Disable Everything


Do you know what is better for a website performance then installing a good caching plugin and getting more expensive hosting?

Not to load bloat in the first place!

This lightweight plugin is meant to do just that.

With this All-in-One plugin you can simply disable any feature that you do not use with one click.

If you change your mind and want feature back you can always re-enable it later.

You can also chose any combo of features that you do not want and make a custom selection for disabling.

Disable All of the Comments

(PRO version only)

If you are sick of SPAM or you do not need Comment Section so much then Disable them Completely with this one lightweight plugin.

Having Too Many Plugins Can Hurt Your Website

  • Installing and activating numerous plugins on your website can affect your page load time and the performance of your site as a whole.

  • Plugin conflicts can result in slow-loading pages, error messages, or broken functionality. Ultimately, a plugin conflict can cause a website to crash.

  • Security risks. The more plugins you install, the greater the risk that you’ll download one with a security vulnerability.

  • Learning curves. Each plugin’s dashboard or settings interface is different and the time required to learn how to take advantage of each plugin quickly adds up. Plus, there’s often maintenance involved to ensure that each one functions properly.

With this All-in-One plugin you can forget installation of one plugin for each feature that you want to disable.

There are simply way too many of those in WordPress and you really do not want to have bunch of plugins hogging server resources just for that.

Following features are currently included for disabling

Free Version:

  • User-Enumeration
  • Author Archives
  • capital_P_dangit
  • Screen options and help
  • Howdy in adminbar
  • Navigation items in adminbar
  • Clean Dashboard
  • Emojis
  • Embed Objects
  • Dashicons
  • Heartbeat
  • XML-RPC + Pingback
  • Generator
  • WLW Manifest
  • Really Simple Discovery
  • Short Link
  • RSS Feeds
  • Block Library
  • Admin Footer
  • Application Passwords

NEW Features that you can disable:

  • Privacy Tools
  • Site Health page
  • adjacent_posts links in the header
  • Version var (?ver=) after styles and scripts.
  • PDF Thumbnails
  • Empty Trash (period is shortened to 1 week)
  • Plugin and Theme Editor
  • oEmbed
  • Remote Block Patterns

PRO Version: (yeah we know it sucks but this plugin needs to be supported somehow)

  • Comments
  • WP Updates
  • Auto-update Email Notifications for Themes and Plugins
  • Post Revisions
  • Search
  • WP Login Logo and Favicon
  • Administration Email Verification Prompt
  • Lazy Loading
  • Yoast SEO Bloat
  • WooCommerce Bloat
  • Right Click

If you want us to include your favorite plugin or you find any bugs tell us in the forum.



Installing “Disable Everything” can be done either by searching for “Disable Everything” via the “Plugins > Add New” screen in your WordPress dashboard, or by using the following steps:

  1. Download the plugin via WordPress.org
  2. Upload the ZIP file through the ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload’ screen in your WordPress dashboard
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Once activated go to:

  1. ‘Settings’ > ‘Disable Everything‘ page
  2. In ‘Options’ check any feature that you do not intend to use
  3. When everything is checked scroll down to the bottom and click on ‘Save Changes’

That’s it, you can start enjoying magic!


10 mei 2023
Installed this to disable RSS feeds. But while I was at it I also disabled a bunch of other things the plugin offered, e.g. user enumeration, author archives and some superfluous meta tags. Works nicely, thanks!
24 januari 2022
I've managed to speed up my web-shop big time by simply deactivating all unused options with this neat plugin. Great job devs, keep up good work!
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  • New disable option: Privacy Tools
  • New disable option: Site Health page
  • New disable option: adjacent_posts links from header
  • New disable option: Version var (?ver=) after styles and scripts
  • New disable option: PDF Thumbnails
  • New disable option: Empty Trash
  • New disable option: Plugin and Theme Editor
  • New disable option: oEmbed
  • New disable option: Remote Block Patterns


  • New disable Application Passwords functionality


  • Minor content and textual changes


  • Introducing Pro version
  • Various content and textual changes
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Minor security improvements


  • Initial release