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Burst Statistics – Privacy-Friendly Analytics for WordPress

Burst Statistics – Privacy-Friendly Analytics for WordPress


Unlock the Power of Privacy-Friendly Analytics with Burst Statistics!

Self-hosted, privacy-friendly WordPress stats with Burst Statistics! Our dashboards offer clear and concise insights, allowing you to make informed decisions without feeling overwhelmed by abundant data. Choose Burst Statistics for seamless and reliable analytics trusted by over 200,000 users.

This plugin is free and does not require an account.

Key Features for Powerful Insights

  • Privacy-Friendly: All data is stored on your own server.
  • Essential Metrics: Get the core data you need, like Pageviews, Visitors, Sessions, Time on Page, and Referrers.
  • Real-Time Data: Get instant insights directly on your dashboard.
  • Track Your Goals: Easily track your custom goals and keep track of conversions.
  • Free Support: Feel free to reach out to us for assistance. We would be happy to help in any way we can.
  • Simplicity: User-friendly analytics that does not overwhelm you with data.
  • Email Reporting: Receive regular email reports on your website’s stats.

Here’s a review from one of our users:

“On-premise Analytics is a great, if not the best, alternative to Google Analytics in the GDPR era. On top of that, since it’s native to WordPress, it’s so easy to configure Goals, etc. That’s awesome.”
Daan from Daan.dev (@daanvandenbergh)

From the creators of Really Simple SSL & Complianz

Burst Statistics was created by experienced developers who created Really Simple SSL & Complianz, with over 6,000,000 active installs combined. With a proven track record of providing top-notch, user-friendly solutions, you can trust that Burst Statistics meets the same high standards.

Our community speaks for itself: with over 2,000,000 downloads and 200,000 active users, Burst Statistics is a trusted choice for your analytics needs.

Make Burst Statistics better!

Our team is always working on improving our plugin, and your input as a user can significantly help us in this process. You don’t require any coding or software development knowledge to contribute; simply sharing your ideas or any issues you encounter would help to improve the plugin significantly. Please feel free to contact us via a support request on the WordPress forums; we welcome any feedback you may have.

Get even more insight with Burst Pro

Unlock comprehensive insights into your website’s user behavior with Burst Pro. Benefit from advanced features designed to improve performance, boost engagement, and drive conversions. Elevate your data analysis experience by upgrading to Burst Pro today.

Burst Pro Features include:

  • Geo-Tracking: Identify the countries your visitors are coming from.
  • Data Archiving: Automatic archiving and manual restore options.
  • Multiple Goals: Track multiple objectives to measure your site’s success.
  • More metrics: Get more insights into your website’s performance.
  • Premium Support: Premium Support from our fantastic team.
  • URL Parameter Tracking: Monitor the effectiveness of your URL parameters.
  • UTM Campaign Tracking: Track the performance of your marketing campaigns.

For upcoming features, please visit our roadmap on our website.


  • Ga naar “Plugins” in je WordPress dashboard en klik “nieuwe toevoegen”.
  • Klik “Upload” en selecteer het gedownloade .zip bestand.
  • Activeer je nieuwe plugin.
  • Volg de tour om bekend te raken met Burst Statistics.


  • Burst Statistics: Statistieken Dashboard


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We will maintain and grow a knowledgebase about Burst Statistics and analytics & privacy in general.

Where is the data stored?

The data is stored in your own WordPress database. Unlike cloud solutions, we have no access to your data. We aim to keep the data as small as possible, and Burst can also automatically archive or delete old data. Read more about if you need data archiving.

Do I need an account?

No, you don’t need an account; no data is sent to another website.

Is there a limit to the number of visitors I can track?

No, there is no limit. The only limiting factor is your own database and server.

Can I exclude IP addresses or user roles from tracking?

Burst Statistics allows you to exclude specific IP addresses and user roles from tracking in the settings. Burst also excludes most known crawlers and bots from being tracked. Read more about IP blocking or excluding user roles.

Does Burst Statistics use cookies?

