queries which is resource-intensive. So it’s highly recommended to use a cache plugin like FlyingPress.

Do Flying Pages affect Google Analytics or similar tracking scripts?

Flying Pages only downloads the HTML content. It doesn’t execute any code inside it. So it will not affect Google Analytics or similar scripts.

Will Flying Pages increase my bandwidth usage?

It’s mostly videos and images that consume 80% of the bandwidth. Flying Pages only preloads HTML pages (which is usually <30KB) and doesn’t download any resources inside it (like images, css, js). Installing Flying Pages won’t increase your bandwidth usage not even by 5%.

Do Flying Pages increase server load?

In short, yes. But you can configure Flying Pages to limit the number of preloads per second or preload only on mouse hover which reduces the server load. Also, make sure to use a good cache plugin like FlyingPress. This will reduce server load dramatically.

How to get support?

Please create a support request in the official support forum. You can also get help from WP Speed Matters’ Facebook group.


15 december 2023
Grateful to the developers behind this plugin. It is so clean and lightweight!! and works just as described!!!!
28 september 2023
Flyingpress failing on server connectivity, had really worst experience on SEO.Everytime i use flyingpress am having issue with server connectivity, i have checked with my hosting server also, not even single issue. When i disable flyingpress the issue gone.
4 juli 2023
We installed FlyingPress due to it’s excellent caching features and quickly found that we were seeing better performance scores than what we could squeeze out of wp-rocket. The few little issues we did run into during setup was quickly addressed by FlyingPress support. This is what a 5 star Wordpress plugin looks like 🙂
10 mei 2023
Although I can not find information why some of the “Ignore keywords” are prefilled (like .webp and the other images), I do really like the Flying Pages plugin! Like the review titles says, Flying Pages letteraly created a smile on my face. Thank you for sharing!
4 april 2023 1 reactie
The latest version of FP is starting to break my site often now. Before, it was a blank white screen; now it’s saying ‘featured not enabled.’ The support is unapologetic
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  • Updated FAQ


  • Fix: Missing Compatibility error


  • Updated shortcuts link


  • Updated “Optimize More” tab


  • [UPDATE] Added ‘/checkout’ and ‘.webp” to ignore keywords
  • [UPDATE] Minor update in JS file
  • [FIX] Cross-Site Scripting in admin settings form


  • [BUGFIX] Warnings and errors in Compatibility tab


  • [NEW] Compatibility tab


  • [BUGFIX] Stopped preloading when ignore list is empty
  • [NEW] FAQ
  • [NEW] Optimize more


  • Bug fix for Fast Velocity Minify plugin


  • Addtional options to mouse hover delay (0ms) and max rps (2s)
  • Disable for logged in admins by default


  • Moved option’s config object to window
  • Separate option for ‘preload only on mouse hover’
  • Start flyingPages() without waiting for DOMContentLoaded
  • Improved babel setup
  • Removed arrow functions for IE compatibility


  • Removed XMLHttpRequest and improved minification of JS file (reduce size by ~300bytes)
  • Added option ‘2 secs’ to delay to start preloading


  • Changing JavaScript scope to prevent conflicts with other plugins using same variables


  • Option to disable preloading when logged in as administrator


  • Disable on Internet Explorer
  • Renamed observer object to prevent conflicts with other plugins


  • Ignore query strings by default


  • Allow 1 second in delay


  • Better compatibility for WooCommerce
  • Prefetching on mobile using ’touchstart’


  • Bug fix – Start queue only after calling main function, causing errors in browser console


  • Bug fix – Issues with Swift Performance cache plugin when ‘Merge Scripts’ is enabled


  • Bug fix – Prevent max rps from resetting to default value on plugin update


  • Support WordPress 4.5+
  • Copy fixes


  • Bug fix – Set default config on plugin update/activation


* Configure ignore keywords
* Configure delay for prefetching from viewport
* Configure to prefetch on mouse hover only
* Configure maximum requests per second
* Configure mouse hover delay


  • Bug fix – Prevent wp-admin links from preloading


  • Bug fix for Safari/iOS Safari


  • Prevent logout links from preloading


  • Prevent external links from preloading on hover


  • Support for Microsoft Edge browser
  • Prevents current page from preloading


  • Initial release