Estatik Real Estate Plugin


User-friendly intuitive interface. Clean design. Flexible functionality. The full-featured WordPress real estate plugin with smooth integration with Elementor Page Builder.
Visit for more information.

Visit demo of Estatik plugin built with Elementor Hello Theme.

Main features:

  • Quick Demo Setup
  • Fields Builder (creates unlimited number of custom fields of any type – text, number, area, attachments, files, contact fields, etc.)
  • Login via Facebook or Google
  • Map Search built on AJAX
  • Saved searches & wishlists
  • Listing frontend management
  • Sorting by price, date, popularity
  • Customizable categories, types, statuses, features, amenities
  • Customizable property labels (featured, hot, openhouse)
  • Social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Share via email
  • Photo gallery and video (YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Multilingual (WPML, Polylang & Loco Translate support)
  • Request info widget
  • Customizable search widget
  • Unlimited currencies
  • 50+ shortcodes
  • Elementor Page Builder & Hello Theme support

PRO & Premium features:

  • Agents & Agencies support (PRO)
  • Agents & Agencies search (PRO)
  • Private fields (for Admin, Agents only) (PRO)
  • Front-end management for admin and users/agents (PRO)
  • Subscription plans or One-time payments with payments via PayPal (PRO)
  • CSV/XLS import via WP ALL Import (PRO)
  • Compare feature
  • PDF file generation (PRO)
  • Saved searches updates notifications (PRO)
  • Requests management in agent’s profile (PRO)
  • Locations widget (PRO)
  • Slider widget (PRO)
  • Full-width Slideshow widget (PRO)
  • Organic MLS import via RETS and RESO Web API (Premium)

Estatik Native Themes:

  • Estatik Realtor Theme – DEMO

It also works with most of WordPress themes but if you have any issues, just drop us a message and we will add support of your theme for free.

Documentation & shortcodes:

Please visit this documentation page to get a full list of shortcodes.
Full list of shortcodes can be found here

Translated into:

  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Dutch
  • Romanian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese


Do all Estatik Themes support Estatik 4.0?

No, not all Estatik Themes support Estatik 4.0 version. Currently, only Estatik Realtor Theme supports 4.0 ver. We will also add Portal Theme support. All other themes are incompatible with 4.0 ver. but you still can use it and count on our support.
If you upgraded the plugin using Native Theme, for example, you can deactivate the plugin and install back the previous version. Nothing will be lost.

After upgrading to 4.0 something is wrong with properties images and pages.

Make sure that you proceeded with Migration properly. (Here)[] is our quick guide how you need to migrate your listings and configuration.

Can I get back to 3.x version after upgrading to 4.0 ?

Yes, you can do it any time.

Does Estatik work with any WordPress theme?

Yes, it works smoothly with most of WordPress themes and page builders.

What is the difference between simple and pro versions?

You can compare all available versions here >>

Can I have free support?

With Estatik PRO or Premium version you get free support for 6 months (PRO) / 1 year (Premium) and for 1 website. Support for Simple free version is limited to WordPress forum. Please post your question here at Support forum, or contact us >> and we will help you with issues.

How can I import MLS listings using Estatik plugin?

We developed Estatik Premium version for MLS listings import via RETS or RESO Web API.

When I click on details page it says 404 Error: page not found.

Please go to Settings >> Permalinks and click Save button there. After update your website frontend page and check the result.

How can I upgrade from Simple to PRO? Will I lose my listings and will need to add them from scratch?

To upgrade from Simple to paid PRO or Premium version, you need to deactivate your active Simple version and install PRO and activate it. Then remove Simple version.
Your listings and plugin configuration will be safe.


11 januari 2024
Support is pretty decent. No phone support, only via their website. First level is a bit of a back and forth, but they do respond. The second level support is great. Once they get involved, all of my issues get resolved. I wish the first level was like that, but they do respond and escalate. I like the product so far. The "IDX Estatik PlugIn" is great. "Documentation" needs improvement and the "Website Theme" really needs to be looked at. Many issues with it.
30 december 2023 1 reactie
Hello. I'm testing the free version of the plugin. Problems with language translations? It does not show full Turkish translations. I am preparing a promotional video about the plugin. Will this problem be solved? Thank you.
23 augustus 2023
Very upset with this pretty buggy plugin. I bought both Estatik PRO plugin and Estatik Realtor Theme. Some pages had layout issue (for example, Compare properties page). I fixed it manually. Then I found several other issues and tried to fix it in the code but the code is the mess. I decided to stop using this plugin. Unfortunately, I can't return my money (more than 100 USD) back.
7 augustus 2023
I have been using the Estatik Pro plugin for a real estate website and I am very happy with it. It is a versatile and reliable plugin. It has a lot of features that make my website stand out. The Estatik team is also great. They are always responsive and helpful, and they provide excellent support. I recommend Estatik Pro to anyone who is looking for a great real estate plugin for WordPress.
7 augustus 2023 2 reacties
I am updating my rating to a 4. Estatik reached out to me and is now working with me to resolve the remaining website issues. Estatik had a legitimate reason for having difficulty communicating with me - which I will not go into detail about in order to insure their safety. Once Estatik did reach out to me to answer my questions (instead of just basically stating in emails that they do not do support via emails), their customer service was five star. My initial difficulties getting proper communication, compiled with the recent great customer service, raises Estatik's rating to a 4.
27 juli 2023
Support is a caos. So disappointed with this service.
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4.1.2 (February 26, 2024)