There is an option to use cookieless tracking if you prefer. But by default, Burst uses cookies because they are more accurate and lightweight. While using cookies, Burst remains privacy-friendly because all data is anonymous and stored on your server. Read more about why cookies are misunderstood.

Waarom is Burst Statistics privacyvriendelijk?

Burst Statistics provides an Analytics Dashboard with anonymized data that is yours and yours alone. Read more about Why Burst Statistics is Privacy-Friendly.

Wat is Cookieless tracking?

Burst Statistieken kunnen worden gebruikt zonder het instellen van cookies of het opslaan van gegevens in browsers. Dit kan echter de nauwkeurigheid beïnvloeden, dus een hybride optie met cookies na toestemming is mogelijk. Lees meer over Cookieless tracking.

Does Burst Statistics affect performance?

Performance is almost not affected. We have built Burst to be very performant for your users because we know how important it is for your website. Read more about Turbo Mode

Can I give feedback about the plugin?

We value your feedback. You can submit a support request on the WordPress forums, and we will respond promptly.


1 juli 2024
Forcibly installed by WP, all went well until I noticed that my site’s CPU and DB were saturated!Over a gig on my MySQL.And above all, incessant spam from your servers, which DDOSed my site. Don’t say it’s not you, but a little research: 5333 blocked, including more than 391 IPs/requests blocked in 24 hours. Either there’s a loophole and someone’s exploiting it, or you’re bombarding my site with requests, even though you’ve removed the plugin, which isn’t normal at all!In short, I’m running away from this plugin. ibb.co/HqqZHj3ibb.co/v1x9hDbibb.co/510cnmFibb.co/nMKqpnPibb.co/qxsNB07ibb.co/wsxgMH3
26 juni 2024 1 reactie
good job app / an excellent simple and analytical application. It works perfectly, is lightweight, and provides useful information. It would be very interesting to have data per page in the future. For example, knowing from which city a person browsed on a specific article. This fact would have an interesting utility.
20 juni 2024 1 reactie
Been using this for over a year now. Love the fact that we can get useful statistics internally, without having to call out to Google. The plugin’s interface is good, very easy to use, and it contains exactly the info we need and nothing else. Highly recommend.
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  • Feature: Email reporting. You can now receive a weekly or monthly email with your website statistics. Add up to 10 email addresses to receive the report.
  • Feature: Reset statistics. You can now reset your statistics to start fresh. This will remove all data from the database. Settings will remain the same.
  • Fix: Issue where the capabilities where not set properly.
  • Fix: Issue where the Dashboard was returning lot’s of errors when a user only has view access for Burst Statistics.


  • Tested up to: WordPress 6.5
  • Feature: (Pro) Tracking of URL parameters and UTM Campaigns. This will allow you to track the performance of your marketing campaigns and see how your site is being used.
  • Feature: (Pro) Added more metrics to select in all datatables (Pages, Referrers, Countries, Parameters, Campaigns).
  • Feature: Track WordPress hooks as a goal. This will allow you to track WooCommerce orders, form submissions, and more. Your imagination is the limit.
  • Feature: Added shortcode to display the most viewed posts or pages. This will allow you to display the most popular posts or pages on your website.
  • Improvement: Removed WPML specific code as it is not needed anymore.
  • Improvement: Added support for CIDR notation in the IP block list. Now you can block a range of IP addresses.
  • Improvement: Separate tracking script from backend code. This will improve performance & security and reduce the amount of code that needs to be loaded.
  • Improvement: Re-introduced summary tables with a fixed upgrade script. This will improve the performance of the dashboard.
  • Improvement: Changed hooks for datatable creation to not run on every page load, when debugging is enabled. Now it runs on activation and upgrade.
  • Improvement: Added an option in multisite to allow tracking per site or network wide.
  • Fix: Data in the Today block on the Dashboard was not the same as the stats shown in the Statistics tab. This has been resolved.
  • Fix: Open base dir restrictions would sometimes cause warnings in the dashboard after installing Burst. This has been resolved.


