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7 augustus 2020
I needed a plugin so I could showcase products as an affiliate and be compliant with advertiser creatives. This plugin is the ONLY one I found to allow external image references. It works with both elementor gallery and woocommerce.
19 juli 2020
This Plugin is still my favorite, use external url link images from other websites for your blog. now your website will never slow down because the images, nomatter how big they are , it won't use your server memory. Add multiple urls to add the images to your wordpress media library , they won't be uploaded to your server. Now you can use every kind of free photogallery plugin and add images from external sources . because of this amazing plugin. 🙂 Awesome I hope this plugins keeps updated if needed. Its SIMPLE, FAST AND SUPER EASY. Thanks you so much to the developer, wish you all the best !
16 mei 2020
此插件构思非常巧妙,从最底层的角度最彻底的解决问题,功能简单而强大,是同类插件中的佼佼者。如果可以支持视频和更多的文件种类,就更加好了。还有就是对于中文URL的支持,目前是凡是URL种带有中文或空格的,都会转码成为乱码,对于咋们国人使用很不方便。现在WordPress核心本身都已经默认支持中文URL。 但是这个插件的作者好像有八个多月没有登录这个论坛了,太可惜了呢。
3 april 2020
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