  • MLS classes support for RAPRETS MLS provider added
  • MLS Actualizer refactored
  • MLS Auto-import refactored
  • Collapsed description for agent and agency single page added
  • Neighborhoods added in DM
  • WP ALL Import property keywords generation added
  • Plugin DB migration refactored
  • Duplicated taxonomies in admin property form fixed
  • MLS multiple values saving fix added
  • MLS Grid limit request issue fixed
  • Switcher field in search format fixed
  • minor fixes

4.1.1 (December, 17, 2023)

  • NEW: MLS media re-import implemented (Premium)
  • NEW: MLS entity popup upgraded (Premium)
  • NEW: MLS Actualizer new hooks added (Premium)
  • NEW: Added option for disable property carousel (all versions)
  • NEW: Implemented MLS import for dropdown, checkboxes fields types (Premium)
  • NEW: Added url slugs for plugin taxonomies
  • NEW: Added recCaptcha for Login and Reset password forms
  • NEW: Added map_show=”all” attribute for es_my_listing shortcode with half map layout
  • NEW: Added option for change Open House time format
  • NEW: Implemented values converter for 0,1 MLS values
  • NEW: Implemented new MLS operator From -> To
  • NEW: New “link” FB field type added
  • NEW: Plugin security upgraded
  • NEW: Added scripts & styles versions in enqueue\register functions
  • FIX: MLS import entities count fix added
  • FIX: Twitter icon changed to X.
  • FIX: Lookup values retrieving fix added for Web API
  • FIX: Google Auth fix added
  • FIX: Search form labels fixed.
  • FIX: Fixed property images in saved searches email
  • FIX: Plugin translations added dictionaries
  • FIX: Property addresses saving fix added
  • FIX: Show more link fixed for Features section on single property page
  • FIX: Reset search button fix added
  • FIX: MLS sync not_equal operator fixed
  • FIX: Request notes fix added
  • FIX: Agent avatar fixed
  • FIX: Social sharing option switcher fix added
  • FIX: No min, No max labels translation fix added
  • FIX: FB fields & sections saving fix added
  • FIX: Floor plans render fix added
  • FIX: Multiple Estatik Elementor widgets saving fix added
  • FIX: Minor fixes

4.1.0 (September 17)

NEW: MLS import & sync refactored
NEW: Property meta icons refactored
NEW: Log out link added on user profile page for mobile devices
NEW: Added new email settings fields
NEW: MLS Realtyserver autoconfig added
NEW: Added search support for es_parking, es_roof etc fields
NEW: strict_address param added for es_my_listing shortcode
NEW: Back button on compare page css fix added
NEW: RTL support added for all of slick sliders
NEW: Option for disable geolocation of request form added
NEW: Auto assign agent to agency implemented for MLS Import
NEW: Added zoom level option for single property page map
NEW: Polylang integrated for breadcrumbs links on single property page
NEW: Reset search button refactored
FIX: es_get_contact_link function php warning fixed
FIX: Paragonapi WebApi autoconfig added
FIX: Map zoom saving fix added
FIX: Predefined values for search form fix added
FIX: Tel field php warning fixed
FIX: Buyers migration fix added
FIX: Plugin migration fix added
FIX: Unlimited subscription plans fix added
FIX: Appointments deletion fix added
FIX: Subscription plans ID generation fix added
FIX: Field builder fixes added
FIX: Fixed plugin emails fatal error
FIX: Data manager fixes added
FIX: Subscription labels fixes added
FIX: Properties slider fixes added
FIX: Responsive fixed for single property page
FIX: Recaptcha fix added
FIX: Slick slider in flexbox container fix added
FIX: Added video field import support for WP All Import plugin
FIX: Map popup fix added
FIX: Price format fix added
FIX: MLS import video fix added
FIX: Fixed location fields in search form
FIX: Minor fixes

4.0.7 (June, 28)

