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BotPenguin is a bewildering platform with great traits, flourishing in the market, to develop the chatbot. Fundamentally, this platform generates AI chatbots for your Website, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and various other social media.
Its 24x7x365 availability, No human error, Zero Waiting Time, high conversion rate and automation is some of the salient features.

Why Choose Us

  • QUICK – Build, Design and deploy chatbot under 10 minutes.
  • FREE – Free-forever plan allows you to use and test it without any cost or regrets.
  • CONVERSATION DESIGNER – Free support to guide you on how to use conversational AI for your business.
  • NO CODING – Use drag and drop to create your chatbot in your own style.
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT – In case of any issues faced, we are just one email, live chat, or WhatsApp away to have the honor to assist you.
  • READY TO USE TEMPLATES – Choose the one that suits your business needs and ease up the way of having your own WordPress chatbot.

Premade Template To Keep You At Ease

  • Chatbot for Mutual Funds
  • Chatbot for E-Commerce
  • Chatbots for YouTube channel
  • Chatbots for Public figures
  • Chatbots for Insurance
  • Chatbots for Banking
  • Chatbots for SAAS Enquiry
  • Chatbots for Game studio
  • Chatbots for Freelancer Assistant
  • Chatbots for Outsource Services
  • Chatbots for Legal Services
  • Chatbots for Sports Club
  • Chatbots for Music concert Booking
  • Chatbots for Cleaning Services
  • Chatbots for Food recipe
  • Chatbots for Corona Awareness
  • Chatbots for Co-working space
  • Chatbots for Chiropractor
  • Chatbots for Placement Services
  • Chatbots for Healthcare
  • Chatbots for Salon
  • Chatbots for Packing services
  • Chatbots for Webinar registration
  • Chatbots for Solar panel lead generation
  • Chatbots for Equipment rental
  • Chatbots for Photography Services
  • Chatbots for Hospitality & Entertainment
  • Chatbots for mortgage services
  • Chatbots for Food truck
  • Chatbots for Immigration Services
  • Chatbots for Education
  • Chatbots for Repair and Tools
  • Chatbots for Bike Hire
  • Chatbots for Digital Marketing
  • Chatbots for Event Planner
  • Chatbots for Wedding Planner
  • Chatbots for Pizza Delivery
  • Chatbots for Eatery Order
  • Chatbots for Order a cake
  • Chatbots for Restaurant Table Booking
  • Chatbots for Logistics Feedback
  • Chatbots for Beautician
  • Chatbots for Flower Shop
  • Chatbots for Diet Consultant
  • Chatbots for Fitness Chatbot
  • Chatbots for Order Tracking
  • Chatbots for Real Estate
  • Chatbots for Travel Package Booking
  • Chatbots for Restaurant Feedback
  • Chatbots for Car Rental
  • Chatbots for E-Commerce Shopping
  • Chatbots for Hotel booking

9 essential Benefits of using BotPenguin Chatbot Plugin:

Undeniably, BotPenguin Plugin will bring you plenty of benefits. Here are the best results that you can have from that same.

  • BotPenguin can take care of your visitors 24 x 7 without any leave 😉
  • BotPenguin chatbot plugin can engage your customers to build meaningful conversations, thus increasing the average time spent by the user on your website and decrease the bounce rate.
  • BotPenguin chatbot plugin can capture the contact details of your visitors by interacting with them to generate leads for your business.
  • BotPenguin chatbot plugin can answer customer queries instantly so that customers don’t have to wait.
  • BotPenguin chatbot plugin can collect email id of visitors to build your email list and subscriber base for re-engagement
  • BotPenguin chatbot plugin can guide and educate your customers with interactive FAQ.
  • BotPenguin chatbot plugin can interact with more than one customer at the same time simultaneously to save time and resources for you.
  • BotPenguin chatbot plugin can save all the details collected to your CRM or any other tool you use
  • BotPenguin chatbot plugin learns from previous interactions and gets smarter day by day.

”My company was getting a lot of leads but all were spams. No proper name or number was real and
all were filled randomly. After I switched to BotPenguin this issue was resolved. Thanks to
BotPenguin Team, they are just like chatbots 24/7 available for their customers.”
– Peter Charles
Newtech Technologies, Jakarta

“Want some more?
Come on, asking for more is not a bad thing.”

