Add-on Contact Form 7 – MailPoet 3


Voeg een MailPoet 3 inschrijvingsveld toe aan uw Contact Form 7 formulieren.

🌟 Introducing Add-on Contact Form 7 – MailPoet 3 🌟

🎉 Boost Your Newsletter Game with One Click! 🎉

Looking to level up your newsletter game and supercharge lead generation? 🚀 Say hello to Tikweb’s powerful Add-On plugin, designed to revolutionize the way you acquire subscribers and capture leads through contact forms! 💥 Let’s explore the captivating features of this remarkable plugin that will skyrocket your audience engagement and conversion rates! 💯

Empowering Features:

📋 Seamless Integration: Effortlessly allow your users to subscribe to Mailpoet newsletter lists directly from your Contact Form 7 forms! Enable a frictionless sign-up experience, right when your visitors interact with your website.

✉️ Capture User Information: Gather essential user details, including first names, last names, and email addresses. Ensure personalized and accurate communication, establishing a strong connection with your audience.

📝 Multiple List Support: Sky’s the limit! Sign up users to as many Mailpoet lists as you desire, effortlessly segmenting your audience and delivering tailor-made content to different groups.

🔀 Opt-in or Opt-out: Empower your users with choices! Configure the form to provide options for opt-in or opt-out, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and giving users full control over their subscriptions.

🔧 Custom Fields: Take your forms to the next level with Mailpoet custom fields! Capture additional information beyond the standard fields, allowing you to gather specific details and deliver personalized experiences.

🔧 Plugin pre-requisites:

  1. MailPoet
  2. Contact Form 7

💻 Easy Installation and Activation: 💻

🚀 Step 1: Locate the Plugins tab in your WordPress dashboard.

🚀 Step 2: Install and activate both Mailpoet and Contact Form 7 plugins for optimal functionality.

🚀 Step 3: Search for the Add-on Contact Form 7 – MailPoet 3 plugin in the Plugins tab, and with a single click, activate its powerful potential! 🚀🎉

📑 Create Custom Lists: 📑

✨ Step 1: Access the Mailpoet tab and navigate to the Lists section.

✨ Step 2: Craft custom lists tailored to your unique requirements, like “Newsletter” and “Promotions.”

✨ Step 3: Generate as many lists as you need to manage and engage your subscribers effectively! 📝

⚙️ Configure Contact Form: ⚙️

⭐ Ensure smooth sailing for your forms with these simple steps:

⭐ Add a new contact form under the Contact tab.

⭐ Don’t forget to label the name field and the email field using dash-separated labels like “Your-Name” and “Your-Email.”

📝 Mailpoet Signup: 📝

🎯 Step 1: Enable the “Required Field” checkbox for complete form submissions.

🎯 Step 2: From the MailPoet list, select the specific MailPoet list you want to highlight on the contact form — making subscribing a breeze for your customers.

🎯 Step 3: Optionally, pre-check the newsletter checkbox to streamline the subscription process even further.

🔎 Test the Plugin: 🔎

✨ Insert tags above the submit button to customize your form further.

✨ Validate all fields by clicking “Mailpoet Signup” to ensure everything works seamlessly.

✨ Enhance transparency and trust by inserting appropriate tags for Mailpoet Consent and Mailpoet Unsubscribe sections.

📄 Save and Name the Contact Form and Create a Dedicated Page: 📄

⭐ Save your contact form and give it a name of your choice, like “Contact Us Form.”

⭐ Create a page for your contact form, elegantly titled “Contact Us Page.”

⭐ Insert the Contact Form 7 block on the page, selecting the “Contact Us Form” you configured earlier.

⭐ Publish the page to showcase a visually appealing and fully functional contact form.

As users fill out the form with their name, email, subject, and message, they can easily subscribe to your “Newsletter” and “Promotions” by checking the corresponding checkboxes.

📊 Efficient Subscriber Management: 📊

✅ Click on “Mailpoet” and then “Subscribers” in the dashboard to access the Mailpoet subscribers section.

✅ Conveniently manage and view your customers’ email addresses and names stored within the newsletter and promotion mailing lists.

✅ Unsubscribing is seamless; if users check the unsubscribe checkbox, they will be promptly removed from your mailing list.

🔧 Utilize Mailpoet Custom Fields: 🔧

💡 Access the Forms section within the Mailpoet tab.

💡 Create a new blank form, click “Browse All,” and select “Custom Fields” to gather specific information from users.

💡 Integrate the custom field by copying the custom field ID from the Mailpoet custom field located under the Contact tab.

💡 Now go to the WordPress dashboard, click on Mailpoet, click Subscribers, click on the user, scroll down, and there you will see the custom field data fetched from the contact form.

🛍️💕 So why wait? Get Add-on Contact Form 7 – MailPoet 3 and unlock a world of possibilities! 🛍️💕

If you have any questions or need further assistance, our support team is always available to help. 🙌📞 Feel free to reach out to us, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together! 🚀🌟

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  • Een voorbeeld Contact Form 7 formulier klaar om te gebruiken.
  • Een beeld van de MailPoet inschrijvings Tag generator
  • Een beeld van de MailPoet instemmings Tag generator


Er zijn 3 manieren om deze plugin te installeren:

De meest eenvoudige manier

  1. In uw WordPress dashboard, navigeer naar Plugins > Toevoegen nieuw
  2. Zoek naar Contact Form 7 - MailPoet 3
  3. Klik op “Nu installeren” onder “Contact Form 7 – MailPoet 3”
  4. Activeer de plugin

De eenvoudige manier

  1. Download de plugin (.zip file) door het gebruik van de blauwe “download” knop onder de plugin banner aan de bovenkant
  2. In uw WordPress dashboard, navigeer naar Plugins > Toevoegen nieuw
  3. Klik op “Upload Plugin”
  4. Upload het .zip bestand
  5. Activeer de plugin

Op de oude en betrouwbare manier (FTP)

  1. Download de plugin (.zip file) door het gebruik van de blauwe “download” knop onder de plugin banner aan de bovenkant
  2. Pak het archief uit en upload het via FTP, van contact-form-7-mailpoet-3 folder naar de <WP instalatie folder>/wp-content/plugins/ bij uw host
  3. Activeer de plugin

Formulier setup

Na het installeren & activeren van de plugin is het tijd om uw formulier in te stellen.

  1. Klik op Contact in het WordPress admin menu
  2. Bewerk een bestaand formulier of maak een nieuwe aan, door het klikken op “Nieuwe toevoegen” in het WordPress administratie menu
  3. Voeg uw velden toe
  4. Voeg een tekst veld genaamd your-name toe
  5. Voeg een email veld genaamd your-email toe
  6. Voeg een MailPoet inschrijvingsveld genaamd mailpoetsignup toe
  7. Als u het MailPoet inschrijvingsveld toevoegt, dan kunt u elke lijst selecteren waarop u de gebruiker wil laten inschrijven.
  8. U kunt ook kiezen om de gebruiker in te laten schrijven, of om uit te laten schrijven.


1 oktober 2022 4 reacties
I was surprised how well this plugin works with WordPress 6.0.2 and it was easy to setup. A perfect interface between Mailpoet3 and Contact Form 7. The only downside was that the donate button didn’t work 😉
20 januari 2020
Its simple to use and does what its supposed to do really well
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