NEW: Pure autoconfig for MLSAligned, harmls MLS provider added
NEW: FB support for video section in single property added
NEW: Appsecret_proof for facebook auth added
NEW: Default archive page disable option added
NEW: Request form default message deleted
NEW: Google fonts cache optimized
NEW: mls_resource and mls_class attributes to es_my_listing shortcode added
NEW: Translation support for multiple values in FB added
NEW: Drop-down fields placeholder to search form added
NEW: Currency code display support added
NEW: Meta icons loading in property box optimized
NEW: Import limits in MLS schedules added
NEW: Sorting by labels implemented
NEW: Search form autocomplete support for listings addresses added
NEW: Switcher field values changed to Yes / No
NEW: Neighborhood field in property management added
NEW: WP All Import address components generation added
NEW: White label for admin plugin area improved
NEW: [es_property_map] shortcode added
NEW: HTML editor field in FB added
FIX: Search from Select2 fields CSS + JS fix added
FIX: Compare listings container fix added.
FIX: Property video section CSS sizes fixed
FIX: URL field type fixed.
FIX: Listings duplication for crea ddf preventive fix added
FIX: Agents order in Request form fixed
FIX: es_the_formatted_field $before, $after variables for empty value fixed
FIX: ReCaptcha for AJAX request forms fixed
FIX: JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE to json_encode for address components added
FIX: Properties removal actualizer fixed
FIX: Search form range fields fixed
FIX: Taxonomy archive title fixed
FIX: Comma separation for ‘city’ values in es_my_listing shortcode fixed
FIX: Price variation in search form fixed
FIX: Property sections translation bug fixed
FIX: Scroll top animation after using pagination – fixed
FIX: Profile single request info page fixed
FIX: es_get_agents_list function allowed memory size error fixed
FIX: Incorrect MLS credentials fatal error fixed
FIX: Contacts field fatal error fixed
FIX: Data Manager Icon uploader bug fixed
FIX: Polylang migration fatal error fixed
FIX: Locations breadcrumbs bug fixed
FIX: Migration progress bar fixed

4.0.6 (May, 2)

NEW: appsecret_proof argument added for Facebook auth
NEW: MLS mlsaligned provider integrated.
NEW: Fields builder request form section message setting added
NEW: Reset option for MLS sync fields added
NEW: City field set as multiple in estatik search widget
NEW: Tags field support added for listings shortcode
NEW: Range mode for custom numeric fb fields implemented
NEW: Added bulk actions for admin requests archive
FIX: Select2 for elementor popups fix added
FIX: Properties carousel vertical layout fixed
FIX: Search widget locations fields fix added for elementor popups
FIX: Fields builder fields deletion fix added for PDF brochure
FIX: Duplicated machine name for fb fields & sections fix added
FIX: Agent tel saving fix added
FIX: Status field for properties map fix added
FIX: Property SVG icon color fixed
FIX: FB fields translations fix added
FIX: Admin properties archive pagination fixed
FIX: User profile avatar fixed
FIX: Agent description css fix added
FIX: Rooms functionality fixes added
FIX: Admin widgets broken page fixed
FIX: Property file fields saving fix added
FIX: Minor fixes

4.0.5 (March, 10)

NEW: Title field for MLS Profiles added.
NEW: Option for disable saved search functionality added.
NEW: New settings tab for manage user profile added.
NEW: MLS Web API classes added
NEW: Raprets MLS provider media support added
FIX: Plugin fonts uploading fixed
FIX: file_get_contents function for retrieve SVG content deleted
NEW: prop_id attribute added for [es_my_listing shortcode]
NEW: Multiple support for select2 fields in estatik framework added.
FIX: No min, No max labels in search fixed
FIX: es_before_single_wrapper, es_after_single_wrapper actions for estatik single templates added
NEW: Full-width field setting in fields builder form added
FIX: Deletion of child automatic imports implemented
NEW: MLSGrid v2 provider autoconfig added
FIX: German translations modified
FIX: Property management form buttons css fix added
FIX: CSS fix for MLS password field added
FIX: Agent & agencies enabler switcher fix added
FIX: Elementor listings widget filter fix added
FIX: Fields builder translations fix added
FIX: Fixed fields builder special characters for machine_name
FIX: file_type warning fix added
FIX: Property mobile gallery css fix added
FIX: Login form prefilled fields submit button fix added
FIX: Search php warning fix added
FIX: Fixed price field formatter
FIX: Incorrect top margin in property gallery lightbox removed
FIX: Fixed search form selected values labels
FIX: Duplicated label for phone field deleted
FIX: Openhouse fields FB fix added (February 7, 2023)

  • NEW: Elementor critical error fixed

4.0.4 (February 6, 2023)

  • NEW: Added new option for disable tel country code field
  • NEW: Added new attribute named “default” in [es_property_field] shortcode for empty property fields
  • NEW: Implemented agents registration confirmation email
  • NEW: Set dynamic content disabled by default
  • NEW: Deleted formatters for bathrooms, bedrooms fields on single property page
  • NEW: Added new plugin translations
  • NEW: Added new settings for managing PDF fields in Fields Builder
  • FIX: Fixed images uploading via front property management
  • FIX: Property management agent assignment fix added
  • FIX: Fixed search fields order in Elementor search form widget
  • FIX: Google maps callback error fix added
  • FIX: Fixed property quick edit form agents saving
  • FIX: Fixed comments saving PHP warning
  • FIX: Fixed deactivated sections render
  • FIX: Fixed breadcrumbs locations order
  • FIX: Fixed property price spaces
  • FIX: Fixed duplicated HTML input IDs in DOM