12 extra special features of BotPenguin

1. Zero development time
Your first working chatbot will be deployed on your website in less than 10 minutes.

2. The Capability of being trained FAQ
The chatbot can learn a list of the entire frequently asked question in a matter of seconds & can reply to them with the fed answers.

3. Customer support handover
If the customer seems to be interested and wants to discuss critical issues, then the second line of customer support can take the call or start chatting.

4. Logical branching for a conditional situation
A huge set of answers can be prepared for many questions, and they can be branched accordingly.

5. Strong validation
The BotPenguin Bot makes sure that no spam or wrong information is put up. We make sure the company gets 100% authentic leads only.

6. 24/7 Customer support by BotPenguin
It’s for you; if you incur any problem while developing your bot, then you can simply call us & we will
troubleshoot it instantly.

7. Chatbot Personalization
You can personalize the chatbot according to your organization's needs.

8. Complexity of task it handles
You can give any complex task of understanding about your business to the BotPenguin and it makes
sure that it does it.

9. NLP for all the basic questions
Our efficiently built bot makes sure that if the customer questions about many things at one time
then how to answer it and match the right string. Our bot is smart enough to find wrong answers as

10. It can serve 1,000,000+ customers at same time
Our Bot will be integrated to your various platforms at once. The bot can be a

  • Telegram chatbot
  • Facebook Messenger chatbot
  • Website Chatbot
  • Line chatbot
  • Landing page chatbot
    & it covers many other platforms as well.

11. Hundreds of Languages
Our Penguin can speak any language you want it to. The major ones are

  • English
  • French / Français
  • Spanish / Español
  • Italian / Italiano
  • German / Deutsch
  • Swedish / Svenska
  • Portuguese / Português
  • Hindi / हिन्दी
  • Japanese / 日本語
  • Korean / 한국어
  • Russian / Русский
  • Persian / فارسی

Note: Currently, we are Supporting English Langauge. We are working on other language support. You can contact us if you want BotPenguin in some other languages.

12. Chatbot integration
The versatile BotPenguin can get along with each and every platform. It can be integrated into CRM,
Google sheets, delivery partner, payment gateway, sms gateway & many others.