  • Fix: Security issue where a contributor with the ability to add posts and add custom fields, could create a cross-site scripting attack. This has been resolved. props @Webbernaut
  • Fix: Changed key length for page_url to 191 to prevent issues with MySQL 5.7.7 and lower.
  • Fix: Issue where using [ in a URL would result in a failed tracking request. This has been resolved. props @webwitnl
  • Improvement: Removed legacy code in the functions.php file.

  • Fix: Tracking would only work for users with cookieless tracking, because the burst script was empty due to an error in the build process. This has been resolved.


  • Improvement: Removed unused anonymize IP function. We don’t save any IP addresses, so this has been removed.
  • Improvement: In the database boolean values will now be saved as tinyint(1) instead of int(1). This will save space in the database.
  • New: Gutenberg block to display amount of pageviews on a page.
  • Fix: Issue where adding a goal would cause a console.error. This has been resolved.

  • Fix: Issue where the plugin could not be deleted due to a fatal error. This has been resolved.


  • Fix: limit summary tables upgrade to new users, and explicit upgraded websites.
  • Fix: Don’t delete data on uninstall. Only delete when the ‘Delete all data and deactivate’ prompt is selected.


  • Security: fixed an authenticated SQL injection vulnerability.
  • Improvement: We have added summary tables, which will speed up the dashboard tremendously on large websites. The summary tables are updated every hour.
  • Improvement: We have added some indexes and removed some unused data which speeds up the dashboard and it will reduce the database size quite a bit.
  • Improvement: Save the last used date range in local storage, so when you return the date is the same.
  • Improvement: Updated referrer spam list.
  • Fix: Added more data to delete on uninstall. This will prevent data from being left behind when uninstalling the plugin.
  • Fix: Referer spam would not be filtered out. This has been resolved.
  • Fix: Click goals where an ID was on a parent class, would not be tracked. Now this is checked recursively.


  • Fix: Fixed error in class-statistics.php
  • Fix: Changed query for post count per page on for logged in users.
  • Fix: Fixed a PHP error after activating the plugin.
  • Improvement: Moved endpoint to within the plugin folder.
  • Improvement: Changed some React imports to WordPress imports to save on file size.
  • Improvement: Removed unused data from the database. Removed full user_agent, shortened the full page URL and the referrer url, by removing site_url.
  • Fix: Tracking with Complianz turned on could sometimes result in double tracking. This has been resolved.
  • Fix: For filtering by conversions, the insights chart would not show the data correctly. This has been resolved.


  • New Feature: Added pageviews per page display in top menu for logged-in users.
  • Fix: Removed random string from goals script for better caching.
  • Fix: Resolved display issue for goal creation date upon deletion.
  • Fix: Hide comparison block when no data is available for comparison.
  • Fix: Goal title now auto-saves.
  • Fix: Corrected URL in the settings page.
  • Improvement: Introduced new dashboard widget.
  • Improvement: Metric settings now saved to browser storage.
  • Fix: Resolved settings disappearance when adding multiple goals.
  • Improvement: Added a lightweight tooltip, reducing overall dashboard file size.
  • Improvement: Added option to select metric for conversion rate in goal settings.
  • Fix: Fixed goal name change issue when field is emptied.
  • Fix: Modified sessions color in insights chart for better clarity.
  • Fix: Resolved incorrect data display in insights chart with datepicker use.
  • Fix: Fixed 100% conversion rate issue for ‘Visit’ goal tracking based on current page.
  • Fix: Resolved pageview sorting issue for countries.
  • Fix: Fixed blank page issue on date range picker click in dashboard.
  • Fix: Resolved missing conversions in Insights chart when displayed in hours.
  • Fix: Fixed improper filtering in devices block when filtering by goal.
  • Fix: Ensured data deletion when a goal is deleted.


  • Skipped to keep version numbers in sync with the Burst Pro plugin.