  • Jira: Ease the process of bug tracking and project management
  • Groove: Enable Shared Inbox, Knowledge Base, and Reports while delighting customers at the same time
  • HelpScout: Integrate to get chat copy, contact details in HelpScout mailbox
  • HelpDesk: Enhances customer support, provides product’s information to end-user and imparts support related to all your commodities
  • Zendesk: Enables powerful and flexible customer service and engagement products to help you scale
  • Freshworks: Integrate for an adaptable solution, tracking and following up on customers efficiently
  • Customer support solutions for all sizes of businesses with faster and smarter service.
  • Happyfox: Reduce chaos and bring order with HappyFox providing exceptional customer support
  • Timetrade: Integrate with Time trade to schedule appointments online & hassle-free
  • Eventbrite: Integrate with Eventbrite to be aware of events occurring around you
  • Acuity Scheduling: Integrate with Acuity Scheduling for auto-adjusting time zones and allowing clients to easily manage meetings independently.
  • Mindbody: Integrate with MindBody Online to enable your users to easily schedule health and fitness classes online
  • ClickMeeting: Integrate Click Meeting to run custom and branded webinars with ease
  • Appointy: A simple, functional and a powerful tool to schedule online 24*7 and increase productivity
  • Outlook: Schedule meetings instantly and make the most out of your time with Outlook
  • Calendar: Integrate for time management and scheduling with Google calendar effortlessly
  • Zapier: Integrate zapier to transfer data from BotPenguin to 1000+ apps
  • Webhooks: This integration helps you connect BotPenguin to your various services
  • Segment: Directly integrate BotPenguin and Segment to collect, clean, and control your customer data and automate the process efficiently.
  • Integrate with Tray and automate the process without developers, connecting with tons of tools.
  • Agile CRM: Get your leads directly into the CRM to automate the process
  • Base: Integrate BotPenguin with Base to power a seamless and relationship-driven sales experience
  • Zoho CRM: BotPenguin can be integrated easily with multi-channel sales Zoho CRM
  • Pipedrive: Integrate BotPenguin with this CRM tool used by more than 80,000 teams.
  • Capsule CRM: Connect BotPenguin with CapsuleCRM to make a simple, affordable and effective solution
  • Salesforce CRM: One of the world’s best CRM can be easily integrated with BotPenguin
  • Drip CRM: Integration with Ecommerce CRM to make the process smooth
  • Autopilot: Integrate Chatbot with this marketing CRM to make email marketing more efficient.
  • Bitrix 24: BotPenguin can also be integrated with this free CRM.
  • SugarCRM: Integrate BotPenguin with SugarCRM which can be customised and configured easily.
  • Insightly: Easily integrate BotPenguin with Insightly to manage products, price books and quotes
  • 1 CRM: One stop solution for marketing automation, e-commerce integration and many more
  • Gold-vision: On premise or in cloud solution unifying sales and marketing
  • Leadsquared: Integrate for your B2C business to get higher sales productivity from all your teams
  • AmoCRM: Integrate with AmoCRM to boost sales with messaging apps cutting through the noise and winning more sales
  • Freshsales: A clean and a simple interface for AI based lead scoring, phone. Email, activity capture and more
  • Sales manago:** Build customer loyalty and boost sales with real time data processing at Sales Mango with BotPenguin.
  • LeadsBridge: BotaPenguin Flawlessly integrates to optimize your digital advertising ROAS
  • Botanalytics: Integrate with Botanalytics to analyze your conversations and get meaningful insights with an AI powered platform.
  • Google Analytics: Integrate with Google Analytics to keep track of your customers, see their behaviour and analyze the reports.
  • Todoist: Integrate with Todoist to manage your life and events easily using this tool.
  • Google task: Add a task and integrate it with BotPenguin to create a to-do list.
  • Meistertask: Use this to organise and manage task adapting to the individual needs
  • Stripe: Integrate Chatbot with Stripe to receive payments from your customers from various countries.
  • PayPal: Integrate Chatbot with Paypal to have access to more than 250 million PayPal customers and operating in over 200 markets.e
  • Site: You can find BotPenguin on Site123’s App market to get started
  • Instapage: While using Instapage for creating landing pages, you can find “BotPenguin” under the integrations section.
  • Weebly: Find “BotPenguin” in the App Center of Weebly.
  • GoDaddy: Get “BotPenguin” in All Apps section while opting for “GoDaddy” hosting service.
  • WordPress: Find “BotPenguin” in the plugin section and get yourself a tool as efficient as an army for handling visitors
  • Webs: “BotPenguin” can be found on listed webs app for you to get started
  • Wix: Chatbot Integration with Wix enables you to find BotPenguin on Wix App Store
  • Google Sheets: Get all your data in a designated folder as excel format.
  • Google Contact: Get leads’ contact information directly to the contact list.
  • Google Drive: Get all your data in a file storage and synchronised format for easy access
  • Google Tasks: Create a to-do list with your desktop making it easier to accomplish your routine work
  • Getresponse: Integrate with Getresponse for simplifying email sending process,creating landing pages, and marketing automation
  • Chili Piper: Integrate with Chili Piper to provide your customers access to automatically book a meeting or start a phone call right after they fill out a form on your site.
  • Mailchimp: Integrate with MailChimp to create unique campaigns, landing pages and run ads on facebook or Instagram
  • Click funnels: BotPenguin can be integrated with ClickFunnels that brings all of your digital marketing needs under one roof.
  • Twilio: Integrate with Twilio for enabling your end users to avail Voice, SMS, Video services.
  • ActiveCampaign: Automate customer experience with integrating email marketing, CRM and marketing automation
  • Verticalresponse: Integrate to get tools you need for a successful email marketing campaign
  • iContact: Harness power of automation & scale your email marketing strategy with iContact
  • Easyship: Manage the aspect of your delivery by integrating with EasyShip
  • Shipway: Integrate with Shipway to increase customer loyalty with enhanced engagement
  • Zoom: A cloud based peer to peer software used for online meetings to be conducted with ease
  • Twilo: Web based collaboration for screen sharing and video conferencing, making online meetings possible
  • Dropbox: Integrate with Dropbox to get file hosting service to operate offering cloud storage
    The best part is it can also be integrated with your native CRM.

Note: Currently, we are providing Integration with Bitrix 24, Pipedrive, Freshworks CRM, Drip CRM, Capsule CRM, Agile CRM Zoho CRM,Google Calendar, WordPress, Freshdesk and Shopify. We are working on integrating other platforms. You can contact us if you want to integrate with other platforms.

Our Chatbots add substantial value to your organization & its basic Chatbots are ready to
use. If you love our product then don’t forget to write a review because our network is our
net worth. We wish you happiness in your chatbot-building journey. We hope our creation helps you achieve your goal.


Please follow the following step to step instruction to easily install
the BotPenguin.

Visit & click on “Get Started FREE” to embark on the Chatbot Building journey.

If you are not an existing BotPenguin user, Click here to register Copy the unique key from Dashboard > Select Bot > install > CMS >
WordPress and paste it here.

From Dashboard ( WordPress admin )

  • Plugins > Add New
  • Search for botpenguinbot
  • Click on Install Now and then Activate.

using FTP or similar

  • Unzip downloaded “botpenguinbot” file and
  • Upload botpenguinbot folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin via the “Plugins” menu in WordPress Admin.

You can see the demo in below vedio


Here are the few very frequently asked questions and their answers as

What is the chatbot pricing structure?

BotPenguin offers 4 easy plans for you to choose, based on your business needs.
– It offers you free chatbot which has basic features.
– It offers you unlimited bots and 1000 interactions every month.
It offers you unlimited bots and 3000 interactions every month.
– It offers you unlimited bots and unlimited interactions every month.

All these plans have different pricing. Click here to know the chatbot pricing details and you can also compare the features available in different plans.

Do you offer a free plan?

We do offer a free chatbot in our Baby plan, there is no need to pay or provide any card details, you can simply avail it by signing up.

Can I change my billing system from annually to monthly?

Yes, you can change your billing system from annually to monthly by
simply switching to the option of Monthly. In such a case, you will be
charged monthly prices. You can check here the prices for the monthly
billing system.

Do You offer discounts on annual payments?

Yes, the prices offered for the annual billing system are the discounted
prices. You can easily check the price for the annual billing system on
the chatbot pricing menu.

Which Plan is suitable for my business?

We can only suggest you to choose a plan based on your business needs.
For more information, you can reach out to us at

How much data can the bot store?

It depends on the chatbot pricing plan you choose. Each plan allows you
to store different amounts of user data. You can compare these plans

For how many days can the bot store user data?

Each plan allows you to store your conversation history for different number of days. But in the Emperor plan, a bot can store as much data as you want and there is no time limit on how many days it can store your data. You can compare all the plans here and choose as per your business needs.

Which plan should I choose if I want to remove BotPenguin’s branding?

You can choose our King Plan or Emperor plan to remove BotPenguin’s

If I want to engage chatbot in my mobile app, which plan should I choose?

You must choose our Emperor plan to engage chatbot for your mobile app and for more details, you can contact us at and we can discuss your business needs.

I want my chatbot to book appointments, which plan should I buy?

If you want your customers to book appointments with your business, you can choose our King or Emperor plan.

How does my subscription works?

We offer yearly and monthly subscriptions and the prices vary as per the plan. Your subscription will be automatically renewed after every billing cycle and you’ll be notified to pay.

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription by downgrading your current plan to our free Baby plan anytime you want.

If I cancel my subscription, will you refund my money?

In case you want to cancel our subscription, we will refund your money only if you cancel your plan within 30 days of your subscription. And we will try to refund your money as soon as possible.

We do not promote money refund if you cancel your subscription after 30 days, so we request you to try our FREE plan first if you are not sure to use chatbot for your business

If I miss to pay for my subscription, what will happen?

If you miss to pay your subscription, we will notify you. The chatbot will continue to work as designed by you but you will not be able to see the bot interactions or collected data. All the previously generated leads will be accessible to you only if you make the payment for your subscription.

I don’t have a credit card. How else can I pay?

If you don’t have the credit card, you can pay via Debit card. Also, we accept local currency in few countries, You can contact us at for more details.

What if my bot exceeds the limit interactions as per my plan?

You will be notified when you are about to hit your interactions limit and on exceeding, you’ll be asked to move to the next plan. But in case you do not move to the next plan, your chatbot will continue to work as designed and collect user data but you will not be able to see this data. All the previously generated leads or interactions will be accessible to you only if you make the payment for the next plan.