  • Fix: build of react code for dashboard, props @schidddy

  • Fix missing file causing a fatal error, props @bb15


  • Security: fixed an SQL injection issue, props German Ritter
  • Improvement: Updated outdated readme information.
  • Improvement: Updated outdated links in the plugin.
  • Improvement: Some minor styling changes.
  • Improvement: Added notice about country insights.
  • Fix: Dropdown in data archiving showing empty.
  • Fix: Missing slug for Really Simple SSL with suggested plugins block
  • Improvement: Skip a missing post in the posts array for the goals overview.
  • Fix: Goals could crash when no hits were recorded yet. This has been resolved.

  • Fix: Build issue for our dashboard.


  • New: Delete old data to manage your database disk usage.
  • Improvement: Don’t add WordPress script dependencies if endpoint is working correctly, props @gauravtiwari.
  • Improvement: Use fallback method for Burst endpoint test, props @ov3rfly.
  • Fix: For when page id was always empty, props @huubl.


  • Improvement: Tested up to WordPress 6.3


  • Improvement: For checking if the endpoint works, we changed file_get_contents to wp_remote_get to prevent issues with some hosts. props @ov3rfly
  • Fix: Tracking would sometimes not work properly when some data was missing like the user agent information. This has been resolved. props @ov3rfly
  • Improvement: Added month to date and week to date to the datepicker. props @daanvandenbergh
  • Fix: When tracking page visits as a goal, tracking would in some cases not work. This is now fixed.
  • Fix: Some users could not load data due to a firewall issue. This has been resolved.
  • Fix: Persian URLs would not show properly in the dashboard. This has been resolved.


  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the REST API would not work properly and the AJAX fallback was used. This has been resolved.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where “Direct” referrers where not being displayed properly. In Czech language, this would result in referrers not showing all together. This has been resolved.
  • Fix: When all tasks were completed, remaining tasks would still show 1. Now it will show 0.
  • Fix: When activating Burst through the ‘bulk’ activate option, the plugin did not activate due to a fatal error. This has been resolved.
  • Fix: Disabled some logs when debug mode is disabled.
  • Fix: In some situations the ‘Statistics’ in the menu would not show an active state when visiting the Burst Dashboard.

  • Fix: Upgrade script for 1.4.0 did not run properly. This has been resolved. The upgrade will run again.


  • Fix: Fixed an issue where data was shown with bounces, even when bounces should be excluded.
  • Fix: Fixed a fatal error in the REST API fallback. Props @helmar
  • Fix: When inserting a goal, the statistics_id could be empty resulting in an error. This has been resolved.


  • Fix: Added a fallback for when the REST API does not return a valid response.
  • Fix: Translation strings were not being loaded properly.
  • Fix: Date picker caused the dashboard to crash for some users. This has been resolved.
  • Fix: IP block did not save IP addresses properly. This has been resolved.
  • Fix: Datepicker did not select the right timezone. This has been fixed.


  • Feature: Goals. You can now set goals for your website and track them in the dashboard.
  • Feature: Filter your data by device, pages, referrers, and more.
  • Improvement: Speed performance of statistics dashboard
  • Improvement: WP and PHP version checks integrated with WP Core.


  • Fix: Fixed timezone issue where there would be a mismatch between the selected date in the datepicker and the date shown up top.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where referrers would not show up when Czech language was selected.
  • Fix: RTL issue in some languages
  • Improvement: Tested up to WordPress 6.2


  • Fix: Removed caching of statistics due to causing multiple issues and not providing performance benefits.
  • Fix: Timestamp bug where the time for today would be off by the client timezone offset has been resolved.
  • Improvement: Obsolete output buffering has been removed.
  • Fix: JS translations have been corrected.
  • Fix: Unnecessary error logs have been removed.


  • Fix: Timezones were not functioning correctly. Burst now utilizes the WordPress timezone setting to ensure the correct timezone is used for all dates.
  • Fix: Translation plugins would occasionally alter the REST API URL, resulting in tracking with the REST API not working. This issue has been resolved by utilizing wp.apiFetch instead of fetch.
  • Improvement: Previously, when an IP was blocked in the settings, a 403 error would be displayed. Now, a 202 response with a message indicating that the IP has been blocked is returned.
  • Fix: Typos in the code have been corrected.
  • Fix: PHP warnings that would appear upon dismissing the tour have been resolved.