How do I upgrade or downgrade?

If you wish to upgrade or downgrade, You can do it from the Dashboard.

If you upgrade your plan during the billing cycle, you will be charged on the pro-rata basis i.e. only additional amount for the number of days you are using the next plan will be charged.

Example 1:

If you have prepaid monthly billing cycle and you are using our Little plan for the month of July, and you wish to upgrade your plan to King from July 10th, then you will be charged an additional amount for king plan from July 10th to July 31st.

If you downgrade your plan during the billing cycle, then you will be charged accordingly and the amount left in your account will be used for future billings.

Example 2:

If you have prepaid monthly billing cycle and you are downgrading your plan from King to Little on July 10th, then you will be charged for Little plan from July 10th to July 31st and amount left in your account will be used for next month’s billing.

Do you send invoices/receipts?

Yes, we send invoices by email each time we make a charge. Our email invoices/receipts include your business billing address for taxation purposes. Also, you can download the invoice form the subscription module on the dashboard.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No, you can start with the free plan without sharing the credit or debit card details.

Do you offer White labelling?

Yes, we offer White Labelling to agencies, a complete solution where you can even decide your prices. Please write to us at

What are some additional add ons I can try with BotPenguin chatbot?

  • Conversational Forms Pro Addon
  • Live Chat Addon
  • Chat Sessions AddOn
  • Facebook Messenger Addon
  • White Label Addon
  • Mailing List Integration AddOn

Where I can use the chatbot other than the website?

  • Integrate with the Email list
  • Connect with Newsletters
  • Track your calls & appointments
  • Accounting chatbot
  • Ads and Analytics Bot
  • Chatbot for Apps
  • Appointment setting Chatbot
  • Customer Appreciation and re-engagement chatbot
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Customer Support chatbot
  • Databases management chatbot
  • Ecommerce chatbot
  • Education chatbot
  • Team Collaboration chatbot
  • Time Tracking chatbot
  • Make To-do Lists with the chatbot
  • Reminders chatbot
  • Scheduling chatbot
  • Payment Processing chatbot
  • Phone & SMS Bot
  • survey chatbot & many more.

What are other Chatbot building platforms?

There are many other chatbot platforms like WP-Chatbot for Messenger, Chatbot for WordPress, chatbot with IBM Watson, chatbot for WooCommerce,, Hubspot, Conversational forms for a chatbot, Tidio live chat, Gobot, clients chatbot, Cliengo, Acobot AI chatbot, Chatbot Botnation plugin, my chatbot, Live chat with slack for WordPress, ArtiBot free chatbot for WordPress websites, Chatbot for messenger, Gist, Botsify, Instabot, Smart bot, Pandorabots, RASA, Dialogflow, Chatterton, Mobile Monkey, Chatfuel, ChatMate, SnatchBot, Flow XO, Manychat & many more.
Start creating your own chatbot Now: Botpenguin


version 1.0.3 * Authentication * Build * Dashboard * Settings *
Installation * Chat Window

Upgrade Notice

version 1.0.3 ###### Build 1 * Integration 1. Agile 2. Amo 3.
SalesForce 4. iContact 5. Active Campaign 6. Zoho 7. Zoho Desk 8.
Setmore 9. SalesManago 10. Shipway 11. Click Meeting 12. 13.
Event Brite

Build 2

  1. Authentication issue
  2. Chatting issue

version 1.0.3

Build 3

  1. Bitrix24 CRM
  2. Hubspot CRM
  3. Base CRM
  4. Capsule CRM

version 1.0.3 ###### Build 3 1. Appointment 2. Landing Page 3.
Onboarding 4. Copy Bot


23 augustus 2022
BotPenguin is my first experience with a tool of this sort, and it’s been a welcome surprise. Very easy to set up, customize, and use. BotPenguin empowers us to offer the exceptional customer service we claim to have.
8 juli 2022
BotPenguin was first used by us as a solution that answers support questions 24/7 while helping us generate leads and connecting our customers to sales using AI. It is also compatible with Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and SMS. BotPenguin has many incredible features like being customizable, having chat bot analytics, and it comes with a powerful landing page builder and now we are so happy that we dont need anything else and it has bang for its buck so cheap and so easy
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