  • Fix: Cookieless tracking was not working properly. Issue where some users were not tracked.
  • Fix: Qtranslate caused an error where the dashboard could not load.
  • Fix: DateTime object was not properly formatted in the dashboard.
  • Fix: Issue where the tracking tests would crash and display the wrong information.
  • Feature: DoNotTrack & Global Privacy Control support. Added setting to honor DoNotTrack & Global Privacy Control headers.


  • Fix: auto updates causing critical error because a required function is only loaded for logged in users


  • Improvement: React dashboard & settings page. This helps us speed up development and improve the user experience.
  • Improvement: Settings for blocking IP addresses & user roles from tracking. Props @lowym
  • Improvement: Improved endpoint path. Path is now dynamic with WP_CONTENT_DIR. Props @HubertGL
  • Improvement: Improved performance because of REST API optimizer for the dashboard.
  • Improvement: Show all results in the datatables. Props @alfanova
  • Improvement: Added RTL support.
  • Improvement: Added ‘plain’ permalinks support.
  • Feature: Change metrics for insights chart.
  • Feature: Show hourly stats in the insights chart. Props @perties
  • Feature: Show data for today in the ‘Statistics’ tab. Props @perties


  • Fix: Fixed an issue with a translatable string
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.1


  • Fix: Fixed an issue where duplicating a WooCommerce product would copy the total pageviews from the original product.


  • Fix: Fixed an issue where adding role capabilities would result in a fatal error.
  • Fix: Post and page counts did not update, this is fixed now.
  • Fix: Changed endpoint DIR to URL to prevent 404 errors on subfolder installs.
  • Improvement: Delete endpoint on uninstallation.


  • Feature: Introducing defer/footer as option
  • Feature: Introducing new improved tracking method
  • Improvement: Feedback notices


  • Improvement: Changed from .less to .scss because WordPress also uses .scss
  • Improvement: Update option autoload turned off on front end for better performance
  • Fix: Fixed bug where UID could be empty resulting in an SQL error
  • Fix: Fixed last step of shepherd tour to be inside the viewport
  • Improvement: Integration with Complianz that adds burst_uid to the cookie-scanner


  • Fix: Bounce rate calculation
  • Feature: Cookieless tracking


  • Fix: Fatal error on PHP 7.2
  • Improvement: Block IP address with MU Plugin
  • Improvement: Notice for REST API failure


  • Verbetering: dropdown toegevoegd aan datatabellen, props @topfgartenwelt


  • Verbetering: mogelijkheden toegevoegd om uitbarstingen te bekijken en/of te bewerken
  • Improvement: Added new devices to recognized devices
  • Verbetering: filters toegevoegd om het decimaalteken en het duizendtallen scheidingsteken te wijzigen


  • Opgelost: beter tracking script. Hits van één pageview kunnen nu niet meer meerdere keren geregistreerd worden
  • Verbetering: bezoeken in pagina’s en berichten overzicht. Omdat deze hits anders worden opgeslagen,
    zullen ze ook bij bestaande setups op 0 beginnen. Props: Shayne
  • Verbetering: parameter toegevoegd om de dashboard cache te wissen
  • Verbetering: JS event toegevoegd zodat andere plugins kunnen integreren met Burst
  • Verbetering: privacy annex toegevoegd
  • Verbetering: widget toegevoegd aan het WordPress dashboard Props: Shayne


  • Oplossing: typfout in generate_cached_data, props @seath
  • Oplossing: sommige strings met een verkeerd tekstdomein
  • Verbetering: link in readme, props @8725z4twhugias


  • Fix: tekt domein, props @bonaldi
  • Fix: parse_user_agent library prefix om compatibel te blijven met Rank Math


  • Eerste release